GIANT Bass Eats Crazy Blood Sucking Eel !!! Secret Summer Chickamauga Pattern

GIANT Bass Eats Crazy Blood Sucking Eel !!! Secret Summer Chickamauga Pattern

real down oh you’re watching BassQuest
the channel geared towards giving you the tips and tools you need to become a
better angular but today we’ve just got some crazy footage we’re gonna jump
right into it but I want you to stay till the end we’ll break down why this
actually went down the way it did and why we were able to catch this big fish
see it in action right dang got the old lamprey on there that’s a billion – OH
slime ball drops oh yeah they don’t tempt me to the good time out of it I
think stuck to the side of that lazy they can do that I don’t like them
things they’re actually thought to be good
gotta stay on there for a couple fish alright here we go
it’s about right in it this will be awesome if I catch a fish
on the sea I know Roy won’t even know what a bite feels like oh I think I’m
getting bit here that it’s a lamprey going crazy oh yeah okay we’re on we got
a fish on ready yep we recording there’s a decent fish – yo missed him those
things have a powerful suckers oh yeah it takes you a sec oh dude I ain’t no
way I’ve never had one latch on to me
because I ain’t never given one the opportunity usually I’m like stomping
them and getting out of the boat they just about got me – yet they can
backwards go through your hands I was pinching him real tight and he just kept
getting closer and closer and I was like get that hook in there
get that hook in their life or death now even have eyes – it’s freaking weird poured a little and three okay he’s
still going strong I love to catch like an eight pounder
out of here on this bait that would be so cool because it’ll be a lamprey I
keep hearing yelling there’s two people swimming over there what the hey oh he’s
on it I think you spoon with it I’m just gonna
let kind of take it per se I didn’t swallow it down to beauty ho
we’re on with the lamb Prague invoice we rod gonna do the old Yankee Bob hook set that is huge oh my gosh I can’t believe this crap we
got a live lamprey eel on here and literally a 9 to 10 pound enormous bass
on the end of yeah it’s giant it’s about to come up again trying to keep her down yeah she’s just doing her self don’t do
it’s big the night yeah I don’t know she you know your latitude its way big no I
do he’s the biggest 57 we call that roll I
brought everything it there if I need to 7 pounder probably doesn’t a bit hey
Cole occasionally oh you got your lamb priestess that’s innate occasionally a
big old bass will eat a lamprey look at the size of that beast freak I got
touched a stupid lamp forget the hook out oh she comes no what would just make
this even better is if you come out and that thing was on you hey yeah let’s put
her in the welfare of the world just yeah we gotta wait here say look at the
size 8a the frame to be an absolute freak beast though head eight pounder
boys heck yeah hey we’re cool now Everett muttered that’s why that woolly
burger thing works so good I had to have to give you a few of them for your
tournament there think the drag so it’s oh yeah as soon as she jumped I was like
oh it’s super fun it’s the most most fun fish catch I’ve had all year thanks for staying with me this long
hope you enjoyed that crazy fish catch but let’s transition into why that
actually worked now every year around the early summer when those fish start
to push out to the ledges when the grass starts to come up all around the
southeast I noticed that these fish start to come in you catch them they
have these little marks all over them little sores is what they look like or
you’ll actually catch fish that have a lamprey anima what that is is that those
lampreys actually feeding on the fish now we call them around here a lamprey
eel but more correctly they’re actually like a prehistoric type of fish they
have an eye they have that crazy jigsaw nasty looking mouth that I’m so
terrified to actually get a hold up and they latch on they have a real powerful
sucker they latch on to that fish and feed off the fish now of course those
big bass they want some revenge so all the time I hear these old-timey anglers
and guys the fish tournaments a lot they’ll take these fish that die after
the terms you know these big fish they’ll bring them home fillet look
inside their stomach to see what they’re eating because that’s an obvious thing
to do and they’ll find those big lamprey eels in there so this time of year early
summer any time you’re seeing those little sucker marks on this fish it’s a
great time to pull out a big worm of some sorts whether it’s a ribbon tail
straight tail something that looks like those big lamprey eels and that would
get those fish fired up and so many times across the years I’ve caught giant
fish during this time period last year during a big bass tour catched a bunch
of checks fishing kind of the same kind of pattern
I hope those tips help you catch a giant fish this summer but last thing you want
to talk about is the sands family so coal and corporate sands are amazing
kids really big in the college and high school tournament scene but their dad
actually had a double lung transplant so I’m from Tennessee they’re all the way
in Florida dealing with that right now mr. Hollin sands had a double lung
transplant which is one of the toughest transplants to get out of course there’s
tons of expenses going back and forth from Tennessee to Florida dealing with
that his recovery is going to be long and extensive so if y’all could go down
in the description below I’ve got a link to their go fund me any of you guys that
can help them out with that great if not make sure you click on that thing anyway
and share it on social media with all your friends I really want the fishing
community to come around so their love for that family and just make
sure that they’re blessed and are able to focus on mr. sands recovery rather
than having to deal with financial issues so as always guys if you liked
the video make sure you subscribe share the video ring the notification bell I
will catch you on the next one but as always I hope this week finds you out on
the water and I will catch you there

16 thoughts on “GIANT Bass Eats Crazy Blood Sucking Eel !!! Secret Summer Chickamauga Pattern

  1. That was a nice fish !! I’m with you man the mouth on those things weird me out lol. Great video buddy 👍🏻

  2. Speaks volumes to all the guys who fish finesse in the summer time. If this wont make you throw a 12'' worm nothing will

  3. Wow, great video buddy. I've always thought they would make amazing bait! Prayers for sure for Mr. Sands and fam!

  4. Miss this lake been there 3 times so far. I caught my pb almost two months ago 11.16 in Dayton. I caught it a day after joe from panda garden caught his 10.2. Miss this lake and miss joes food lol.

  5. The boat looks like a 195 txw tournament with upgraded electronics. I was eyeballing one last weekend. It'll be at my house soon enough.

  6. In the UK we often use lamprey chunksas bait for Pike. Not sure about a live one though! Beautiful location and well shot video. Definite sub from across the pond, 👍🎣🇬🇧

  7. Hell yeah, Caleb. What was that big soft plastic you were fishing at the end of the video, I remember you did a video on them maybe last year…

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