GIANT CATFISH (LEVEL 1000?!) – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 44 | Pungence

GIANT CATFISH (LEVEL 1000?!) – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 44 | Pungence

– Okay, what’s this rampta doing? He’s in the shell! We can only take like,
four more hits from him. Oh, man, no, don’t do this. That’s gotta be one of the
scariest things I’ve seen! Hey, what’s up, guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys, today we’re playing as a catfish. Guys, I can’t believe it. I was looking through my old videos, I’ve never played as the catfish. Maybe I’ve tried him out
before, but I’ve never done a dedicated video on the catfish. That’s what we’re using today. Guys, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. So let’s take a look at these stats. Health starts at 196, that’s really good. Damage starts out at 11, that’s good, and he actually has a decent ability, allows you to swallow 50%
bigger fish than usually. We’re gonna be swallowing
fish left and right, guys. Dude, look at that snake head! Okay, guys, we gotta get in here. Other fish are getting huge! Dude, this whole time I’ve been talking, the other fish have been getting huge. That snake head is monstrous, although we do start off pretty big. Alright guys, here we go. Give me meat, give me that meat. I’ll take that, I don’t
know who made this, but I will take it. I will take this meat. Oh, look at the cledge! Dude, what is happening? I’ve never seen a cledge that big before. Where’d he go? Did he get launched out of the water? I don’t know what happened to that cledge. He’s gone, he’s gone. Dude, that is good. Okay, guys, we got some monsters in here. I gotta level up and
I gotta level up fast. Wait, wait, it says my
base damage starts at 11, why does it say nine? Okay, that’s weird. Did I get any of that meat? Something strange is going on. What happened? Okay, let’s take this out, this is taking a really long time guys. Dude, this is gonna be
really, really challenging. Also guys, I had to thank
you so much last video. 4,000 likes! Dude, 4,000 likes on the last video, that was absolutely insane. So guys, thank you so much. Dude, if we get 5,000 likes on this video, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’ll probably freak out. But guys, I just want to say thank you. Okay, dude, he does a lot of damage! He does a lot of damage,
we might die here. We might die. Don’t die. Don’t die, he’s not biting back. Yes, we got him. But guys, I don’t know, man. 4,000 likes, what do you
want to see more videos of this game or something?
(laughs) But guys, thank you so much, your support means so much to me and it’s just a really good indicator to me of what you guys wanna see. So I’m definitely doing
more Feed and Grow Fish. Okay, we’re at level
eight, that’s level nine. That’s not bad, that’s a big orchuma. Dude, I think that giant cledge is gone. I don’t know if we can
take down that orchuma yet. That’s another big one. There’s a big swamp lurker guys, we got some big, we got some big fish. I think I swallowed that
piece of meat whole. Dude, this is gonna be challenging. So, my goal for today, I just wanted at least
one fish to get huge. I wanted one of these fish to get huge and I wanted to have a big battle. But we got a lot of opponents, man. We got the swamp lurker, we
got big orchumas, we got… I don’t know where this snake head went. Dude, is this guy upside down? I don’t know, I just ate him. But yeah, guys, we got a
lot, a lot of big enemies. So, guys, lets take a
look at this catfish. We’re using the catfish. Like I said, I don’t think I’ve done a dedicated video on him. And if you’re wondering
why they call it a catfish, look at those whiskers. Dude, its so crazy seeing
a fish with whiskers. I don’t know, man,
catfish are weird looking. Like, I feel like they
don’t look a lot like a cat, just the whole whisker thing. Dude, yeah, that’s what we gotta do, we gotta swallow these fish. And if I can get… Oh, you know what? I can swallow 50% bigger fish than usual, so I should be swallowing fish more. Okay, can I swallow this diaba? It does say it takes
10 seconds to recharge. Dude, I should be able to
swallow this orchuma, right? Okay, where is my ability? I think my ability is the yellow thing, so as long as the yellow bar is full, I should be able to swallow some big fish. Oh, dude, look at that huge one. Can I swallow this cledge? Yes! I swallowed him, that was good. Okay, we’re at level 16. Guys, we’re on a good roll here. We’re on a good roll, I just need to level up a little faster. That’s good, we just leveled up twice. That’s pretty good. Okay, these diabas are
actually really good. They’re a good medium-sized fish that I can just swallow whole. We’re at level 20. Guys, we’re on a roll, we’re on a roll. We still cannot take out those orchumas, but I think if we level up fast enough, we can do it. Dude, we gotta do this fast, though, because those guys level
up so stinking fast. I think, I don’t know if it
says they have that ability, but I think it would, I
think the orchuma can, I think they can swallow
bigger fish than normal, too. Dude, we got a swamp lurker. Okay, man, we’re
surrounded by huge orchuma! Oh, swamp lurker, I’m trapped! I’m trapped, get me out
of here, I’m trapped. I don’t know what kind of damage
I could do yet, we’ll see, because I’m just swallowing everything. Let’s see what kind of damage we’re doing. It would be an… Oh, rapter, look out for him. Okay, 22 damage, that’s bad. That is not very good damage, guys. There’s a snake head! Guys I gotta say, I think the swamp is the most difficult of the three levels. Oh, give me all that. You got the ocean, you got the
river, and you got the swamp. I personally think the
swamp is the most difficult. It’s like, the most
confined, and it seems like you just have a ton of, a
ton of predators in here. And even fish that aren’t
normally predators, like this orchuma, they’re predators. Okay, we’re doing 29 damage, this is good. 29 damage against this orchuma. No, get back here. If I can take this guy
down, that’s gonna be a lot, I mean, he’s not even biting. Oh, he’s not even biting. Get back here, get back here. Dude, this is gonna big. Oh, no, watch out for that orchuma. Oh no! Okay, what’s this rampta doing? Give me that meat, give me that meat! That rampta, where’d he go? I think he’s gone. The rampta took out that orchuma for me, left the meat for me, and he’s gone. Look at this one, look at that orchuma. Dude, I gotta get out of here, he’s gonna swallow me whole! Okay, can I take out this one? I’m doing 37 damage. He’s not even biting back. Guys, this is what we gotta do. We gotta get this guy, and
take him away from his friend. Oh! We’re flying, we’re flying I wasn’t for flight. The rampta is still here, snake head is still there. Guys, this is bad, I’m
trapped, I got nowhere to go. Okay, just don’t panic, don’t panic, deep breath, take a deep
breath, and don’t panic. Okay, lets start swallowing some fish. (laughs) Dude, that was rough. We’re at level 39, get me to at least 50. Get me to at least 50, dude. There are some monster fish in here. We’re at level 40, that’s good. 42, we’re getting some medium-sized fish. That’s what we gotta do. We gotta level up by swallowing
these medium-sized fish. Yeah, so our yellow meter,
we gotta get that back up. I think the higher the
meter is, the bigger the fish we can swallow, or
maybe it just has to be full. I really don’t know. Okay, let’s make our way back. Maybe I can take out the
smaller of those two orchuma. Dude, I’m hoping one of
these monster fish gets launched out of the swamp. Dude, that guy is… Oh, snake head! Snake head’s taking over. Snake head is taking over, he just took out that
orchuma in like two bites, and he’s looking at me. Okay, we gotta turn around, guys. There’s no food over here, though. Dude, this is bad. There’s no food. Where is that swamp lurker? I could probably take him out. Maybe. Oh, there he is. Okay, let’s see how big this guy is. Oh, he’s pretty big, he’s pretty big. Let’s take out this big orchuma. Well, I’m not bothering a swamp lurker. Dude, where’d he go? Okay, I somehow knocked the
orchuma out of the water. Guys, this, this is tough. But I think this is perfect. Oh yeah, now we’re talking. Okay, we’re doing 48 damage. Its not bad. How about that snake head? He’s probably doing in the hundreds, he’s probably doing like, 200-300 damage. We only have 1,000 health. Okay, just take this guy out, his eyes are closed, he’s sleeping. Okay, we got this guy, we got this guy. We’re level 53! 54. That’s very good, we got some
more decent sized orchuma. Watch out for that swamp lurker. Oh man, oh man. Okay, watch out for the swamp lurker. Dude, I want that one. I want him! Okay, give me this orchuma. This is how we do it, guys. Just keep stealing these
orchuma from the swamp lurker. If we can take out the swamp lurker and even swallow him over and over, that’d be our ticket to win. That’d be an instant win. Okay, 55, 56, 58. 60, okay. Guys, this is good, this is very good. We’re getting pretty big, actually. I think we can probably
take out this swamp lurker. Maybe. Dude, it’s such a risk! Let’s go for this orchuma,
if he messes with me, we’ll just take him out. Okay, we’re only doing 75 damage. That’s not good. Our big advantage is being able
to swallow other fish whole. Our damage isn’t gonna do it. I don’t even know if we
can take this guy out. Lets try it, lets try. We’re doing 67 damage, what is he doing? 182, 182! That’s not good! Okay, that’s not good. We could take, probably like
10 more hits from this guy. He’s in the shell. Oh, but when he goes in the shell, I don’t do any damage. He’s smart, oh, he’s very smart. We can only take like
four more hits from him. Oh man, no, no, don’t do this. Don’t do this, don’t do this. He got me. He got me. Dude, he kept going in his shell. Look at all that meat! That was me, that was me, the big catfish. He kept going in his shell. Dude, that is a smart swamp lurker. Guys, I have very good news. I found the snake head spawn. I found the snake head spawn, so every time he spawns,
I’m swallowing him. You can’t even see him,
you can’t even see him. But the snake head is spawning right here. We’re at 184. Okay, snake head keeps spawning. So guys, let’s take a look, let’s take a look around this swamp, and let’s see what the big fish are. Dude, I don’t know if
there’s any other big fish. Hey, where’s that swamp lurker? More like swamp jerker,
because he’s a jerk. (laughing) Okay, maybe that was a bad pun. Oh, there he is. Oh, yeah, you think you
can just bully me around, going in your shell? Well, get ready for this. I’ll swallow you whole,
I’ll swallow you whole. Maybe, I gotta turn a little bit. That’s right, I’ll swallow you whole. Not once, not twice, three times, four times, five times. I’m gonna keep swallowing you whole. That’s what you get. You think you can just bully me around and then hide in your shell? You can’t, you can’t hide from me. Uh-oh. Okay, got him.
(laughs) We gotta line up with this spawn. I’m getting too big, I’m getting so big, I’m not
lining up with the spawn. Guys, we’re about to get very, very big. We’re at level 355. The swamp lurker, the
swamp lurker actually spawns above the swamp. He spawns above the swamp, so I think I’m right on his spawn. Yeah, you can see him. You can see him for like, a split second. Dude (laughs), we’re just taking him out! Uh-oh. Oh! We’re getting lift off,
we are getting lift off. Okay, we’re starting to
get a little too big to take out swamp lurker. There we go, that’s a
better position, actually. Dude, this is getting crazy. We’re only 397. Dude, I wonder what 500 would look like. I gotta find out. Well, are there any
other big fish in here? I don’t even know if I can tell. I can’t even get in the water anymore. Okay, I don’t see any other big fish, let’s just swallow everything in sight. Okay, we’re at level 400. I’ve gotta get to at least 500. Yes, I lined up with the spawn again. Guys, I gotta see at least level 500. We’re gonna be as big as this swamp. This is what I’m talking about. Okay, we’re at 438. 24,000 coins, 37,000 health. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Dude, we are, we are very big. We’re gonna be too big
for the swamp pretty soon. Okay, the wall is kind of pushing me away. Okay, I’m not lined up
with the spawn anymore. That’s not good, can I reposition? Dude, we’re gonna get
launched out of this swamp, I just know it. So, I’m resting my tail on that branch. The game is lagging out so bad. Okay, can I just dip
my head straight down? Dude, we’re doing (laughs),
we’re doing a face-stand? Dude, look at that balance! We are balancing on our face. Guys, this is why I love this game. (laughing) It’s just insane. Okay, we’re getting
fish slowly, but surely. Can I move over a little bit? I gotta find that swamp lurker. Okay, don’t launch me out, I’m not ready to get launched yet. I think I found him. I found him, this is
our ticket to 500, guys. And dude, let’s see if we can go past 500. I just want to see how big we can get. Guys, I think we got a good spot. We just hit level 700, we are still lined up
with the swamp lurker. Dude, if I could get to 1,000,
that would be so amazing. I think I’ve only got to
1,000 one time before. Dude, we gotta do it again. Guys this is gonna happen. We’re at 970, 972, 973. Guys, it’s gonna happen. We’re gonna get to level 1,000. And I think it maxes out at 1,000, so I don’t think we can go past that. We gotta try though, we gotta try. We’re at 992, 993. And guys, I’ve been
doing this for a while. I’ve just been sitting here
swallowing this swamp lurker. 97, 98, 99, 1,000. Yes! Guys, we did it. Level 1,000. Look at this thing, look at this catfish. That’s gotta be one of the
scariest things I’ve ever seen. Imagine seeing that! I wonder if it gets bigger. He probably doesn’t get bigger if he doesn’t level up anymore. Guys, whoa! I want to take a look at the swamp to see if anything else got really big. That’s a pretty big uberfish. That uberfish is too big for the swamp. Not as big as me, though. Okay, I don’t even know
if I can get to him. (laughing) Dude, okay, okay. Let’s see if we can get to this uberfish. It always looks like I’m smiling. Oh! Uberfish is flying, we
got a flying battle. Do we have a flying battle? (laughs)
He’s back in the water. Oh, I sucked him up, I got that uberfish. Okay, guys, I just fed this guys the ultimate thanksgiving dinner. (laughs) There’s nothing else left to do. What else can we do? I don’t think we can get any bigger. Dude, we’re already too big for the swamp. I kinda wish I could see
if there were any other big fish in here, I’m not seeing anything. Dude, level 1,000. Like I said guys, I think I’ve
only does this once before. Let’s take one more look at him. Dude, look at this catfish
in comparison to the size of the swamp, it’s crazy. Okay, let’s do a flip,
let’s do a front flip. We’re upside down now. Okay, can we glitch out of here? I want to fly. The best to celebrate these
victories is by flying. So lets see if I can fly. Dude, this is gonna be tough. Maybe if I bite some stuff. Oh! There we go, every
bite we’re going higher. Oh, we’re flying, we’re flying alright. Dude, we’re doing 3,000 damage. Uh-oh, uh-oh.
(laughs) Oh! Here we go, we’re flying,
we’re flying, kind of. (laughs)
We’re getting launched. We’re gone, bye bye map. We’re gone, we’re long gone. We’re gonna land outside the map. Wait, what’s happening, we’re coming back? Back flip, do a back flip. Uh-oh. Okay, we’re outside the map. We’re in this endless sea of green. Okay, I don’t think I can
get back in here, guys. I think this run is over. This run is over guys. We got to level 1,000. We have 74,000 health, 99,000 coins. This was really, really fun. But guys, I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always,
feel free to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe
if you haven’t already. And I will see you guys in
the next Feed and Grow Fish. (upbeat music) Please tell me I can grab it. Whoa! Okay, so let’s hit the airlock. Oh, so is this some kind of simulator? Oh my goodness, dude, it’s a sand worm! Oh, he’s got me. You’ve got to be kidding me! Keep shooting. No, he got me!

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