1. Hi I’m From California and I just acquired two Green tree frogs I was wondering what plants would you recommend putting in their Enclosure with them I’m using a 10 gallon tank at the moment and I have a second 10 gallon tank I use as a back up place for them and by the way I love your video glad to have found you on YouTube

  2. Omg to be honest i'm so proud of you guys! And i hope its not too creepy to say xD really seeing you are your team busting your asses out working on the dreamof you life is just so beautifull and inspirering! It gives me more hope about realizing my own dreams! Thanks for this and congrats of course!!!!

  3. The toke gecko looks like our local wild gecko called tucko. They bite too. Ive seen wild ones bigger than a foot not counting the tail. It was only up in a mountain called mambukal in the philippines. The city geckos are small ish. Shout out to lori. She is so hardworking and talented. I like that you always video her. So in love arent ya?

  4. Bowsers tank is a lawsuit waiting to happen. It should at least have a metal mesh top to keep kids from sticking hands in. With proper legal warning signs as well.

  5. The cloudiness would be the tank cycling, nothing should really live in it until its over as this process is dangerous to the fish. (Turtles arent as sensitive to it, but ehh)

  6. Where is this at. I wanna take my kids. Hopefully it’s close to me!! I would have volunteered to help. I’m a carpenter. Awesome place man. Good job!!

  7. What are your experiences with venomous lizards, also do you know if Water Monitors are venomous and if Tegus are venomous? Compared to Komodos.

  8. I'm sure you've already had it covered but no doubt an updated insurance policy would be in order having bowser there lol

  9. any of those bright green chameleons could be called pesto like the basil dip. just an idea because majority of your animals have names related to food as do my cats; Pumpkin and Oreo.

  10. Sign for snapping turtle:
    Do not pet turtle (unless you want to know what the skywalkers feel like)

    Do not pat Dr turtle or you will me snapped

  11. You want feedback? I used to watch some of your videos and disagreed in the housing conditions of your animals, in plastic boxes with news paper as bedding. I understand the quantity and level your on is hard to give every animal the correct environment. I have a few reptiles and a few invertebrates, that I house in there natural environment. Seeing this video has to me shown a great deal of care towards your animals. Keep going Brian!

  12. FB: Darwin (Betta Collection)
    IG: @betta91collection
    we sell many beautiful bettas, can send overseas via Transhipper, also guaranteed fish will healthy and safe until your home

  13. Brian can you please ❤️ me because I’m going through a tough time right now so ❤️ me would mean a lot to me

  14. I would absolutely love to come by to this amazing place. So awesome really great and you all obviously love what you do

  15. I don't know if you have already done a video on this before or not but I'd really like to see how you are heating everything, at least some of the snakes in the bigger enclosures, how are you getting a cool end and hot spot for such big enclosures?
    That could be a future video idea.

  16. I am new to Ur channel and I simply love Ur enthusiasm towards the work you do.
    The best part is u never fail to mention and give credits to your fellow mates.
    Simply superb.. love from India.

  17. Look up what happened to the Maymont bears in Richmond VA. I'd seriously put something up to prevent idiots from putting their hands in with Bowser. People be stupid. The whole place is absolutely gorgeous and I'm hoping we can visit while in MI this summer.

  18. Dude.. stright off the bat.. did diy do that front tank? And that chameleon had no idea what was goin on lol.. was just chillin on his stick and was transported to another world haha… wish i could pay $20k to get one imported to Australia .
    🙁 im lucky to fork out $200 on a fish that would have to be absolutely stunning to buy.. most ive spent is about $90 on a discus lol

  19. My dream was after I put one of my Garter Snakes in my Moms "China Cabinet" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Someday ……..
    That was around 1970 , retired now , and , got a used China cab , made it 10 inches deeper , top
    and bottom , screen and wood . It is a 3 part reptile enclosure now . Divided the top left and right .
    The bottom is full , a pond in each compartment . Lizards up top , and a colony of Garters down bottom .
    Wish I had one isle of your excellent "Reptairium" , yet I do have 7 other Exo Terra enclosures
    40 plus reptiles and amphibians ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gotta make a video soon !
    AWESOME PLACE , Congratulations to ALL

  20. I think it would be amazing for Lucy to have something similar to Bowzers home it would be so neat to watch her swim and submerge and climb she is just an amazing snake

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