Hi everybody, this is Alexander Backman, good evening. Today’s April 24 2009 teen of our Lord Jesus Christ I’m happy to be here in the studio of CR news today. I have a very important interview to present to all of you With a great esteemed friend or an a brother in the faith who’s spent a lot of years doing diligent research he worked for the oil industry and then Went into private research into something that attains all of us Planet X Yeah you know that thing that everybody calls Nibiru that’s full of disinformation everywhere and which everybody just out of nowhere believes that it’s it’s just a Debunked and it’s not real Well, no, this is the real thing and the real research has already been put on the table The models have been applied to other celestial events that have already happened occurred That have been measured and tried by modern astronomy And part of that model is what Gil? P Broussard has been doing with his project called planet-7x. His website is planet-7x Dotnet and his YouTube channel, which is wonderful in stellar is also planet-7x Please be sure to get all their Resources that you can with regard to his work and join us for this very important interview that I have today Gil Broussard is on the line right now with me directly from somewhere in The the mid the Middle States, I think he’s in Tennessee if I’m not mistaken Gil are you there? Yes, Alex. That’s a pleasure like to be on your show. No contrary Gil. I’m very happy to have you on the show today I’m excited even to have you with us today. And so we can talk about Planet X. There are so many things that are going on with regard to Earth changes on planet earth we have volcanoes going off or risking to go off in Mexico City Popocatepetl is about to blow its top Pinatubo style very do why we saw back in 1991 in the Philippines There’s a change in the seismicity because we were used to having recurrent windows of quakes that would Go over seven in magnitude or multiple sixes in just one month then those flurry of quakes just died down and we would go like into spasms of sort which obviously For us that are very much into earthquake prediction We couldn’t pinpoint the exact the windows anymore of certain quakes that would be coming down the line the Sun is dormant What’s going into solar minimum right now? During this year and the next But something is still perturbing our solar system. And today we want to talk about your research and any updates with regard to Planet X Okay, yeah yeah the as this planet approaches us You’re gonna see more and more activity because of the stress is that it miss imposes on the earth as far as volcanic activity and earth Earthquakes and the Ring of Fire in in the Pacific has been very very very active and So yeah, this is a This is a subject that people need to Pay Missy close close attention to and Do their own research? Well, this is space keep in mind we don’t have a valid sighting in the public realm at this time we do know through Maliki’s work that the Vatican and the government has Pictures and and sightings of it but there’s none in the public round with this this this moment but the Bible gives us the indication that we’ll have a General public we have only a short notice and That shouldn’t happen in modern times with telescopes unless the government figured some way of able to block it or cloak it from our view so So far, I haven’t found an error a scientific error that’s in the biblical record pertaining to this at all It it follows a model that can predict the sea the sequence of events because of orbital orbital mechanics and the people of the Bible didn’t know orbital mechanics, but yet they got the sequence, correct and so and even the Just like in the Asian records that started all of this and just 1054 which is, you know around a thousand years ago They saw it for 26 months 13 months coming in 13 months leaving And they didn’t have a telescope yet. That was naked eye observation That takes a very large object to reflect light from a distance of that far away For them to see it for 13 months coming in at 13 months leaving You can berth basically the longest comet that I’ve ever seen was something like maybe Oh as far as data reading data was about two months and That would be considered a very long one. Usually it’s just a few weeks at the most so This object was well-documented by the Chinese astronomers the korean astronomers and the japanese astronomers Um, when we build a model it gives us the pathway that it travels like basically if you want To give an analogy. It’s like a Train has a track it’s late. Okay, the track the train is always going to pass on the track But it may be late and it may be early or it’s right on time Well, that’s basically what we have here without a visual we can’t give you the exact time that it would arrive But we know the the of course the track that is riding on we have its path Okay, so we know where to look Now the Bible lose that when it’s arriving that the moon has to be at the foot of ur goal at means basically Touching you can’t distinguish Visually that is not you know that it’s so close to it that it’s that it’s almost touching and The dates that concerned me the most was 2016 that was a Jubilee and the moon was at the foot of Virgo and then again in 2021 in March So With that when we’ve used the same model from the Asian then we back this up in our model. We we miss reverse-engineering for it to arrive at that time, then it should be somewhere between Saturn and Jupiter about midway I think I sent you a picture that shows that shows that That’s our present model on where we’re looking at the direction. We’re looking at and the Distance now once it reaches the orbit of Jupiter that’s around the thirteenth month mark where the solar winds are strong enough to Excite The plasma tail of comet but the tail of a comet is I it’s not ice particles like many Astronomers are saying the physicists have it much more correct? The tail of a comet is plasma and And this is when if if you have dark skies You should be able to see it at the 13 mark 13 months mark before it arrives if you have light pollution from different cities You would be seen at two to three months later even So but eventually it will come into our view and they would have to take down the internet. They’d have to take down internet before The two to three million amateur astronomers would be posting this because that’s one of the the hallmarks of Knowing what not something is real All these most of these people that putting up these fake pictures. They don’t have a dozen astronomers Showing them pictures of something up fairly close if it would be there. They would take their a Telescope and give you close-up pictures of clear precise Pictures and they would be reinforcing each other with the location. Oh You wanna yeah, you know name one of these Yahoo’s that claims to have a picture that can actually give you Coordinates Oh, none of them. I’ve gone through I’ve gone through a bunch of people that have Contacted me as a journalist throughout the years trying to give me coordinates They’ve even send me animation supposed videos of the object, but none of it has really panned out. I Belong to a group of researchers like core researchers from around the world And they were manipulated by some. I don’t know some person that wanted to use these Good abiding Investigators and researchers many of them scientists in order to dupe them into believing something that was not so there’s a lot of people out there That are willing to lie in order to gain some form of benefit with regard plan X Once that is correct. That is that is absolutely correct But using that model from the Asian records and going back We found it where it’s 14 times in the scripture records The in other words the Bible has it listed at least 14 times that it had passed and another five times secular and I think I was the first one to line up artifacts. We have about four to five Incan artifacts Most of its place I’m in the middle That depicts the skies at the time of its passing that gives us the exact date You’re talking about the sky disk of never all right Well, I have multiple have that. I have the sky disk of Nibiru. I have the let me pull them up I have of the Ceiling at one of the Missy Gyptian temples. Okay, which is in the Louvre at the moment We have a clay disc that’s in the British British Museum which mr. Depicts The time of when Jonah went to Nineveh Okay, and this wasn’t? Jonah that made that clay tablet neither it Was the king’s astronomers because this is found in the Kings library Well only someone of the royal household Can be putting anything in the King’s? Law Library but this shows us where this planet was when he was rounding the Sun at 40 days Because when it rounds the Sun is 40 days before it reaches Earth Now, how did Jonah know this in the model? I’m using an Asian astronomers model the same one It worked through all of this and it shows us 40 days If they didn’t have The orbital mechanics involved remember this is a message from God that that Jonah’s passing to the people So it’s impossible, I mean even the The missing Gyptian ceilings It shows all of the planets even the ones that are Below the horizon because they knew how much time it took before the planet would come back around They’d show all of the planets Along with what would be Horus? According to the miss Egyptians, which is our planet. Remember they didn’t have the word planet throughout most of society Throughout the ages. They gave them names They call them mighty ones even They treated them as if they were gods whenever they come around close because it shook the whole world We have Overlapping data, we have the artifacts We got the white paper reviewed Articles when we take all this with the same path and we lay this out We go back and look at what NASA was doing since the 80s With the Pioneer and Voyager probe as they were saying they would work. They were looking for Planet X You can go back and read the articles Guess what this lines up with the pathway of what the Asian and the biblical records and all of this overlaps exactly You know, so then that that cannot be any poinsettias when you extrapolate all those sources obviously they point to the facts and In recent to point out this which is so important. Is that the astronomical sighting for months Months by at least four country astronomers from four countries in Asia, I think also Persia, right? got wind of the passing of not a supernova explosion which was played off like that, but validated through a white paper that you have in your possession that Establishes that this thing in 10th in the year 1054 passed through our solar system Correct. Now keep in mind a supernova stationary. That means when you see it, it’s in one constellation. It doesn’t move This object that they saw 4:26 move months move through multiple constellations And in fact, I was able to establish the orbit of it because they gave such exact Measurements they would say how many degrees and distance from a star it was in such-and-such Constellation and as you went down It gives us exactly that and it happens to match just like Noah and the book of Revelation a distance between entry and exit of 150 to 150 two days Well, that’s the 150 days of Noah’s time the entry and exit and that’s the five months mentioned in the book of Revelation that talks about two meteor showers Which are five months apart? Nobody can have a meteor shower in crossing earth path twice it crosses earth path twice and this happens because of our orbit with respect to planet as 7xs orbit with respect to ours Yes yet. This object is on Earth planetary plane. They’re on the same plane Okay, so they they both have the Sun as a fixed point to orbit around Okay the center of the Sun and when in for it to cross earth earth path twice That’s three fixed points. You got the center of the Sun and two points on Earth’s orbital plane That’s three fixed. That means it can’t be off the ecliptic That’s a if you go look at any astronomy software turn on the ecliptic as a slide It goes right through the constellations the twelve constellations That’s earth orbital plane Well, this object has to be on that plane is coming out of Sagittarius Okay, I have a great area site we have it on the screen we have the solar system we have Sagittarius in the southern sky and That’s why it’s called corona australis Remember Australia means the south in Latin and the southern sky comes out of the southern sky along the ecliptic, right? Yes, it’s because the math doesn’t allow it to be anyplace else We we have enough data to better to better say that with with with with confidence. So It’s coming in between Capricorn and Sagittarius Right, yes, okay, man fact, let me give you a send you a a Picture on if you have any astronomers of their or even people with binoculars We should see it. I mean if you’re in dark skies areas You should see it up to 13 months ahead of time as as the Asian astronomers did because they didn’t have a telescope It was naked eye observation Wow Maureen kissing them see this is why most cultures that’s why the kings had astronomers It was to give them it was it was to give them advanced warning of this object coming That’s why they were so Fixed on Documenting every comment and and they were looking for the, you know, every roughly every 300 years or so 360 years or so is winning with morale approximately it doesn’t have a stationary or I mean It has a weight. It has a station arrow, but it doesn’t have a fixed time Cuz it depends if it bumps into something or if it’s missing influenced by the gravity of Jupiter or Saturn or or or or any it? interferes with the the time that it takes because this is one of the few objects that’s on earth planetary plane and It’s an to planet-sized comment This is probably I’m kind of scaling down my estimates because of the Magnetic fields that we’re seeing from where it’s at roughly from where we estimate earth is Earth’s Magnetic fields are Racing in the same direction as this is coming from in For it to affect Earth from that distance. We expect, you know between Saturn and and in Jupiter It asked to me it would have to be a very metallic object It would not be like the consistency of Earth. It would be much more heavier in metals and Then that would explain how it plowed through Ceres and destroyed the planet Ceres Where the asteroid belt is there’s a asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter That is a destroyed planet Yeah, we have it right here in the model. We have series right here Very close to Jupiter right now at the moment and we have a bunch of debris field between Jupiter and Mars And this is exactly what you’re talking about something hit that Object that was there and just vaporize it basically and it had to be a solid object because this planet kept going But you can look at Ceres is completely shattered into trillions of pieces You see and that’s why it’s called asteroid belt today Well, we can’t even swim in a series and see what it’s all about. So people can see it in real time right now There’s looking at it on the screen. It’s the eye has a lot of Pock marks on it a huge craters on it. Yeah, I would say probably now we’re looking at something maybe twice the diameter of Earth But it’s gonna be you know much more metallic than than what we first thought Because of the magnetic fields The the effects that is happening to earth It’s too dramatic Okay, I Mean Jupiter doesn’t do that to earth now we know Jupiter because I’ve been doing research Jupiter and Saturn have a lot to do with regard to solar events, like for example sunspot creations and Also a lot of activity in the Sun so that’s very interesting in itself. Yes. It’s all electromagnetic Right, but even when Jupiter and Saturn line up, you don’t see the magnetic north of Earth’s Racing at 12 times its normal speed towards a geographic north This object is the one that’s causing that So And it’s the main If you look at everything around the earth that’s going That’s out of the norm like sinkholes tidal waves massive storms Our weather patterns are Miss extremes at Toms many many more disasters Everything is going off the charts the the earth the earthquakes the volcanoes they all climbing exponential growth so and then along with the magnetic fields of the earth racing at 12 times its normal rate and All of the planets are heating up. Not not just earth So and we also have the pole shifting rapidly towards Indonesia off Sumatra Keep in mind that the data the ones who are writing this Yep are not aware of the influence of what a planet would do Okay, so they’re not importing inside their research the third the third The other object which would be a very dense object larger than our planet at least five times larger than earth that would come in and Tugga war of sorts, electromagnetically between the sun and its pull on planet earth and Its pull with planet earth. So this thing as it comes in it’s going to have a tug of war electromagnetically with all of them Right according to the neighbour skyed this and the information also at another period of time Hezekiah when the shadow went backwards on steps not a sundial that’s an error in the english The hebrew quotes it a steps Between both of those items show the 26 to 28 degree tilt of earth When the planet comes by it’s like two opposite poles attract and they both lean towards each other But they lean of 26 to 28 degrees They don’t flip 180 degrees That’s a myth. It doesn’t happen. That’s a misinterpretation of ancient languages So it would like I say I used to say would rocking rocking To and fro like a drunkard on a hammock. Yes. Yeah remember The story of Joseph where the skies bow to him Yep, that was literal. The Niebuhr dis proves that out For for because the neva dish was done in Germany. It was created in German. He wasn’t found in Germany. Okay but the constellations at the bottom of the Niebuhr disk, you cannot see that from the latitude of Germany unless earth to 220 220 degrees and The Sun and Moon are both shown there with all the stars showing It’s not a normal Eclipse Because only the moon is eclipsing the Sun on and off the moon is shown in a crescent shape You can’t have a solar eclipse that the moon is in a crescent shape as shown as the third object. Is there absolutely So when we analyze the data and We have white paper reports We have comments like from Malachy Martin That he did. Let me see. What year was that? He said what he said Whoa Malachi Martin, yeah, he was a Jesuit priest that was assassinated in 1999 He got out of the Vatican because of what he learned About their rituals that they do and all that stuff and then he was a stellar novelist. He wrote many bestsellers He lived in New York a very dedicated man of God. He did a lot of exorcisms and Malachi Martin wrote a lot about it and was also on coast-to-coast am with art bell talking extensively about wormwood and the end of days and how the Jesuit observatories around the world 66 of them were kind of like Fixated or obsessed with the coming of this object and ad and that it was imminent Yeah Now the camonte was also an astronomer and in 1996. Remember the Vatican went online 1993 that’s 1992 in December’s when NASA went silent on the planet X thing because their space probes according to the data that I’m looking at made instrument contact They were able to Coordinate the point in space that the object was So they went silent 1992 and then the Vatican went online in 1993 And I’ve spoken to the head engineer called me to design the infrared Instruments that went on this Vatican telescope. Oh You’re talking about the Lucifer Lucifer array in Arizona Right. Okay, and it’s many times more Mis advanced than what the documents are saying It’s a it’s a top-ten line government It’s the equipment given to a private entity Which I’d like to know why why is why some of our top-secret stuff? Capabilities of infrared given to the Vatican They must have some pretty good stroke. So in 1996 I’m gonna give you a quote from fob father Maliki He said, uh Knowing of what’s going on in space and what’s approaching us? Okay right here. What’s approaching us? He said Could be a great importance in the next five to ten years Well According to the model that I was able to generate you add 10 years of 1996 All right, that would give you 2006 and the model showed that it would be at the edge of our solar system around where Neptune is and He’s speaking as an astronomer to the community, okay? The astronomers for their normal telescope should have been able to see it but they didn’t but you have a man quoting you right here that it would be a Great interest rate. It’s gonna on what’s approaching us Well, as anybody said anything Approaching us in the new net now. It’s all been quiet Yeah, it’s all been poking it yeah, it’s been hushed they try to hide it and what they did is how to close something that’s coming While you create a distortion you create chaos in the field I I ran back the model of the solar system and you could see Voyager 2 is in the southern sky Toward Sagittarius. This is where you’re saying that possibly they had contact with it They had that they had three probes They sent four out it put its first two descent opposite of the universe Because there was anomalies on both because something was tugging at the planets So once they sent the two one probe was speeding up the other one was slowing down well, then they knew then that the source of the of the of The magnetic pole was the one pulling the satellite quicker That’s where they said the other two in that direction what if they had estimated it may have had a clockwise orbit instead at a normal count counterclockwise So to sent one ahead of it Then they sent one above it slightly and one Missing below it and where they thought it was going to be But once it reached outside our solar system about five five or six years out that’s when their instruments was able to pick up enough of it and they were able to triangulate it and It was heading towards our Sun Bingo it didn’t it didn’t have a circular orbit, like all of our other one had elliptical orbit And he was heading towards our Sun that became a threat right there And they could tell that it was on the ecliptic earth planetary plane So they had to go silent until they find out whether this is a serious threat or not and It’s been on a secret project ever since So We have a Reluctant report. We don’t have a real object, but I can’t there’s too much overwhelming data I was a hardened skeptic at the beginning of this but without factual data and Overlapping data, I’m no longer. I have no footing to stand here as a skeptic anymore It’s overwhelming Good solid data Now you have what we have a threat right we have a threat we are a clear and present danger to our civilization It’s happened before again. You mentioned the Egyptian information. You’ve mentioned the Nibiru disk You mentioned all the evidence from different Different disciplines And all this points to the same thing a second We would call it like a second object similar to our Sun It’s really like a comet or planetary body That will as it enters our systems start perturbing everything else and this would play perfectly with What we with what you say? dovetailing perfectly with what we’re having right now with the events all across the solar system because we know Venus is super bright and Jupiter is changing. What’s your take? I got a question for you. What’s your take that out of nowhere? They said they found like 20 more moons on on Jupiter and they found like I don’t know how many More more moons on Saturn. What’s your take? I Haven’t read about that yet, but that sounds quite interesting Yeah, they were saying that even one of the moons on Jupiter’s spinning the other way on its orbit Because you know in a different direction than the rest of the moons and they I don’t know I mean, it could have tracked one of the other moons. I don’t know now this object through my research The Asians did wood carvings. They did it in bronze bells and they put images of it and everything and that’s where you get the fiery dragon of old the they didn’t have to work common throughout Asia and each row is in Asia, you know Asian continent right that That area was the fiery dragon of old Okay, that’s what they called a large comet and the Greek in Roman. It would be a fiery sword Often it would be used But getting back to the Asian Drawings of this thing It shows about sometime. It shows six sometimes shows seven moons around it orbitals and What’s interesting is the the book of Revelation says it’s a seven headed dragon Which would be an interesting? Correlation here so That’s why some people mix this up as being a mini solar system Wow If it was that Sumerians played out it to be based on the fake interpretation by Sakurai is sitting right Right, the Sumerians never said that they were given names to these things, but it’s ditching. It came up This must be a mini mini solar system. No, it was a star pattern man fact I identified the star pattern And it’s in one of these. I’ve already got that. I’ve already named this one at the same time Time piers see it doesn’t always pass close to Earth Earth might be on the opposite side of its orbit when it’s coming in But when it at least three to four times, it has so closer that it tilted earth Earth goes back, but not all the way between four to seven degrees. It’s off on its you have a new North Pole that’s off back and then worth between four to seven degrees on average and that also shift your Your continents around a little bit You can see ancient Foundations and People knew where north and south walls Okay, then we need to line it up with the Sun or whatever or Setting Sun or whatever they wanted They knew where the Solstice worth, you know when they had these ancient nice observatories They go all the way back to Joseph’s time right toward it knew exactly how long a calendar year was when the plant and everything And you’ll find these basis of certain Monoliths and uh and the pyramids and different other type of things Where they’re shifted between four to seven degrees and sometimes multiple times they’ve shipped Because it depends on how many events that they were built You know during the time that this thing passed like the father goes back in time the more events that this thing has passed through so One of the scariest things that the Bible says the next time the dis object passes by is the Greatest or the worst event in all of Earth’s history and The Bible tells us this I’m not making that line up. The Bible says the next time this thing passes. It’s the worst time in all of Earth’s history That means Noah’s Flood was not the worst Let that sink in for a minute So we’re talking of an event magnanimous event where in this time around because if everything coincides Not a coincides. Everything is being fulfilled according to Bible prophecy the creation of the State of Israel Their relationship of Jerusalem as the epicenter of time and space equidistantly with regard to locations in time space and matter and when we extrapolate this information with regard to Israel and the prophetic implications of Israel as as as a timepiece for prophecy fulfillment that this object is the object that this time around will fulfill the The verses in the Bible that speak of the destroyer or that great judgment that is to come That is that is correct. Remember every 2,000 years? The consolation shift over a month, okay In other words 2,000 years ago For Passover it was I think Libra the scales Of judgment right and fitting and paying off a debt that was in the skies exactly during Passover Today it’s birgül as the book of Revelation says and it says when the moon is at the foot and on top of that They said the generations to the short issue afford not died out before all is fulfilled that includes all the way up to the rapture That all the prophecy in the book will be fulfilled Well 1948 in in according to Hebrew Methodology is that you have to be 12 years old the minimum To Be a witness to something So if you take the Holocaust generation they coming out the whole of God Israel was formed if he was 12 years old He will not die out before all is fulfilled Well in nine in 2021 they’re gonna be 85 years old and bought it in time The rapp traveler which is three and a half years later at the end of the Great Tribulation He’ll be almost 90 mafic counting the Hebrew way because Hebrews are they don’t have a Year Zero That’s that’s modern. They would be 90 according to the Hebrew way of counting We’re running out of time So there’s multiple points here That are coming together Okay up on the screen Gil I can pinpoint to the Year 2024 I’m there on that 24 of March curiously and I can see The moon inside very go but on top of it Can you point us more or less according to your model why 2024 is important, please? 2021. Oh sorry, 2021 I thought 24th. Sorry at the end of March. Okay plus if you use an astronomy software Remember there’s a 12 hour delay on Earth’s rotation Just like Joshua’s long day right earth is gonna pass into the tail of this comet which is plasma not ice particles and it will cause over Within those three days earth will lose 12 hours of its rotation and that would change the impact zone to the opposite sort of or so to see what The skies would be like for in Jerusalem. You got to position yourself for the same latitude but in the middle Pacific Ocean okay, and when you look at that, then the moon is touching the foot of Virgo and That’s three and a half days after Passover, which is actually three days in Hebrew County You have to have the mindset. This is a Hebrew book written by Hebrews and the same mindset Right. He Hebrew counts a day from sunset to sunset. We count our days as 24 hours So if we counted in mana time it’s three and a half days Because that last that third day it’s gonna have an extra 12 hours added to the night time in Jerusalem time Well, that’s still three days in Hebrew way of counting and He will come mid of that night That’s why if you read the parable of the of the 10 version 5 or wise 5 o foolish Well in Hebrew those those particular versions you’re talking about right there or the word actually was made it Their bride means this is he says this is like a wedding. It’s not a real word, but it’s like a wedding and What makes the wise wise and the foolish foolish. Is that the the foolish only have a normal amount of oil for a regular night for 12 hours the wise have two portions of oil 4 to 12 hours and It says after they burned their first portion They’re trimming that wick and refilling it then the shop goes out that the groom has arrived That’s exactly mid of that night But the foolish don’t have anymore all they have to go back about and they miss their opportunity and Their because there’s two taking ways in the scriptures One at the beginning of the Great Tribulation where there does a remnant that’s brought to a place in the wilderness Where they’re shielded from the bad things of the Great Tribulation for three and a half years In three and half years later is where all believers are raptured the data first in the living Those are the guests to the wedding then the bride maid enters and then abroad and you have a a Feast that’s going on in the new in the in the New Jerusalem that’s hovering in the skies While the Antichrist is looking up Seeing us standing on a sea of glass and uh This is uh Like I said this if you look at the science that’s in the bottle, ah, people say oh it’s There is no science Wrong, there’s plenty of science know there’s a right there. The the data is all there everything points perfectly to two prophetic significance and how prophecy Bible prophecy is 100% exact maybe people just Tend to dispel it because they never read the Bible they don’t understand because it’s like speaking with a millennial and They want to speak to you using 140 Characters of code when you you’ve read volumes of books You have huge a huge knowledge base from where you’re extrapolating all this Confirmation information for them to understand but sometimes you just talk to a brick wall and the brick wall doesn’t budge right So yeah, I know I know what you mean. I can sense a bit of a frustration, you know with regard to That situation but you know the people that understand this message Will obviously take it to heart and say hey there’s something here I’m gonna go to planet planet-7x net I’m gonna start reading it on my own and validating it and going into prayer maybe See see all over the last 20 years. Have we had the correct knowledge for the physicists? that Generates the model that proves out the stories of the Bible how did the earth stop and Have a 12 hour delay. It’s because earth is passing through the tail of this comment, which is Plaza not ice particles and That causes us to slow down like it’s going to half see this is the false miracle of the Antichrist the false miracles gonna claim this miracle for himself okay that he’s gonna slow down He’s gonna change time He’s gonna he’s gonna slow down the Earth’s rotation and he’s gonna have far fall on his enemies North to South America this is This is the the anti-crisis false miracle at the same time and Even the you know, even their leap will possibly be food if they’re not aware of this. Oh I believe I believe that many inside the world elite Gil are already making plans We know that back in 2010. There was up a Preparation of sorts in Australia among the elite called the arc project or something like that where they were really preparing like to survive the inundation of Australian I Don’t know. I mean Norway has people already set to be Taken underground and at least half of its population rush is preparing in the Ural Mountains a lot of underground installations But will that be enough for to survive the events that are coming? When in reality, which is have to face it up front take it as it is. It’s the end of days a Underground facility is a tomb That’s looking like like movies okay with we’re looking at a scale of Where continents are shifting? okay, you’re looking at Volcanoes going off that will put enough ash and once it rains the ash turns to semen you’re locked into your tomb If the ground shifts enough your mechanism to open a door wall Won’t open The way to survive this is to be at the pivot point of the tilt which is going to be around Jerusalem When it tilts and that’s the least affected area and you stay above ground That’s the only way you’re gonna meet the Messiah to start out with is if you’re above the ground the two prophets will show up Three the three nowadays before the massage shows up. They will be there for Passover meal or the of unleavened bread That’s where you set a place at the table empty waiting for they appear and You get to talk to them for the next three days asking questions and There will be no TV crews. There’ll be no radio saying the two prophets ever. Ah Because we’ve already started to enter the tailor the of the comet That means all electronics globally have to be turned off For three days and then it’s eclipsing the Sun On on the side that’s facing. Well, obviously, it’s logical that God’s gonna be wanting to Tell everybody in their techno technologically Proclivities mindset hey, wake up. Look I’m shutting down your devices All of you techno junkies shut it off and what he’s gonna do is it’s gonna shut off to everything How maybe it’ll be an electromagnetic event that will just shut down our grid? And what we will see is the night sky and we will see and hear Probably the sounds of many roaring Trumpets like if they were going into battle I don’t know what see you they already research that the electromagnetic field of Earth Does ring like a bell so that would explain a lot of the vibrations that people report that they’re hearing like trumpet sounds You see when the earth starts to enter the tail. It is common. It’s concentrated plasma That’s exactly the same thing when the the Sun Is miss releasing a soul or a solar flare? okay, so yes, you got to turn off the electrical devices it’s just like the earth being it would EMP wave for three days straight and At the same time when the plasma hits the magnetic field the Northern and southern lights are gonna be so active. They’re gonna come all the way down to the equator That’d be super concentrated Okay, and it’s gonna power like a trumpet? When the Northern Lights and the southern lights are super active day howl like a trumpet and they Will be howling Because this is gonna be the strongest Northern and southern lights that you will ever see Because we’re in the tail of this car Now I’m looking for An image that you have sent me a while ago about the plasma tail I can’t find it here so I can put it up on the screen Than in the sky I sent in a Skype for you. Okay picture Scott Yeah, because I’ve been I’ve been illustrating everything that you’ve been saying as we go along in this Incredible interview to put this into perspective people. I mean time is passing Gil’s model has been criticized before because they say well it didn’t pan out in 2014. It’s 16. Oh, yes 16 Sorry in 16 Gil what do you want to tell all those people that are narrow-minded still and think that since it didn’t happen in 2016 It’s not gonna happen anyway Like I said, we have no sighting of it that we I can only give estimates estimates is a Look up the definition of estimate best educated guess with the data we have at hand The only way that I can give you the exact date is after we have a sighting we can we can estimate You know as it gets closer and closer we can narrow that timeframe down. Okay, I got it I got the slide on the on the page after a 12 hour delay in earth rotation expect a 40 day warning from the nation Governments of the arrival of plants 7x the moon at the food at the foot of the woman very go close in light That’s the celestial alignment right with Leo and the 12 stars crowning her head and then three and a half days earlier will be Passover when the to witness Elijah and Moses arrived to Jerusalem and this Estimate because you put even a seal here on it that says estimated. Okay, please look right I’m gonna make it big so people can see it because then they say that It wasn’t true, but it says see comments. Okay for reference only Which is very clear. These are great models. There are great projections, but they have to be adapted According to what’s going on, right? That’s right. And Keep in mind bob alludes to that will have a short notice The the internet will be down. They’re not gonna allow astronomers to tell the public and They’re already passing laws that we can’t tell you without being thrown in prison Okay, so If you know I’m showing you where to look and It’s gonna look like a comment And it’s not gonna be scary most of the time it’s gonna be very small in the sky not until It gets to about the the last two weeks of its approach. It’s gonna get very big very quick Okay So that’s when it gets scary That’s why I get scary and we’ve read you know, I have a book right here. I have it here in my library the Collbran Bible from the cold and Trust it also mentions there some very impressive Testimonies from the Egyptians when they saw it come in during the time of the Exodus according to these documents they hear like thunder and roaring sounds and they hear That the Sun being eclipsed for four days and Everything is really in a state of total chaos and destruction on earth So but they survived and this is a key to understand right? Yeah, I can show you the eye of the Sahara in Africa That is a plasma discharge Truck that made that crater because it’s not a concave crater. It’s a flat crater. Okay, let’s talk about that That is a lot of people think a lot of people think that plasma is not dangerous That’s a 30 mile wide lightning bolt when the two planets get close to each other they discharge like capacitors and They throw a lightning bolt. It’s 30 miles across okay, remember What was it? I forgot who had Zeus. I think it was the Greeks where it says Jews were throwing lightning boats Right. Well what that one could have been seen from Greece the one that hit Africa over there? it’s called the I of this area anybody can go to google map and Look at it. We have it on we have it on the screen right now okay, so This is one of the places the other places a lot of a lot of people believe when it was moving for the Exodus that’s when the Grand Canyon was created because it matches the Just like a lightning boat The fingers count of the lightning that the original cutting of of the path of The Grand Canyon was plasma Because if you look at where the washout starts okay, because there was a big lake that started to erode the rest of it It doesn’t go as high as the cut out of the rock was from the plasma The water erodes much much lower and so And this is also what you see on the planet Mars a huge camp a canyon and That was carved out because of plasma because Mars got to to closer we have video evidence of Calm exciting Springs when it passed near Morris. There was a electrical Discharge proving out the model of the physicists being correct That the tail of a comet is charged particles flattened it lit up the entire planet of Mars like a light bulb boom and That was a small rock in space Now this planet I believe is larger than Earth anywhere between two to three times Mr. Diameter somewhere like that I’m scaling the back down from seven because it appears that it has that it’s more metallic Because of the magnetic pole that we’re seeing it there’s there’s no other answer for this thing Now it doesn’t need to be as big right about though about the wobbling effect that it has on us This wobbling is obviously a mathematical provable way to know Where it’s located, is that correct? Well in a way it tells us how close it is to us because we have two thousand years of the magnetic trace traces of the magnetic pole of Earth over the last two thousand years well if I overlay where These you see 14 and 519 events happen. Well no only up to the time of Christ Okay That would probably be about five or six events And see where the magnetic pole was well guess what it was near the geographic pole like it is today Okay, mm-hmm. So it tells me that this Automatically pulls the magnetic pole very close to the geographic pole of Earth each time. It’s very close to Earth Right now they’re they’re right next to each other. I Would say that tells us that’s what that is within two to three years for us So it’s not saying I’m not going to continue on to saw Siberia like like the paper said right now it stopped. It stopped moving. Yeah, it’s gonna wobble. Yeah It’s gonna wobble right in that area. This is exactly what it didn’t past This is exactly what I see in the records So There’s a A theory going around that there’s an imminent pole shift coming a magnetic pole shift that it’s accelerating that it happened like a hundred years ago, and the poles are Well this the South Pole is out of Andhra Australia somewhere at the magnetic pole and the northern magnetic pole is going toward Siberia But you’re saying it stopped and it’s gonna tend to come back to its original place it no, it’s just gonna sit there and wobble It’s gonna wobble with the Geographic North they’re just gonna sit in that in that zone that comfort zone that they’re in right there They’re just gonna wobble. Okay, they’re not gonna continue on it raced now. It’s reached its maximum point That the planet draws it up Until it gets right up to us now It’s gonna call us that the tilt the whole planet would to 26 to 28 degrees according to the past records Now what’s interesting about this magnetic stuff that these geologists? are not able to explain because they’re not in – They don’t cross science in into another discipline Discipline. Okay. That’s it. It’s like it’s taboo well before I ever gotten to this Planet X stuff, I read a finding proud like 20 years ago or more where they had this volcanic vent and then the lava was coming out, you know, not very very fast and They were able to documented that Document that the magnetic field of Earth changed something like seven times Within the time that this vent was flowing lava Okay, so do you mean to tell me that Earth’s clip 7 times? No Because that’s just the magnetic field flipped. Now, what would cause that? Well, guess what when you hit a magnet with a lightning bolt the magnetic field switches Each time you hear the magnet would like though the magnetic field switches What do you think what happened to earth if a 30 mile lightning bolt? Or from this planet would hit earth. It would switch to magnetic poles. Each time earth is hit the magnetic poles would swap So that answers the the Why this volcanic vent showed several? Magnetic field swaps in a certain period of time and which hole can’t event is that I Don’t know that’s something that I read like 20 years. I can’t even find it in. Okay, this was something before I ever got into That was just an article that I found very interesting Okay, and but I do remember it because it was a mystery to me at the time But now except now it’s ansible, you know, you can answer that That is because plasma discharge strikes from another body. It came too close to Earth Cuz Yeah, because I know right now all day all everything I mean the the web is just full of information but right now everybody’s talking about Even Stanford University put out the information We’re going into a mass extinction event the sixth one And they’re saying it’s imminent And I don’t know how they’re playing it out, but I’m watching this series right now from Netflix called our planet But they’re pushing the leftist agenda where it’s our fault and if unless we do something in the next alexandra diaz, Ocasio 20 years or so before she’s 40 were it’s all gonna end now What say? Oh I’m sorry. I was loading up a video for you know, it’s this guy what was yes, okay, they’re pushing this agenda Gil It’s okay. They’re pushing this agenda breaking up. You’re breaking up. I’m sorry. Okay. Okay, I got you Yeah, they’re pushing an agenda through Through media and science that we’re already going into the sixth extent mass extinction event now Shema side that killed off the rest of the Pacific Ocean They’re pushing it that we don’t have more than 20 years that’s Alejandra Alexandra or Cassio Diaz saying that oh It’s it’s coming the end of the world is here climate change and it’s human-made and all that when in reality Something else coming down the line. They’re trying to use this as a cover or a shield For their nefarious practices to some more humanity into their purposes Correct. Correct. The map does not work out on Humans being the cause of Co2 and global warming no the map does not that does not work out What they don’t want to tell you They’re at theirs Let me check my numbers I think is 33.4 or 3.6 million subsea Volcanoes. Oh, yeah, I have that data. Yeah, absolutely All right, James my Kenny James McKenna did a lot of research on that. Yeah. Yeah, there’s a 3.5 million Above C. Sub C volcanoes or vents, right if you take the percentage of act on how many volcanoes There are and how many are active? Oh, okay and use that same percentage and apply it to the subsea You should see around 60,000 61,000 I believe it is subsea Volcanoes that are going off Now we’ve seen two islands made in a single day Remember But there’s no more talk about there’s no more talk about any Lava or any subsea advanced or anything Okay, so just look at Eli way aquila way out last year on May 5th had a six point Some earthquake and then just erupted and now it’s having activity again and Kilauea Mind you just to point that out and put it out there Kilauea’s exactly located At nineteen point four latitude north which is Hawaii right here, which is exactly the same latitude as Popocatepetl in north of Mexico south of Mexico City in the state of Puebla, which is also about to blow So the these correlations with regard to the connection with hyperdimensional physics Which is something I’ve been studying a lot since Karl monks day Do you think there’s a connection there too with these? numbers at nineteen point forty-seven well, I like this this other gentleman that’s been able to Predict I think is Doug Dutch sent. Maybe he’s been Evan he He takes a close look at the plates that are not talked about there’s interconnecting plates and they’re shifting and it’s all along those plates if you have If you have two movements on a plate that that that means something’s gonna happen in between the two, you know Where where the plates are shifting and he’s been quite accurate I mean amazingly accurate on his have some predictions. Yeah, I know his model his name is Michael Janek and he’s been Very popular on YouTube in English. We also do earthquake prediction in Spanish and I appreciate a lot of his work. I Understand where he’s coming from with regard to the energy migration But there’s also a lot of electromagnetic elements within from the core And also from the crust downward these huge lightning bolts that you mentioned that could strike the Sahara Desert and create these massive events of magnetic polarity reversals, which is something very interesting could also happen inside there that’s happening all the time and these these convective currents that could just come out of the mantle ins hit the the underneath of the plate could also shift it and bring bring Rough further Jers up to the surface and that’s something that he’s been studying Tremendously, which are these deep source quakes or deep folks focus quakes That start pushing up where upward let’s say Fiji They’re at 600 kilometers deep and then they just start pushing up and then you get an eight-point-two at those depths Something is happening inside the mantle of Earth. It’s not at the crust level. It’s inside the asthenosphere so Well, go ahead. Keep in mind when I forgot. I can’t quote the science exactly, but I think you better get Get the main just of what I’m saying, you know The the Sun when it burns either harder and more than helium, which it’s doing the opposite now Sends out a certain Radiation that your thermometer doesn’t pick up on and It is heating the earth like all of our planets heating but it heats it from the core almost and This is it doesn’t take much heat to expand magma to where it has to leave it has to go somewhere and Getting back to our substance. Okay knows that’s what’s killing most of our sea life. The methane that they are releasing is Killing the majority of our seal off because they only need parts per million To be poisoned. Well, I just sent you a link from Robert Felix’s excellent website I CH and Robert Felix the author of the book not by fire But by ice has an article from November 16 2016. It’s up on our screen It says as many as 10 million underwater volcanoes not 310 million Yep, yeah So they’re Hardy, mm-hmm, they don’t they don’t talk about I mean So if you see what’s happening above ground? Well, just use the numbers and calculate what you would expect underneath the ocean because it has less Remember the ocean is really the second layer like an onion right continental crosses the first layer So it has less layers to go through So there’s less resistance, you know, so There’s only one denominator That gives us the answer to you can list at least 30 effects that are off the charts There’s only one denominator that fits that profile. That’s the inbound planet Would have what would affect Mars why are all the planets? Heating up. What’s affecting our Sun? What what’s causing the magnetic north of earth to point to the direction that is coming from It’s racing to the area It’s pointing. If you look at this, it’s it’s going towards the south the universe that’s where it’s pointing it South of universes which Sagittarius is south. The universe is not where polar southest Universe south is where Sagittarius is and So that’s another way that you can find a few people that don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re looking at at the South Pole you put a telescope on a South Pole because earth is tilted and you’d have better sky, you know you have you have a better Observation to look at South and universe right on that point. They’re right because But it’s it has nothing to do that. They’re looking literally Straight up. No, they’re not looking straight up from from from their point of view down. They’re looking at south of the universe That’s where Sagittarius is. That’s where they sent the Pioneer and Voyager probes This is where the Asian astronomer saw. This is where all the data is point We have overlapping data from multiple sources. Some of our peer-reviewed papers have to and Then we have the factual on where they sent the carnivore you Pro and you can read the newspaper all because they were looking for Planet X Absolutely, we have the documents from The Washington Post all this all this was brought out Profusely back in the 90s. I have all the books on it back in the in the early 2000s. I mean a lot of diligent research went into it and everybody thought 2012 was it you know because the Mayan calendar thing and it didn’t happen But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. All right, and things are just getting worse each moment I mean if you take into account that The amount of co2 or so2 that the and the methane that the volk underwater volcanoes are spewing out now It’s ten million ten million. I mean if you compare that to what how much co2 Humanity makes I bet you if we compare that to about 100 story building what humanity? contributes in co2 for that building is probably just the the thickness of the tile on the first floor of the building I mean, we don’t produce anything in comparison to what a volcano spews out Correct Keep in mind What supposedly where did the oil come from it came from? Decaying plant life, okay Okay, but was it that plant life living and one time it had co2 you had to absorb to make itself, right? So basically you’re releasing the same o2 that it absorbed. You’re not getting any new co2 from someplace else But yet all the vegetation flourish remember this is food to the plants When you put more co2 in air your grass simply grows quicker, that’s all that that all it does it balances itself out and Well, in fact this is for Alexandra Ocasio Humans makes you when they breathe out and that’s what makes trees grow, right? Well, tell her to hold her breath. That’s all I got to say Go hug a tree Alexandra go hug a tree Yeah anyway Thank you Bill Gil Gil. Could we further this interview into a second part maybe? In the month of May because we still have to go through the order of events That lead us to understanding the succession events, and I want people to tell us in the comment section of this video if They want to do that second Interview with you if they want to hear what you have to say because Planet X is coming down the line. It’s already here and To your best assessment right now The just to keep on you know Connected to the two idea the train of thought that we have here The best estimate you have right now according to your model is 2021 The end of March of 2021 the moon is at the foot of Virgo. We’re using data out the Bible to help us try to estimate Where it is where to point the telescope? That’s a present estimate until we have a visual then we have confirmation but I’m willing to bet I’ll bet there’s no way that they gonna risk a 30 trillion dollar global economy by letting Amateur astronomers out and giving pictures every box warning them. There’s two to three million amateur astronomers that they can’t control They have to shut down the internet So I have no way Warning your people. I have no way warning anybody. They have to be on their own You have to know where to look and I provide them the data Look at Sagittarius on the ecliptic between Capricorn aside you do you see a comet on the ecliptic That’s the one you got to get worried about. Okay, so On your website, which is planet-7x net I want people to please go there go to planet-7x on net And click on the google drop the Google the Google Drive. Okay down below There’s download free free planet-7x charts and here you can go to for Google Drive download download the slides Start studying them as quickly as possible because this thing is coming down the line. You can contact Gil His email is there on the website at the bottom, right? It’s planet-7x at his He also offers live presentations, is that correct Gil? Yes. Yes. I give presentation on charge for man fact if you Want to do a call-in show and filter the questions And if there’s something that I can answer I’ll be more than glad Okay, then. Okay. Let’s try to organize that also. I would like to put you in contact with there There’s a group in New Zealand. I’m in contact with They’re working in astronomy, and they’re very interested in talking about these subjects. I might like to put you in contact with them See if you can have a Presentation over there And that would be very helpful and also to get the information out because there’s a lot of misinformation That’s the problem that that clutters the facts and it creates off the station Of what’s really important here? And that that is the the diligent research of one man in this case Gilbert chard and many others that have spent tireless Tireless years, okay, but it’s not even nights anymore. We don’t even sleep well anymore of so much research that we do in order to get this information out and Again, your website is planet-7x net. Your YouTube channel is Planet slash planet-7x and Do you have some DVDs on your website that people must buy and watch to in order to understand much of what? You’ve been sharing through the charts. Yeah Well, the DVDs mentioned like our first date, which is 2016. Okay. Okay. Sure We’re looking forward the moon is at the foot of virgle and the only other time is 2021 after that or take 93 years before it comes back around again, so it has to fulfill prophecy Biblical prophecy so therefore it must be It has to be we have the Holocaust generation, which is getting very old Right has to see everything fulfilled and we have a problem with astronomy The moon will not be back where it needs to be for until another 93 years okay, so I Can’t say definitely it’s going to be that day. I can’t say that. Okay, because I have to have a visual But the Bible lose that we will have only a short time and I guaranteed By the time we can see it, they will have the internet down They will not allow a global economy to crash Well controlling it one last thing about the internet about a month ago. Facebook was lost its connection to the internet Google had problems YouTube had problems. I don’t know if you heard about that Yes, yes, yes it did well I spoke with a specialist in IT Information technology and this guy has one of the most important internet Spine spine networks Not spying the they call it the I don’t remember what that term. He was using but it’s one of the main Trunk lines that say of the internet on this planet. He’s a very important businessman and I was speaking to him and He told me that They shut it down on purpose because they had to rearrange some things for the coming shutdown. That’s what he told me Yeah Yes, yeah without a doubt what I look I mean I can only say so so so so much that I’m trying to help to educate the public. I give the information free everything you need to know And where to look Please be aware when it happens, you know What you’re looking at in other words, oh Ya know next time we want to go through the order of events with you Gil if possible I’m gonna let you go now so you can rest a little bit We’re gonna we’re gonna do that the order of events next time please stay tuned we’re gonna go through each one of them the succession of events according to the model and how this is gonna be playing out in the next couple of years couple of years I uh, I remember back then probably with that man 20 years from now now it’s a couple of years Gil As a possibility there’s a strong positive occurs the Magnetic field of Earth is exactly where it was in the past next to the geographic north on the other times that it passed We have the generation that is getting old we have The orbital of the moon is not gonna be where it needs to be for it to be at the foot of Virgo anymore to Another 93 years. We got many factors that are lining up And it says that will have a short nose it it doesn’t say it alludes that we have a short short note so a Guesstimate from one a 10 this as best as we can do. Yeah, this this is a best guess estimate or a guesstimate we could call it based on the model based on the research where it comes in through and The moment you see that bright red thing coming in you know, it’s gonna be that and when the internet goes down just get your binoculars Ready and go and look at the Sun and sky up on the ecliptic and you’ll be able to see it coming in the night Sky, that’s it. They look like a comet Okay, and those that want to further their research and really are taking this to heart you still have time to prepare spiritually as well As emotionally mentally because this is difficult Gil we can talk about it next time how to deal with this as a family Because I’m a father of two my wife We’ve been dealing with the problem of the conundrum apply for some time now, but we’re ready I mean, we’re spiritually emotionally mentally ready But still a lot of people are not fit to know how to tell their their family members about them pending Or possible impending events that are about to hit the fan This is this is not a random thing. The Father has a plan He tells you where to be at what time to be there it’s gonna be associated with his feast The actual Hebrew word is McCraw docu means dry rehearsal he’s having you rehearse these things to wear when it becomes real, you know, where to be at the right time to be and you need to be Whenever you start to see you need to be four in Jerusalem for so cold that six months before Passover Remember don’t make your trip in the winter Everyone else is gonna try to and and Israel will have to start turning people away You go there for surcoat That’s six months away That’s why he says the cult unleavened bread and pass over his practice in Jerusalem there’s seven feasts but three, ‘m he requires you to practice them there These are not vain religious acts he gave us he’s having you prepare for the right time at the right place And he’s wants to see if you’re gonna follow him But you follow his instructions Amen to that. I think that I Think that our Lord Jesus wants people to just uh, get ready for whatever comes and really take this to heart I know for a fact that in Israel They’ve cleared up the run. They they made a huge freeway down to Jordan where Petros and the when you go on the tour They built like a 16 Lane or I don’t know how many Lane a freeway system they have but it’s huge it’s a huge road I Don’t know how many lanes it is, but you could land airplanes there, right? So they asked they asked one of the tour guys. Why is this road? So big he said, oh it’s for the airplanes when people into Israel Because like they know that Israel is the chosen place for what’s gonna transpire, yeah Remember, he says my people die of lack of knowledge Not lack of religion because he’s given you the knowledge, but you not taught The proper interpretation of the knowledge. I’m trying to help you Fiery dragon means common when he says to be in Jerusalem for for a rehearsal pattern You go there okay now to go to them when you see it You know ya to go to Jerusalem right now in this time of turmoil political turmoil I mean look at what’s happening with Palestine all over again and and then They’re the the changing of the capital or recognition of Jerusalem as the capital now Finally and then we have the Golan Heights being also Ratified as part of the territory of Israel and their readmission of The Islamic caliphate because they’re not gone All this is brewing in perfect synchrony mind you with what you’re saying And I don’t know maybe even Donald Trump is part of the prophecy Co-ceo three four and five has to happen before 6 & 7 which is 6 & 7 is the two mini showers pertaining to do to this planet so, you know because co3 No, see you here. Serious economic problems. That’s gonna be a breakdown and trade And then still forest it talks about war which is your Middle East war are you talking about? You gonna see diseases and famine Between the diseases and famine. Mostly you’re looking at two billion people dying. It says one quarter the world population So how often has that happen in history none? Not two billion people know this is gonna be a one-time event So, you know, you’re gonna be what you’re gonna you’re gonna wake up whenever we see two billion people dying because of starvation and disease And that’s when they’ll have an interim of peace prior Prior before the peace agreement of sine, which is seal five That gives you a window to fly in because as an interim, it’s not full Peace, but they’re allowing people to travel and you’re able to get in there that interim peace is gonna be for circle and You’ll be there when that peace agreement is signed with the Antichrist in the center of it whoever gets the credit for that peace agreement is your first confirmation of the Antichrist and The only way you’re gonna see that is if you’re in Jerusalem, and another thing that people must know you don’t have to worry about the identity of the Antichrist right now because everybody’s like you know things this guy or this guy or this guy, don’t worry about that worry about getting to a safe place and understanding that if you do You’re being part you’re you’re part of history and this history is Prophetic and it’s already in the in the mind of God so if your heart led or your heart felt to follow this Go and read up prepare and Wait for the next video that we’re gonna be bringing you with Gilbert Sartre Gil Broussard Any last words for the people that are listening to you? I I wish them the best and Pray for them. I hope that they remember I can only deliver the information But only the only the father can open her eyes and hearts Okay, I I can’t open people’s minds to see this only he can so pray that your eyes will open it and dig into his word and Look at what the data here, they’re saying it’s you know There’s a whole saying that if you want to find out if you can find two witnesses in the Bible. It means it’s okay It’s valid All right Well, we have 14 events in the Bible. We have two sets of seven That moves it out in the Bible Right study study and gain knowledge Alright, and if anybody could help us out I need a Macintosh in order to translate these slides into Spanish as soon as possible because we haven’t been able to I Need a Macintosh and we’ve been trying Gil and I for years To get this his slice translated correctly Within Photoshop into Spanish and it has to be done with the knowledge in mind of what you’re translating With pertaining to your research. I’ve interviewed and known Gil for many years now And I know that what he’s staining is the truth. He’s been working Tremendously in offering this material for free because he really is worried about you too. So if you understand that things are really beginning to unravel and it’s not just global change or climate change, but it’s really Things that are out there that are affecting us down here and down below is it’s also coming up under us. I Think it’s time. I think it’s I think I really think it’s time There’s so many things that are just putting us at risk Right now and to not you know, take this into consideration and really just just take it, you know for a week and think about it and just think what would happen if I I really do the research and study this and Then just based on that come to A prayer session pray would pray to God talk to him Lord. Is this what you want me to do? Is this what I should do if you want to move me? Move me? but tell me God will speak to you his Holy Spirit is within us and I really hope that for those people that this message Got to them in time that their souls be saved and protected and they reach safe haven in this case in the Land of Israel So that’s my say on in this next time we will be talking about crustal displacement We’ll be talking about the displacement of the water from the oceans We’ll be talking about how this will impact us in in a succession of events and a timeline of events that Gil Has already made out of 33 specific events that we’ll be sharing with all of you Thank You Gil Have a great evening my brother and good night All right, you’re not. Thank you Good night, everybody. Leave your comment below and Please subscribe to our Channel. Yeah in English and also this interview will be also Subtitled in spanish for our youtube channel. Thank you. Thank you for that million Subscription button youtube it was hard to get it, but we finally did it and we’ll be touched soon Until next time everybody. Bye. Bye

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  1. yo no se para que coloca el titulo en español si la entrevista esta en INGLES……DE QUE ESTAMOS HABLANDO

  2. Por favor Alex, ponga subtitulos en español, pronto.. esta información es muy importante para que todos los de habla hispana la conozcan. Gracias

  3. Alex tienes mà videos ò entrevistas sobre este tema? Es la primera vez que escucho sobre el 7X y me interesa mucho saver màs.

  4. Hola por favor subtítulos en español se que tiene mucho trabjo ,pero de verdad nos interes .Gracias bendiciones.

  5. Disculpe la insistencia pero intenté con el link que me indicaron en la página pero no me das en español me interesa muchísimo el tema y solo hablo español ojalá que puedan poner la traducción en español

  6. Lo estoy escuchando y falla el vídeo después de la introducción no te escuchaste Alex después de la primera intervención de Gill…

  7. Alex. I do have one thing to say. Israel has a Wall right. I feel they know about this and they are having people move to every country so there is not to meany people there are they can only have people there that they won’t .. So if god know this it may change . The rich will think they will be the one that will be saved and everyone els can just die. So l really think no matter where you are there will be places that are safe. And if the people that stop others from getting there with a wall and say no. I think they won’t make it anyways. What do you think. Please answer me thank you.

  8. Me imagino que tiene más seguidores y subscriptores Abla ispana que en inglés por que no ase los vídeos en español no creo que tenga más subscriptores en inglés o si? 😈😈😈. $$$$ 💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💲💲💲💹💹💹✝️✝️✝️🤔🤔🤔

  9. Hola alex nosotros OS seguimos y pienso que es mas que necesario que se puede escuchar en español porque es algo que nos preocupa a todos y yo siempre pienso en el tema de 7X

  10. @concienciaradio serian tan amables de indicarme el procedimiento para q me agreguen al servicio el 24 de abril , hice mi cuenta pay pal y todo el procedimiento p la suscripción a su servicio ya mande correos a conciencia radio y alerta t… Gracias buen día…

  11. Alex por un lado puedes subir de nuevo el vídeo con la opción de subtitulos en español y por otro subir bien el vídeo porque hay veces en que se supone hablas pero no sé escucha lo que dices

  12. Conferencia 0 MAGNETISMO con Alex Backman, el próximo 25 de mayo 2019 en el Auditorio del Centro Médico Siglo XXI. Hay cupón de descuento para que los que compren los primeros boletos. El código es ALEXBACKMAN ¡Parte de las entradas serán destinadas a los damnificados de los terremotos en México. Más información en:

    Liga para boletos…

  13. I was about to Believe what you were saying But when you started talking about the Bible and Religion that spoiled everything. Some of us are AWAIKE and Do NOT Believe in RELIGION.

  14. Lo que entendí es que… la gran promoción de cambio climático es un engaño para ocultarnos algo más que es la aproximación del planeta X y que para el 2021 hay que ir a Jerusalén para estar a salvo 😯 lo que se me hace curioso es que Jesús hablaba de salir y huir de Jerusalén y ahora es lo opuesto, me gustaría entender mejor eso… sea como sea es mejor estar lejos de las grandes ciudades y huir a las montañas….

  15. Buenas Noches por favor Sr. Backman suba nuevamente este video con la traducción al español, esta información es muy importante, aunque muchos lo ignoren esta amenaza es real

  16. Dios nos ha dado tiempo extra para que salvenos nuestras almas, busquemos a Dios en espíritu y verdad, no porqué seas joven no moriras, debemos arrepentirnos y alejarnos de lo que es causa de desobediencia a Dios.

  17. El tiempo se acaba. puede elnplazo cumplirse en algunos años pero nadie tiene la certeza de llegar vivo a esas fechas nos podemos ir antes y no hemos perdonado a nuestros semejantes. Perdona para que Dios te perdone y ayuda a tu enemigo no solo a los que te agradan.

  18. Gracias a Dios entiendo bastante Inglés y está información esta súper interesante Gracias por tan valiosa información Alex y Gill
    Dios les Bendiga por tan excelente trabajo. I can’t wait for the second part.

  19. Alex tu voz solo se escuchó en la introducción ,luego siguió Gill ,that was fine . Please check your audio . May God Bless you .

  20. Scott Cone de planet x news es por mucho el investigador más serio del planeta x,solo se basa en observaciones de satélites de la nasa y no recurre a teorías raras ni a creencias. Saludos.


  22. ¡¡NO MANCHES ALEX!!! ¿Porqué carambas no le pusiste subtítulos en spanich? ¡Qué gacho eres manito! Tanto que te queremos aquí por Iztapalacra y nos haces manita de puerco con el idioma. ¡Chale!

  23. I am ,speck englis muy poquito, en escuelas de gobierno no imparten el ingles
    Sería mucha molestia traducir o pasar subtítulos, hasta con tu propia voz si no hay con quién actuar y en caso de que alguien dude de los diálogos pues que se chuten el original en inglés.

  24. Gill broussard ve la llegada del planeta x en marzo 2021, sería el verdadero comienzo del fin, nos quedan pocos años, no más de 10..

  25. Hey, Alex, the 2018 (Spanish) book 'Gog' by J.J. Benítez talks a bit (just a bit) of Planet X, but he says it's no the same than the asteroid that will impact earth in August of 2027, it's a very small book that you could read in less than two days or even less!.

  26. Alex que el Señor Jesucristo te bendiga, excelente entrevista a Gill Broussard, Que el Señor les siga usando. Te comento, hay algo que me llamo poderosamente la atención; mientras Gill hablaba lo referente a las 12h que la tierra va a disminuir su rotación y como dice el, que Jerusalén será el lugar más seguro en el planeta al momento de pasar por el plasma de la cola de planeta 7x, recordé el versículo en Joel 2: 31-32, cuando habla de los últimos tiempos y dice:

    "El sol se convertirá en tinieblas, y la luna en sangre, antes que venga el día grande y espantoso de Jehová. Y todo aquel que invocare el nombre de Jehová será salvo; , porque en el monte de Sion y en Jerusalén habrá salvación, como ha dicho Jehová, y entre el remanente al cual él habrá llamado."

    Allí lo dice muy claro, es allí donde habrá salvacion, es allí donde deberá estar el remanente que quedara de sus llamados.

    Saludos y Bendiciones

  27. Alex saludos
    Antes del minuto 5 hay una parte donde no se escucha lo que tu dices ni lo que Gill dijo asi pasó un par de minutos,saludos

  28. I was told the reason planet x is stationary and wobbling is because planet x earth, venus and earths twin are trapped in a bubble and eventually venus and earths twin escape the bubble allowing planet x to move closer to earth and then eventually pulls at earth as it moves past the sun and earth back into soace causing the pole shift. God bless everyone 🙏

  29. Alex, yes please do part 2 can hardly wait. Gill Broussard is amazing and of all the interviews over many years, you are always the best at interviewing him with your in depth knowledge of the subject yourself only works to make the perfect interview to deliver the vast amount of knowledge and make it comprehendible for everyone. Thank you so very much and I appreciate that this interview was in English.

  30. But there's a problem. The Jewish are not the chosen people. That's a lie. We the humans. Are the chosen people. One more thing I know about spica since 2014 they said spica spica spica thank you very much

  31. Gracias por el vídeo, lo espero con subtítulos en español, leí que ya están en ello de verdad gracias a las personas que están apoyando para traducir este video…

  32. Por favor, pregúntenle a Gill Broussard qué es o qué significa EL POLO SUR DEL UNIVERSO, que dice él que está hacia Sagitario. No entiendo que significa eso y no lo he visto en otro sitio. ¿Es una orientación magnética que tiene el universo que lo divide en dos polos? ¿o que tipo de polo es?

  33. Claiming the Vatican has picture of an unknown planet without citation of a source or reference is a red flag of sensationalism. claims that Chines astronomers say a large planet for 26 months starting in the year 1054. This is a far cry from the truth. 1054, a supernova was observed by astronomers and stargazers across the Northern Hemisphere, and possibly Australia. Its remnant, the Crab Nebula, This super Nova DID NOT MOVE FROM THE CRAB NEBULA LOCATION. Planets actually move, not super novas. The Crab Nebula is among the most studied objects outside our Solar System to date. So it was not a planet it was a Supper Nova. Of all of the civilian based astronomy scientists you would think that at least someone would get a glimpse of this object in a radio or radiation telescope. But there are none. The video spoke briefly on Perturbations without going into much detail. Everything in our solar system has a perturbation even earth is perpetrated by Jupiter and the outer planets have been proven recently to pertabate due to a large Jupiter sized planet which was destroyed and now exists as a massive debree field far beyond Pluto. This planet destroyed the planet Ceres and is now the destroyed asteroid belt? Ceres is still a planet in the asteroid belt. And what ever kind of planet the asteroid belt was, it was destroyed by Mars not planet X.

  34. What meant to say they buried your show at the bottom. About 15 clicks so no one would watch it. Here in USA.

  35. Por favor somos muchos millones de hispanoparlantes en el mudo, y algunos le seguimos a través de sus canales en Facebook y Youtube. Pero hay veces somo en sus entrevistas a GILL BROUSSARD u otros contenidos en ingles que para nosotros es imposible de entender. Aunque pueda existir la traducción mediante texto en los vídeos, estos pierden mucha calidad al no poder ser escuchado por sus entonaciones y por la calidad de la traducción. Acuérdese de nosotros los que no hablamos ingles.
    Muchas gracias y perdón por ser un poco pesado con el tema. Gracias.

  36. If the safest place to be is Jerusalem because Jerusalem
    is the pivotal point, is the real Jerusalem in South Africa ?



  39. Great interview…you're a good man Alex…….It is important that we all know that we are being manipulated by the world governments, the USA mostly, over this subject…We can not see today what the ancients could see with their naked eyes because our governments are not as open as the ancients…..Chem trails and that reflector in the lower atmosphere shields our eyes from seeing….

  40. Yo lo estaba leyendo subtitulado y de un momento a otro se fueron los subtitulos de todo el video y quede gringo, no se que paso.

  41. Espero puedas subir la segunda parte de la entrevista así ya sabemos que hacer cuando esto acontezca y poder hablarlo con nuestra familia bendiciones a ti Álex y fuerza

  42. Profesor Alex, yo escuché al maestro Samael y al maestro Rabólu en el 200 hablar sobre hercolobus por primera vez, buscando ayuda psicologica llegue a la gnosis, en una conferencia se dijo que cuando este planeta se acerque a la tierra los polos darán un giro, que se despertarán muchos virus la gente se volverá más agresiva y causará muchas enfermedades no vistas antes etc. Que afectará la psiquis de la humanidad. Lo mismo que dice tu entrevistado que muchos volcanes despertarán. Como sucedió en la Lemuria, Atlante y demás sivilizaciones anteriores a la nuestra.

  43. Para verlo (escucharlo) en castellano (Español) vas a "Configuración"…luego clikeas en "Subtitulos" y luego a "traducir automaticamente" y alli te sale la lista de idiomas, clikeas el tuyo.
    Espero que esta guia les sirva, yo estuve un rato para ver como podia pasarlo al Español.
    Gracias por el video.


  44. Encontre el mismo video con mejor traducción al Español en la pagina "Conviviendo con el Gran Espiritu" …se entiende bien todo el mensaje.

  45. Así es, la verdad ésta elevación de la temperatura tan súbitamente este año yo no me la creo que sea el calentamiento global por nuestra contaminación, es porque nuestra órbita al rededor del sol está alterada y no lo dicen y no dicen porqué y es tal y como lo explican Alex y Brousard

  46. 🌹que gran información,,,gracias Alex,,,afortunadamente,,son una persona creyente,,y desde hace muchísimo tiempo estoy buscando todo este tipo de información,,,e visto todos tus videos o capítulos, como se llamen del planeta x,, te sigo desde hace muchos años, e aprendido mucho contigo,,pero desgraciadamente no tengo la facilidad de palabras para compartirlo con m9s conocidos,,y me da tristeza que no les interesen estos temas, les importa más el espectáculo que temas de verdad importantes,,,,muy buenas noches y a seguir aprendiendo,,,saludos 🙋🏻‍♀️🤗🤗🤗🤗

  47. Honey they will never learn English if we keep translating for them. I know of a Hispanic woman that's lived here in the United States for 49 years and she still can't speak english… That's completely nuts all because we have translators

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