Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Fish Dishes On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Fish Dishes On Kitchen Nightmares

Right nice it’s really important me to see as much as possible. I would try this omelette here display with a Carol deputy table the KE on this and I’m gonna go after that for the Honey, pecan salmon, okay, and then good old-fashioned fish and chips. Oh, yeah. Thanks excellent You just have been staring at me nice, um big muscle head meatball It’s not my crab meat how do you want anybody to get the misconception not official Here’s a pretty bold statement Thank you my darling Wow the size of that that’s a lot of crap and you haven’t told me about decay yet Oh, he said he wanted everybody to know that it wasn’t real kravitz artificial crap So he spelled it with a k’ so there was no misconception. So it’s fake crab meat in a seafood restaurant on the water Holy crap brother takes this does go straight to the trash Table didn’t go over. Well, he doesn’t like the crab in there. I-i’ve never that was already here. I didn’t buy that stuff I don’t want to use frozen fish it’s not product that I’m absolutely Overly proud of but at the same point I’m held accountable for all the inventory that the owners have paid for the food so far Why we serving fake crab in our own way. I don’t get it that you’re the general manager Why are you off I give the choice have you been drinking? No? The crab was shocking embarrassing and fake. It tastes disgusting. Have you tasted that crap? No, I’m extremely allergic to Crab shrimp, so I can’t mean there’s no crab in there. I Understand it’s my fish. Oh my gosh I’ll let you finish early General manager my ass And we live he things that actually allowed him to do that poor letting him serve those types of a ration Let’s take them AJ is the general manager. He’s supposed to oversee the food And now I’m hoping and praying that Gordon says AJ’s the one that’s bleeding this business, okay Suddenly the best-looking thing I’ve seen Some really rubbery is a frozen the fish I believe it’s wrong, okay When you take it by to that card, it’s almost like you’ve got a breaded condom in your mouth He said it was rubbery Too greasy and just that it tasted like a frozen Cod and obviously hit it right on the buttons This is the same recipe that we’ve used here forever. So I’m for change. I want to change good wow, this one is the semolina dad Thank you. Three. I Think just so sweet the Dressing is like honey. That’s so much of it Absolutely disgusting quite possibly one of the worst salmon dishes I’ve ever eaten It’s a pretty successful opinion though tower of seafood a big big club What’s in there? This is a layer of shrimp salad the later Vaughn crab cakes bacon and lettuce and tomato. Thank you How to start easy sandwich this wire I mean honestly it’s cautionary death I Surrender to break it down Deconstructed Wow the crab delicious It’s a very pleasant surprise. Let me tell you It’s nice layer of crap and then he’s stone-cold shrimp Underneath manda Works this bit here. I mean then the text either week-old you might Got their ghastly To the fridge Just have a word after this. It’s all about sex. He almost takes by the Tainted yeah Just a mess. I’ll leave that one done So the shrimp tastes like that the head like a weird aftertaste her like I’m Lucy’s play really the refrigerator He’s gonna taste like their old a lot of the menu items are Crap, it’s Denise’s recipes. It’s the way she wants it done. I Don’t understand. This is perfect Denise never think she’s wrong. This is burger stand. That’s her biggest downfall It’s good enough are we happy with this? I’m taking a sleaze stick it Denise does what Denise wants to do and she won’t listen to me. She won’t listen to anyone else It’s aggravating English-style fish and chips. Well English style for me macro House cut fries from fresh potatoes And what kind of fish is it cod fish cod fish? Okay. Well Simply use everything just greasy No Okay, great, thank you. Thank you Sighs the nightosphere this trans fat to the batter soggy does even stick to the fish Stressful mache when it’s dry. Let’s just drive. Well the whole batter just sort of almost like peels away from it Those fries or shame? Was just so soggy with my fingers. Yeah, we have 50 tips. And the tastiest thing on the plate is the tartar sauce It’s a big disappointment. I love fish and chips shame The cooks are doing the best that they can with the way they’ve been told to do things So it’s nice this fall over all greasy fish fry the batter is just falling off of it And I said the fries they were much changed really that’s weird when he squeezed it and all this like grease all over him French fries, you know You get some potatoes that are one way and potatoes are another way and they’re having a problem with a consistency of the potato I mean, it’s just making me crazy First name is Catalina Catalina place me You’re the I’m one of the owners latch chest Okay, I have a partner Marcelo is a man what we used to be married We’ve been separated for two years. You used to be married to my partner. Oh Jesus. This is like water and oil We just don’t mix it’s just like conflict all the time. Well, it’s all about the food. I’ll look through the menu Nice to meet you. Oh My god real interesting bit cool. Yeah, this is like a song How are you sir? Yeah, how are you yeah rowdy. Thank you. Let’s start off with Chicken classic soup. Let’s go for the pescado Mona or the Italia. Yeah. Absolutely. I really believe to check rice You’re gonna gonna like the food. I think that 97 percent of my food will be great Thank you very much. And that’s very fast. Very fast. Indeed. Let’s hope it’s good That would be a pain in the ass because I the superficial it’s co hot. It’s cold. Let me get that for you. Okay, absolutely He would like a hot soup not cold will say that Ramsay said What happened with the school I Have a thermometer here boiling hot. You wanna check? To me it wasn’t boiling up and now it’s boiling hot this varies But when we’re know if it was before you guys send something out, please check double check triple check Yes, yes listen go to the bar I’m sorry about that. My just when I went to taste these these are Salty, I mean you’d need six mojitos before you start eating 6 spoons of that mate They’re disgusting. Excuse me. Let me take this back shame the basics I’ll Try that means Oh God there’s definitely definitely a lack of harmony in the kitchen 1 DS 1 light light now There’s gonna be a complete disaster How you doing yeah fine Angie I’ll find can I get you anything else while you wait? No, no, wait for the clap. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. All right Thank you very much Wow, I know I can’t believe it it beats the basing of us I Hope you enjoy cuz it’s actually my favorite dish. Thank you Delicious well, yeah The fish is not cooked. Oh It’s really not that Is a shame I’m gonna bring it back. That’s a very big mistake on behalf of the kitchen Okay possible not cooked Raw fish wrong with you guys is wrong cook. I put the tester that the open this is This mannequins wrong, what’s wrong Excuse me Santa Catalina, please Chris. Hello, Canada pressure heat should not be on the kitchen at all Listen and no playing around right now. I don’t worry about we’re gonna know this put your phone away Are you all ready? Oh yes, let’s start off with lobster bisque. Okay, sir, I’ll get for the Marinara, he’s one of the house specialties wonderful another leech. The people akari’s worth chicken and garlic sauce on the bone Love it beginning I walked in I thought was a phenol now i’m is finally got me back. Okay. Brilliant I hope who’s doing everything? Yeah, I can’t wait What makes you got nothing to do with this order? Iein, hang on my boys the drive But I’m so confident overseeing my guys that I got nothing to worry about these guys been by my side 15 years Now go go go go. Let’s see what he thinks They just looks disgusting My queen is always a scream. Yes. You’re a queen like It just looks like loves was dead before they killed him. They’re from a lot of fun to tank You want to take a look? Okay? See that No, I think they’re just sleeping You must be dead. We keep a good eye on this. They keep a good eye on them surely not Bass parts of dirt a dead Lobster now, he’s gone. Okay What I’m concerned about is everything else in there they’ve been feeding off that lobster yes and they become full of bacteria Look, that is extremely Unacceptable dangerous people could get extremely sick with that. I’ll get rid of this right now. Okay, please Love you. Bye Don’t smell that lobsters fresh even though it died it’s good

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  1. “ like a breaded condom in your mouth”
    I would say how do you now what a condom feels like????😌😌😂

  2. The restaurant with the cold soup and raw fish, I think they just need to calibrate their thermometers. Might've helped.

  3. I'm from Maine so I know a thing or two about Lobster and the guy saying that the lobster's still fresh made me laugh.

  4. gordon asking about you you can fit it in your mouth, pretty funny when you seen that bacon mushroom burger he made for you tube.

  5. Even though it died it smells good. Paste a warning label here. People check the tank for dead fish when you walk in.

  6. Lol Catalinas accent totally confuses the on screen word narration 😆. AND Gordon is waiting for the clap at 10:18. My word 👀😆.

  7. Sorry chef, Love your vid's But I feel you are a asshole, Rude, veliger, disrespectful to others in your field. You are Canadian or from the UK. No respect for the US people. To say the least if you ever talked to me the way you talk to the people in your vid's You would never make anymore vid's. Not only would I kick your ass but I would sue you up your ass.

  8. Every losers worst nightmare, being told their the one at fault. Well I hate to break it to you, my friend. But if you're the one in charge… everything is your fault.

  9. This dude looks like joe Rogan got the shit kicked out of him in a street fight and still hasn’t fully regained consciousness

  10. Gordon ramsay insults the size of the sandwich, like "how do you even get ur mouth around it?"….yet he makes burgers that are just as big and impossible to get ur mouth around…Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  11. 4:05
    heavenly music starts playing

    gordon tries crab
    “Oh wow the crab it delicious”

    low depressing music plays

    gordon tries shrimp
    “Stone cold shrimp.”

  12. If you are allergic to crab you shouldn't eat imitation crab because it does contain crab juice. Ramsey should know that.

  13. I feel bad for the cooks sometimes, it's not always their fault. The owner sometimes just buys the cheapest crap available and then expects the cooks to turn it into a gourmet dish.

  14. 10:43 i love it throughtout this entire service Gordan only dislike 1 dish but everything else was just fucked cause the chef forgot the simplist of things

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