Greek Fish Plaki Recipe : Ingredients for Greek Fish Plaki

Greek Fish Plaki Recipe : Ingredients for Greek Fish Plaki

VICTORIA GUTAVAS: Welcome back. In this segment,
I’d like to share with you all of the ingredients for the fish plaki. As you’re going to notice,
these ingredients are very simple. And the reason is that they’re simple is that, in
the Greek village where this dish was originated, they didn’t have complicated ingredients,
which is great for you and I because you can find these ingredients everywhere. And one
by one, let’s just go through what we have here. We have a can of tomato paste. Now granted,
in the village maybe they didn’t have cans of tomato paste when my grandmother was a
little girl, but what they did do, is concentrate a very heavy tomato flavor. And so we’re making
it a little bit convenient for ourselves by using tomato paste. Red potatoes and onions,
I mean these of course, can be found everywhere. The size of the potatoes and onions are strictly
up to you. I found smaller versions of both of these for this particular dish because
they cut up into bite size very nicely and easily. And I’m going to be showing you how
to do that in our next segment. Olive oil, extra virgin olive oil is the kind of oil
that can be found anywhere. It doesn’t have to be a particular grade. Any glass jar of
olive oil will do in this particular mixture. Parsley, these are dried parsley flakes, and
what’s wonderful about them is that they have a really mild flavor and when all of these
ingredients combine together, you’re going to really actually pick out a little bit of
the green feeling that the parsley gives. Black pepper and salt are, of course, staples
in any kitchen, and we have those put together for you, and just regular salt and pepper.
It can be an actual pepper grinder, if you prefer that, but for convenience sake, I’m
just using ground pepper and regular table salt. Now, this little plate is the little
jewel that sort of gives this particular dish its very interesting mixture of flavors. These
are black raisins and, of course, Greece is known for vineyards and also for olive trees.
And so being that, they used all the ingredients from the land and that’s what makes this dish
such home cooking, the home cooked feeling of a village. Now, these beautiful raisins
are going to cook into the dish and they’re going to sweeten up the potatoes and the onions
and the fish mixture together, and it’s going to create just a wonderful opportunity for
a variety of flavors to come through the dish. So in our next segment, what we’re going to
be doing is actually putting together the potatoes and the onions and the fish itself,
and sort of preparing everything to be put into the mixture.

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  1. raisins DO NOT BELONG in this dish, they can be put in a fish dish but the dish is called savoros..made very diffrently to plaki.

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