Greenland Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Greenland Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

It’s the northernmost shark species, thriving
in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic, and its flesh is poisonous! I’m Jonathan Bird
and this is Shark Academy. Greenland Sharks mostly eat fish but they
sometimes catch seals, and a few odd animals have been found in their stomachs, including
a reindeer–an entire reindeer in the stomach of a Greenland shark! Bad day for Rudolph! Research has shown that the Greenland shark
is one of the longest-lived vertebrates on Earth—we’re talking over two hundred years
old. The flesh of the Greenland shark is poisonous. This is due to the presence of the toxin trimethylamine
oxide, which, when eaten, breaks down into trimethylamine which produces effects similar
to drunkenness. Yet, in spite of this, the Greenland shark is still popular food in Iceland
and Greenland. No surprise there! Yeah man, Greenland shark man! Euuuuh!In spite of the fact that the Greenland shark
is really big and likes to eat marine mammals, you’ll never believe how many attacks there
are on humans. Zero. The reason why? The water is just to cold to swim in. Many Greenland Sharks have a strange and particular
parasite attached to one or both corneas. It’s a kind of copepod that actually eats
the cornea tissue on Sleeper sharks and Greenland sharks. Nobody knows why this copepod goes
after shark eyeballs, and even though it probably does affect the vision of the Greenland shark,
it doesn’t seem to keep them from being able to find food. Well that’s the Greenland shark. If you want
to know more about Greenland sharks, you should check out the expedition I did to film them.
Click the link below and watch my adventure. Until next time, I’m Jonathan Bird and this
is Shark Academy.

65 thoughts on “Greenland Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. Csn you put more video's please I love your video's bthere awsome and i've learnt alot thanks so much but please put more:)Thanks xoxox

  2. I knew most stuff about Greenland shark but I didn't know it's skin was poison. I learn something new everyday lol

  3. They might be the only shark or one of the few that contain chemicals that cause slight intoxication. But just like all other sharks they do contain methyl-mercury, especially since they get really old. This neurotoxin goes all the way from causing alzheimer to cancer to disabling a persons neural system. The only reason why shark meat is not banned as food across the EU is because of the fishery lobbyists and the fact that this poison is very hard/expensive to detect.

  4. Hey 🙂 (i dont think you will read this but i hope so)
    Awsome Video like all of them ! I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggeeeeeeeeee fan and you`ve become my role-model ! I want to dive but i live in germany and there are not a lot of locations to dive:( have you ever been diving in Germany ?
    Keep on diving !!

  5. Looks like someone sawed off his jaw. Really weird.
    And having a tiny creature eating your eyeballs for 200 years … My god, what a nightmare.

  6. @BlueWorldTV I am a 13 year old boy and I love marine bioligy I have watched a load of your videos and it came to mind if you pause at you can see a worm like shape on the shark is this the parasite that can live on a basking shark ( a leepra I think) or is it just something to do with its dorsel fin

  7. Santa clus: Excuse me sir, have you seen a male reindeer named Rudolph with a shiny red nose around? I can't find him since this morning?
    Greenland shark: … picks bell out of his mouth Nope, never seen one smiles awkwardly while a faint red light shines from the back of his throat

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