Grilling Fish in Aluminum Foil Packets | Cooking Outdoors | Gary House

Grilling Fish in Aluminum Foil Packets | Cooking Outdoors | Gary House

Hey, everyone, today we’re cooking grilled fish packets on the Cooking Everything Outdoors
show. So what’s this all about?
Well, we’re taking foil packets which I’ve shown you how to use and we’re going to take
some really savory wholesome ingredients. Awful big words for some good stuff and we’re
going to pack it in a packet. We’re going to pour it a little bit of beer
in there as moisturizer and we’re going to cook it over direct heat for just a little
bit. And then we’re going to offset it into indirect
heat. Now, you can use either a gas grill or a charcoal
grill. I’m using a charcoal grill this time.
Don’t waste any money on lump charcoal or anything like that.
Just use some basis briquettes. That’s all you’re going to need for this recipe.
You’ll need some fish fillets. Now, what I’m using is cod.
I’m using 3. This recipe’s actually enough for 4 packets,
but I have 3 really nice cod fillets. We’ll be using 3 to 4 fresh tarragon sprigs.
These are sierra gold potatoes. We’re going to be slicing those up.
I have 4 big cloves of minced garlic. 1 minced shallot.
1 onion, fairly thinly sliced. A whole stick of butter in 2 tablespoon chunks.
And I’m also using some Kona Brewing Company, their Big Wave Golden Ale.
Just about any ale would work just fine in this recipe.
And you’ll need some aluminum foil, and salt and pepper.
So to get started we’ll need to cut up our potatoes.
Now, you can approach these two different ways.
You can slice it this way or lengthwise. I’m going to slice them lengthwise.
First thing I want to do is just cut a little bit off the bottom.
And that’s going to stabilize the potato as I’m cutting it.
So there’s a tip to take with you so you don’t lose any fingertips.
And we’re just going to make some real nice slices.
You can see how beautiful these potatoes are. So you’re going to need 3 to 4 sheets of aluminum
foil. This is the Reynolds foil for the grill.
It’s really good stuff. I like it.
They sent me this box to try out. I’ve been very, very happy with it.
This is about 18 inches by, give or take, 12 to 15 inches.
One packet for each fish you’re going to do. We’re doing three.
So I have three sheets of aluminum foil. Okay.
So, now this aluminum foil has two sides. It has a non-stick side and a regular shiny
side which you’re used to seeing. If you want optionally you could take some
spray and spray your sheet. And then what you want to do is you want to
lay some potato slices out. And this is going to be our base for our fish
and take a onion slice or two, lay that down. And you want to take one of your fillets,
lay that on top of that. Take a chunk of your butter on top of that
and sprinkle it with some of your shallot, garlic, salt and pepper to taste whatever
that means. And then place one sprig of fresh tarragon
over the top of that. Now, we need to fold this up in such a way
that we can then add our beer to this. So what I’m going to do is take and fold my
packet this way, tightly as possible and fold this end up.
And then 1/4th of the beer goes in the packet. What does 1/4th look like?
Looks like about that. And then go back and seal this as tightly
as possible. So, now our packets are made and our grill
is set up for indirect heat. That’s 2-zone cooking.
I have a non-heat zone and then I have a hot zone.
I’m going to put the packets over the coals to start with.
And then you need to listen. And when they start to sizzle and boil, that’s
when we want to remove the packets and put them over on the indirect side.
Packets, directly over the coals. Alright, you can hear our packets sizzling
now. When you get to that point, I just want to
slide them over, indirect heat. We’re going to cook this for approximately
20 minutes until everything’s tender and opaque inside.
About halfway through that I’m going to rotate the packet around, but at this point I’m going
to put the lid on and set the timer for 10 minutes.
Let it cook and then I’ll give it a spin. Okay, so this has been cooking about 10 minutes.
And what I want to do is just rotate the packets in.
The reason I’m doing that is simply that there is more heat on this head end than tail end.
And I want these to cook evenly. So I’ll just give them… I can already smell
this, it’s incredible. So we’re just going to give them a quick flip
and then cook them for about 10 minutes more. And then we’ll take a peek on one of them
and see if they’re ready yet. Alright, so we’ve been cooking for a total
of 20 minutes. And we really need to take a look in one of
these packets and get an idea of where we’re at because before our packet cooking it’s
somewhat of a guessing game and you do have to peek.
That’s going to be really hot and hopefully, I won’t get third-degree burns doing this
but we’ll try to unroll one of these very carefully.
Take a look and see if we can see… oh, yeah, that to me is looking pretty darned… oh,
flavorful, that’s for sure. These fish looks opaque.
Get a fork in there real quick and take a check and see how we’re doing here.
And, yeah, maybe we got a little bit more to go.
I’m going to cook this for about 10 more minutes. Well, I took another peek and after 30 minutes
these are ready to go. So let’s plate one of these up and see how
we did. Okay, let’s open this packet up here.
Oh my! The tarragon just comes through so nicely
in this. There’s somewhat sweet aromatic flavor.
Aroma I should say. But that is hard aluminum foil, but look at
there. And there you have it.
That’s grilled fish packets, just absolutely phenomenal, easy to do and really quick on
the grill. I hope you enjoyed this.
But before I go I need to take a second to give a shout out to my sponsors,, and, because, as you know and I always tell you,
this show would not be possible without their sponsorship.
So go take a visit to them. Go say hi.
Tell them Gary sent you. And buy something.
I’ll see you soon.

16 thoughts on “Grilling Fish in Aluminum Foil Packets | Cooking Outdoors | Gary House

  1. You could also leave the foil open in the last 10-15min so that the beer evaporates a little bit and make a thicker sauce.

  2. Gary, cooking fish in foil makes for such an easy clean-up.  Have not ever used beer myself for fillets (ooh…Kona Ale), as Dean tends to coat the fish (especially salmon) with mayonnaise.  Great tip about foil being "two sided", sometimes we tend to forget about that 🙂  Thanks for sharing another great grilling recipe.  Joanie         OCIC

  3. GREAT! Wishing some receipts for cooking with a portable gas stove or Jetboil. 

  4. I made this last night and I'm cooking the 3rd foil now, this is the best thing I've ever had in my life, what i did is marinated the cod fish in cabernet wine, i added oregano and rosemary, also cajun seasoning, 5 or 6 pieces of sliced butter, lemon juice on the fish, and my beer i happened to have was Miller light (last night) carina light (tonite) last night it still tasted [email protected]%NG AMAZING!! THANK YOU!!!

  5. Wow man thank you! I did basically this with my own tweaks. Found some morel mushrooms today and I caught a nice largemouth. Needless to say we had a nice dinner. I was tired of my typical way of cooking fish so I tired this and made it come out so amazing! Thank you!

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