Haarlem, Netherlands: Herring and Heritage

25 thoughts on “Haarlem, Netherlands: Herring and Heritage

  1. Just went to Amsterdam twice in Jan/Feb while backpacking through Europe, meant to do Haarlem and The Hague but schedule didn't permit it, seems this may be a good thing tho..I need to come back in the summertime for herring! 

  2. contrary to other touristic foods like haggis, wich is only eaten by tourists, we really love our herring. If you get it from the right merchant it is one of the outright tastiest things in the world. It is delicious! The one in this video looks good and fresh

  3. Very nice video! I'd strongly recommend to check out the "hofjes" of Haarlem; about 20 small courtyards, surrounded with houses for the widowed women. A closed-off, safe community if you will. Each "hofje" has its own style! Truely amazing. You can see them in many Dutch cities (including in Amsterdam), but Haarlem is well-known for them!

  4. Can you believe that as a Dutch guy I had never been to Haarlem until I was 35! And I worked in that street in your opening scene for my first freelance contract. Since then I fell in love with Haarlem. Such a great city

  5. Ehm, being a citizen of Haarlem, I can tell you that the Haringstand you filmed is in Amsterdam on the Herengracht and not in my beautifull Haarlem. Did you know that the pipe organ in the Church was played by W.A. Mozart himself?

  6. I was born in Haarlem at the tail end of WW 2. Lived above my father's bakery. Then moved to Amsterdam. Moved to Can a at 6 years page. Came back in '67 and saw my Oma and Opoe before they both passed away. Saw as much of family and country in 3 weeks as we could. Just loved our visit. Much too short.

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