HACK For Fish Tank Water Changes

HACK For Fish Tank Water Changes

yeah yeah yeah the big boys getting a
water change man look at these guys going at it so we are here at the spot greetings everybody this is Paul of the
inventoryking hope you guys are all having an awesome day and enjoying your
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so we’re filling up the predator tank right now we’re doing a water change now
I’m going to show you something that I found out that has made the pipes in my
home stay safe helps me drain the tank quicker are you ready to see it so we
are here at the spot so one of the nice features about doing it like for one it
creates great suction so you’re gonna be able to you know pull a lot of sand up
at once with this big wand now disclaimer there can be gases trapped in
the sand so do at your own risk I’ve always been ok with it but just a
heads up now when you’re doing this obviously there’s going to be times
where the sand is gonna make it past the wand and it’s gonna get into your sink
now if you were doing this in your house and you’re getting sand down your main
plumbing in your home there’s a chance that that could clog up your drains and
start causing you big-time problems so if you do it this way
not only do you get great pressure but all the sand goes out side if any gets
through the one right there so what I like to do is I
hook up the Python to my outside faucet and here’s why
faucets on the outside typically have bigger pipe which means they’re gonna
have faster water flow which means faster draining look at all of this sand
that came out of the tank now imagine if this was all in your pipes in your home
in the your drain system in your home after time this can cause a problem so
by doing it outside like this you have faster water flow it helps
clean the sand better and you don’t get sand in your pipes in your home yeah
yeah yeah the big boys getting a water change man look at these guys going at
it the lepturus green and the rhoadesii yellow the juvies all we need to do
is have this hooked up drip it on so as you can see here it is on the outside
spiket you can see that the sand that came out of the tank is here all right
so water change is done gotta wait for the micro bubbles to come off of the
acrylic but let’s get a close look at the boys here looking awesome look at
awesome yeah there you go man take the bubbles off take the bubbles off come on
come on come on mine there you go yeah take those bubbles off dude so yeah boys are looking good
settling in after the big water change and I can’t wait for the bubbles to go
away I don’t make a big difference here in the tank so what did you guys think
of that I think it’s awesome it works great for me hopefully it’s something
that’ll work great for you hopefully you have something close so a couple things
to keep in mind the shorter the hose the quicker the water is gonna leave the
tank and disclaimer there can be gas bubbles trapped inside the sand so be
careful when you’re doing that but this right here has made a big difference
helps keep the sand out of the pipes in my home
wanted to share all that with you guys in the comments down below what do you
guys think of this little hack what do you guys what do you guys think do you
do it are you gonna start doing it let’s talk about it in those comments down
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enjoying your fish stay tanked

27 thoughts on “HACK For Fish Tank Water Changes

  1. Man brother at the watching your videos you want to get me back in the hap game…. I miss my colony!! Great vid

  2. What makes even more sense and gives you even better flow/suction is to just siphon it outside and don't use any faucet at all for draining. Especially if your already running the python outside. No offense but this is not a hack…your wasting water needlessly and being less efficient on top of it all….

  3. Hey I wanna chat with you. Two youtubers just talking. Add me on fb and I’ll message you.

  4. Hey Paul…. I would suggest you DIY a length of pipe (pvc or flexible tubing) for the Python to discharge into. This would get the water out into the lawn and away from the foundation of your home. Just a thought.✌️

  5. Oh oh I might have to rig something up never thought of that good idea do you full the tank up with the same water I would think it’s to cold

  6. I do the same thing most of the time, but I put a hose on to get all that water away from the house foundation. Then fill up with inside water so you get your water temperature correct.

  7. Nice video I also drain my tanks in backyard with sunsun pump for same reason .but End of this month I have to move and at next place I cant keep big tanks .so i have to sell my 125 gallon and two 55 gallons and I purchased all those grapes few months back .if anyone you know want young haps for cheap price in queens New York. Let me know .its temporary situation I'm getting my own place next year so you know big tanks will be coming back .

  8. Another great idea Paul, My daughter had to call the plumber to unblock her drain, it was full of sand. $600 later… I use gravity to siphon my tanks .I put the hose out the window and water my trees with it.

  9. I use siphon and have pvc pipe out the window for my front yard trees works great trees love the water off the tank lol…

  10. Awesome idea! How exactly are you hooking the python to e hose? And where do you get your return water from? Wouldn't the tap be too cold?

  11. I really don’t know why so many people use a python when you can just use an ordinary hose attached to an ordinary gravel vac and just siphon it to a drain in your bathroom or if your scared of sand then just siphon it outside. I use a big washing machine hose and it gravity drains super fast.

  12. oh man, this vid got me the idea to build this. Bought it today and did the garden with the water aswell! Great idea! Plus I can fill my aquariums now at the same time as draining, saves me time aswell.

  13. I wouldnt do it at all. Had a python but never use facet for the pressure for cleaner. I just use the pyton and a cheap pump to suck up water. . To me a hack or tip is not wasting a bunch of money lol. Water $

  14. This should be common sense. And it should be second nature to make good use of the water for your property and landscape. Why would anyone just WASTE excellent water for their plants and trees instead of just flushing it down the gutter.

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