Hands In Boiling Oil: Indian Chef Fries Fish With Bare Hands

COMM: Shop owner Prem Singh has become known for plucking fried fish from a vat of boiling
hot oil using just his bare hands. COMM: This unassuming snack shop in Old Delhi has got people talking. Not just
about the food. But the unique way it’s cooked. COMM: Prem’s Ganesh street restaurant is packed every evening with customers eager to catch
a glimpse of his unique skill. Something he has perfected over the last twenty five years. COMM: The restaurant cooks over a hundred kilograms of fish each day. Prem now hopes
his sons will carry on his hand frying tradition. COMM: With business slick, Prem has added other tasty treats to the menu, such a chicken
tikka and sheekh kebabs. But it’s his specially fired fish that keeps the punters returning.

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