Hello friends and not yet friends, Welcome back to another What I Ate Wednesday
here on Mary’s Test Kitchen, the trying to be weekly show where share all my tasty vegan
eats and everyday recipes. I’m so happy that this week’s show is being
sponsored by my new favourite online store, Thrive Market. I’ll tell you why in a bit but first let’s
see what’s in the box! Ok, I’ve already opened it and arranged everything
so you can see it all pretty. I ordered some fun vegan things that I’ve
not tried before. Mostly because these premium products normally
have premium prices, if you know what I mean. Luckily, Thrive Market sells them for way
way less. Got some pantry basics too. I love that Thrive Market has their own store
brand which makes some of these items even more affordable. Like these chia seeds. Organic, sustainably farmed. For 50% less than regular prices. And if you check out the link in the description,
you can get an even bigger discount but we’ll talk about that later. With those I’m making one of my favourite
little cozy drinks with fresh lemon juice and thick juicy slices of ginger. With hot water, you don’t have to wait long
for the chia seeds to plump up and get that jelly effect. Adding wee bit of maple syrup to that. And it’s so delicious. You can’t really taste the chia seeds, they’re
of a fun texture like in bubble tea, and they’re really nutritious. Gots to get those omega-3’s. Y’all know, I use chickpea flour quite a bit
but never tried the sprouted kind so I was pretty curious. Again, I got Thrive Market’s own organic,
sustainably farmed brand in recyclable BPA-free packaging. Garbanzos AKA chickpeas are are great source
of protein, iron and good complex carbs so perfect for breakfast.This recipe is kind
of a vegan omelette. Sort of. You just mix the sprouted garbanzo bean flour
with turmeric, ginger, chili flakes if you’re into it, and salt. And water. It makes a thin batter. You might even wonder to yourself, “Is this
too thin?” The answer is no. Let it sit for 5 minutes so the flour can
fully hydrate and meanwhile, heat up a pan with a bit of oil over medium heat. I accidently poured too much oil. I am clumsy so that happens a lot. When your pan is hot, mix up the batter again
and pour in about a quarter cup. The layer should be fairly thin. Then leave it the hey alone for 5 to 6 minutes. The top will get dry to the touch and the
edges will start to curl up and you’ll should be able to get your spatula under it pretty
easily. Cook this side for another minute and there
you go! Repeat with the rest. Halfway, I decided to add some green onions
to the mix. You can add other herbs too if you wanted. And then we have our stack of scrumptious
savory chickpea or garbanzo bean crepes. And I’m having those with some leftover garlic
spread and salsa. These would be amazing to dip in curry or
use as a wrap too like dosa. Leftovers can be refridgerated and you can
just heat them up again and they are still fantastic. After breakfast, it’s a bit safer to start
tasting all the fun vegan goodies which are super easy to find on the website because
they have a vegan filter. Just one click and you’re shopping just the
vegan stuff. Predictably, I started with chocolate. The chocolate is pretty dark, you guys know
I prefer more milk chocolate like, but with the smooth pb, delicious. I kind of accidently ate an entire bag with
only one going to my boyfriend so..oops. Let’s have fruit as a follow up. This brand is so cool because they’re fair
trade, sustainably sourced, and totally naked. Lpok at these ingredient. That’s right. Just one. Like dried fruit should be. The mango tastes like mango fruit leather. But I fell in love with the dried pinapple. This is my new favourite snack in the world. You know how in a bag of chips, there’s one
or two super flavoured chips that are incredble? Well,in this bag, the dried pineapple is all
delicious but there are some where you can tell the pineapple was just super ripe and
especially sweet. They’re amazing. With all that sweet, you’ve got to balance
with salty, right? This is my first time trying Louisville Vegan
Jerky which I have heard so much about. This texture is so cool. Very meaty texture, not stringy like I remember
jerky being. Although, it’s been at least 6 or 7 years
since I’ve had meat jerky. It’s really salty. A bit more sriracha-y than maple-y. Overall, I find it a bit too salty but that
didn’t stop me from eating half the bag. I forced myself to stop so my boyfriend could
try it too. And he went and ate the rest of the bag. He’s not even vegan. So now we have to get all the other flavours. That was a lot of snacks so I didn’t really
have a real lunch. But I wanted to try something else with the
chia seeds. A couple tablespoons of Thrive Market chia
seeds. The same amount of sunflower seeds. A quarter teaspoon of salt. And about half that of black pepper. I’m blending just so the sunflower seeds get
broken down some. Then add three tablespoons of water. Just mix it about. Then dump that on to some parchment. I know it looks kinda suspect right now but
go with it. Roll it pretty thin. Then the parchment peels off super easy. Make some cuts for cracker shapes. Then bake for 30 to 35 minutes at 300°F or
until they are totally crisp. Just the salt brings out so much toasty flavour
but I bet they would be good with nooch mixed in, or onion and garlic and dill for a ranch
type flavour. So many possibilities. And naturally gluten-free. The easiest crackers I’ve ever made, quite
possibilty the tastiest, and certainly most satisfying and healthiest. Seriously, you need to make them and tell
me what you mix in and what you think of them. I’m obsessed! Speaking of obsessed, I’m actually obsessed
with Thrive Market, not just because of the deals and how awesome their website is to
shop. Their tagging system to filter what you want
is super well done. But I really respect them as a company. They embody everything I want from a business
in a being good people kind of way. Their mission is to make healthy food accessible
to everyone so they buy directly from suppliers so you can get those health food products
at affordable prices 25 – 50% off retail. It’s like a buying club so there’s a yearly
membership but you’ll save so much more than that cost. Plus, they donate memberships to families
in need. Having grown up in a low-income immigrant
household, I know how much that can mean. Anyway, if you sign up with the link in the
description now, your first month is free (you can cancel anytime) and they’re offering
you 25% off your first order.everything Plus free shipping. Right to your door which, isn’t that the greatest
way to get groceries?? Guys, we’re living in the future! The future is bright, but not the weather
right now. Perfect chilly day for this dinner. I’m trying the Pacific foods seitan and Hak’s
Paks thai green curry sauce. The ingredients in the seitan is really different
from other store-bought seitan, more whole foods based which is nice to see. There’s a little liquid in there so be prepared. Not like me, spilly mc spillerson. The
texture is quite soft, seems more beany than my usual homemade seitan. I figured I would brown the seitan first. I should have taken it out of the pan but
I just moved everything over to add my veggies. Chopped carrot. Then after a bit, broccoli and cauliflower. The sauce is for one pound of veggies or other
stuff and I have way more than that but I rarely follow directions precisely. So I added a little extra water to cook those
veggie through. And after 15 minutes, it was pretty well done. I added a little soy sauce. The sauce is quite sweet. Tasty but sweeter than green curries I’ve
had before. Like I said, I should’ve taken the seitan
out at first and added it in last because it got pretty mushy. That was dinner. And that was my food day. How was yours? Don’t forget to check out the link and get
your free trial and 25% off with Thrive Market. Thank you so much to Thrive Market for supporting
me and this video and thank YOU for watching, friends. Bye for now.

70 thoughts on “HEALTHY VEGAN RECIPES + VEGAN SNACKS TASTE TEST // WHAT I ATE IN A DAY #81 | Mary’s Test Kitchen

  1. I've made "pancakes" with chickpea flour before, but not crepes! I'm really excited to try those! I also love the simplicity of the chia crackers. I bet they would be nice with hummus. πŸ™‚

  2. The Louisville Maple Sriracha Vegan Jerky is amazing! I picked up a bag (in Louisville) at a vegan bakery and it was really expensive. So glad Thrive is stocking it now!

  3. There is something wrong with a Canadian YouTube channel being asked to talk about a company that doesn't even ship to their own country!

  4. i'm obsessed with lousville vegan jerky, i literally ordered 3 different flavors last week. the carolina bbq and maple sriracha are the best!

  5. I need to buy some sunflower seeds.
    I really want to try those crackers(I would probably modify them a bit, adding some more flavour and maybe something like oat flour or something) and I really want to try to make a kind of vegan cream cheese.
    There are these spreads in organic food stores here for spreading on bread and they all have sunflowers as a main ingredient, so I am guessing soaking some and blending them in a blender should wield a decent result? Not really cream cheese but could work.

    Anyway, I am very excited that Thrive market is sponsoring you, you deserve the support and recognition. You are by far my favourite vegan youtuber. Thanks a lot for your hard work

  6. Yay for Louisville Vegan Jerky πŸ™‚ I always feel proud when I see so many people buy them. I live in Louisville, and have been following the company since they were a food truck. I need to try those crepes!

  7. I make "chickpea" omelettes with:
    Indian black salt
    Onion powder
    Garlic powder
    Dried parsley
    Dried oregano
    Dried thyme
    Black pepper
    It is delicious πŸ˜‹

  8. I was so excited to try Thrive Market, but then saw the note about it being US only πŸ™. Hope it comes to Canada soon πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Keep us posted!

  9. Thrive Market Is My Jam! I am disabled and don't have much money to waste what a feed myself with but I can get more at Thrive for my money than anywhere else. πŸ™‚ organic is not vegan. I just can't do chia seeds they look like tadpoles and we had a tadpole pond in our backyard every spring. I got the store brand sprouted quinoa not a quinoa flour just the quinoa and it is delicious it has a slight fermented taste from sprouting. They also worked with me because I couldn't pay for my membership until the following month from when I placed my first order. I wanted a membership and I emailed them. They extended my trial membership until I would be able to pay for my regular membership and I thought that was really helpful and thoughtful they seemed to care about me as a human being. That's the way we should all be! πŸ™‚

  10. Today I strayed from my usual overnight oats and I had two pieces of avocado toast with Dave's Killer Bread, tomato slices and hemp hearts with a little salt and pepper. I had two small Tomatoes sliced with a touch of salt and pepper and then I went back for a third. I had an iced coffee and my regular green iced tea. And then for supper yesterday my caregiver made me a pot of spaghetti with peppers and onions and Seasonings from her country and tomatoes and tomato sauce from a can, not spaghetti sauce. Later on for a snack I want to have a spinach salad with sliced onions and cucumbers tomatoes sesame seeds in a new vegan Vidalia onion salad dressing that I bought the other day. That's my day of food today. πŸ™‚

  11. Aww…I thought Thrive is finally servicing the Canadian market…then I expanded the description and saw your note πŸ˜• Hurry up Thrive!!

  12. I am excited to try these recipes! My breakfast was hot wheat cereal with blueberries and almond milk, lunch was mashed potatoes and spinach, dinner was an amazing green chile and sweet potato dish…and at some point I had a giant yellow plum.

  13. Why don't people buy the Bisquick pancakes. Just add water leave out the eggs and milk. I don't think Bisquick pancakes mix contains eggs. Pretty sure it's at most stores that's not natural food stores.

  14. I made those crackers, except with flax seed and pine nuts. The flax seeds worked perfectly fine, but the pine nuts kinda ruined it. The idea is still great. I'll try it with cashews or almonds next time.

  15. Tried the 'omelette' with seitan carrot scramble and it was a little on the dry side, I think next time I'll go with mushroom gravy or something. But still, totally going to keep trying. Savory crΓͺpes were a childhood favorite of mine. Thanks for the idea!

  16. I totally love Thrive Market!!!! I'm blessed to be one of those families that they have helped (though I still can't order a lot). Mary, you keep giving me more and more stuff to make and I haven't even been able to make the first thing yet. Dang it! LOL

  17. Yeah i tried Thrive Market with their 30 day free trial and certain items have a huge discount. It was nice. I plan on using Thrive Market in the winter, but for now i get tons of stuff from the farmers markets and my garden.

  18. I couldn't get the chickpea flour things to work! Followed your recipe exactly, waited long enough before flipping, but it just ends up coming apart in pieces really. Any idea what's going wrong?

  19. I just tried the chickpea crepes and WOW! I can't wait to make these for my non-veggie family and shock them with how good vegan food is!

  20. Great to see what you can make with what you bought. I have a very similar 1:1 buckwheat flour and sunflower seed cracker recipe , must try some chia seeds in it. You're inspiring as always. πŸ™‚

  21. bc of you I just went on a Thrive shopping spree omg I am obsessed!! Also, that ginger chia seed drink is THE BOMB, it's officially going to be my fall/winter morning wake-up drink ^_^ THANK YOU MARY <3

  22. That vegan jerky brand is crazy salty. I found one flavor that isnt. The carolina BBQ flavor is very tasty and not super saltly like the others.

  23. I make breakfast scramble using the same chickpea recipe but also add black pepper (to assist curcurmin absorbtion) and black salt. Yum Yum!!

  24. Hi Mary, I really love all of your videos! You have the perfect combination of being informative, interesting, relaxing, light-hearted, & humorous, along with having a very soothing voice. Do you think raw pumpkin seeds would work, instead of sunflower? It's all I have. 😏

  25. Dear Mary I am from Canada and I am in love with your voice you have the sweeter voice in-the hole world , your own recipies I love the most, go girl ,Pat from Argentina living in Toronto Canada for 33 years.

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