Henry’s Lake Trout – In Depth Outdoors TV – Season 10, Episode 3

57 thoughts on “Henry’s Lake Trout – In Depth Outdoors TV – Season 10, Episode 3

  1. your Chanel says fish hunt ice and don't get me wrong I love ice fishing but that's all you do…. I've never seen a hunt video and I've seen like 5 summer videos…

  2. Great episode guys! Hopefully you'll be able to find some hard water back around the upper-Midwest soon, but it's just gonna get warm again! I heard as of the 6th that there's some walkable ice on Red if you stay shallow, but it's gonna get warm again this week so that'll probably melt. Damn.

  3. I have watched season 9 like 50 times now. Thank you so much for the new video. Out here in New Hampshire we don't have any ice yet. It's almost 60 degrees out today. But I would love for you guys to come out here and film a show. I am a midwest boy, northern Indiana born and raised.

  4. Glad you guys made it to my neck of the woods!! We definitely have plenty of fishable ice. Looks like most of those fish were Yellowstone Cutts! Pretty much all I catch up here in Bozeman, Mt! Great episode and tight lines!

  5. This a beautiful lake in the winter, spring, fall, and of course WINTER.  Great videos…. I love it when you pick to fish on water that I also fish.

  6. Yes I cant tell you how much this colder weather needs to get here in Wisconsin already. With the averages of 35 to 40 degree weather right now is so depressing. Good Show guys

  7. I heard tht on lake Sarah and union lake there is a good 3-4" and maple lake is 2-3" so ice isn't to far away

  8. Henry's lake is one of my favorite places to trout fish. Go up there every year My personal best trout came out of Henry's lake a 8 pounder on a fly rod.

  9. By the way James if your still looking for ice I was on red lake today pounded the eyes and ice should stay fine there looks like colder weather on the way

  10. I was looking for you guys at the ice fishing winter sports show in the river center! too bad I didn't get a photo. 🙁

  11. Oh man that looks like so much fun! Finally got myself an ice fishing rod, and gearing up to hopefully get out on the ice for the first time this year.

  12. Great video. I don't think I've ever seen catch-and-release fishermen gill trout that much before. These aren't panfish gentlemen! Most trout fishermen I know won't even squeeze the outside of their gill plates to handle them unless they intend to keep the fish.

  13. You guys should add links in the description to the gear you are using (rod, reel, lure, etc…). It would be convenient for us to check it out and make a purchase. Thanks.

  14. you need to do a video icefishing at World Class Strawberry Reservoir, in Utah! we catch fish out here that can compete with any place in the country! Hands down my Favorite Trout fishery!

  15. It's fun to see lots of catching, but this episode seemed to be lacking technique/strategy information. One comment about how deep was fishing one setup. Did you target bays? Deep water? Jigging or deadsticking? Did you search much to find the fish? It would have been nice to have it educational as well as entertaining.

  16. Great show this week!!! Glad to see you were able to find some ice and end up with a quality lake to fish turning great hook ups!!! I do wanna ask if that's a new camera guy? There were parts of the show that had amazing cinematography.

  17. You guys who work at InDepthOutdoors, yall are my idol! If I ever need a fishing tip I will always look to you guys. Yall are very respectful to the fish… I appreciate that! Thanks for all of these wonderful episodes and hope to see more!

  18. I am really digging the snow pants that you and Andy are wearing. What is the brand of the snow pants and where can I buy them from? Thank You

  19. Great episode! Awesome trout, but those aren't hybrids. You guys were catching the pure cutts. Most likely stocked Yellowstone Lake cuts, but possibly a slightly different western breed.

  20. Beautiful Cuts. you guys should consider a trip to Canyon Ferry reservoir in montana. I have caught monster trout all over montana, Idaho and Washington. Canyon Ferry is my go to location for monster rainbows. 3-4 different species of bow flourish in this lake. I catch 20"-28" rainbows all day long. I can provide photos of these fish. walleye, perch and burbot are also fished regularly in Canyon Ferry.

  21. What kind of a dick holds a fish out of the water until it almost dies so that people can see him on tv? And what kind of brainless retards watch this meaningless activity?

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