Herring, Coffee, and Vikings: MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden (Part 3)

100 thoughts on “Herring, Coffee, and Vikings: MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden (Part 3)

  1. 1:00 What? …. I don't speak Swede. …. I want the name….. I want to look at it and stare being wierded out, like with Goatse (NSFW…… I mean it…. Not safe for work…. This guy's ass has no end)………. I couldn't find the movie with just typing what I think he says….. I need someone who speaks Swede, so that person can tell me exactly what he says.

  2. i get to work 07.30 and i'll have a coffee, around 9.30 we have fika, at 12 there's lunch, 14.30 more fika and when i get home around 17 i have another cup of coffee haha!

  3. I visited Stockholm last March when there was that $48 sale from LA on SAS airlines. Goddam I was not prepared for the cold weather in Sweden. My LA winter clothes were no match for the cold there. Nonetheless, I had a great time but I certainly will never visit Sweden again unless it's summer.

  4. Really love these 4 part series on different regions. Very informative and kind of relaxing. A lot of great personalities showcased also. Would love to see more.

  5. I would have loved to have gone to Sweden for a short visit, but then I see the way it became, but they're learning the error of their ways now I guess.

  6. I am in love with this guy, he is an epitome of the essence of our generation, a little carefree sarcastic and unassuming. Go ahead my Nordic brother

  7. No, it isn't just the northernes that eat game. In the countryside you hunt, fish and forage. Then you barter with each other. Eggs for dressing a wound, milk for looking in on a sick child etc.

  8. I take offense about the stuffed cabbage being Turkish ; the country where this dish accompanies all the holidays and it takes 3-4 days to prepare it properly and to have the proper crust in the oven ( and , believe me , the taste will linger in your mouth and in your dreams ) is ROMANIA .

  9. Wait, Bruges is the Venice of the North, Amsterdam, Stockholm…

    What is it with Northern cities proclaiming themselves venice while they look atrocious next to Venice?

  10. Stuffed cabbage is NOT Swedish food or European food or Polish food. It's Middle Eastern food. It was created by Middle Eastern Turks and Middle Eastern Arabs. When Middle Eastern Turks and Middle Eastern Arab conquered Europe thousands of years ago or hundreds of years ago they brought all kinds of Middle Eastern food influences into European cultures.

  11. "This is a lot of food" lol thats why the rest of the world is skinny. In the US there is more food than that in a McDonald's Happy Meal.

  12. 2:03 I think everyone could see what she was thinking "wait why is he speaking English didn't he just speak Swedish"

  13. I've visited 3x in the past 5yrs. I watch this series when I miss Sweden and plan to go back, it fills in the gaping holes in my heart and stomach.

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