Holiday Herring 2019

Holiday Herring 2019

Hello, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! On this episode we are going to make holiday
herring. We will pour in some oil and fry some vegetables. Full recipe is in the link in the description
below as always. What vegetables do we have here? Celery root, butter pumpkin, leek, bell pepper. Celery root. Pumpkin. A few minutes. We are adding bell pepper in. We will fry it for a few minutes. We are adding a teaspoon of finely chopped
garlic. Mix it well. We will let it heat up for a few seconds. The garlic will be a good source of vitamins
during winter, right? Mhm. We are adding some horseradish. 1 teaspoon. Are these your horseradish? Look whose it is. You made them! “Kėdainiai”. Heh… You could make your own. No, little Romas… I will dig up some roots from outside and you
can make some. My horseradish is different… They are not beautiful… 3 teaspoons. A little bit of salt. We are not adding a lot of it. Because the herring
might be salty. So, you know… And some pepper. They are going out. You see, we have enough.
Here… That will be enough. Good. That’s it. We will wait for it to cool off. Cut the herring nicely. MO has made thousands of herrings in her life! It’s a shame that you didn’t have such a nice
cutting board. Right? Yes, yes. But know you do! If you would like to get it, I will leave a link
in the description. Here we have some beets cut in straws. Beans. Our vegetables have cooled off, so we are going
to add them to the mix. Okay, MO wants me to try it. Try some of it. Okay?! Okay, we will try it. Mhm. It’s good. Do you like it? Yeah… Mhm-mhm. Do I add it in? Some pepper on top of the herring. Add all vegetables on top. I am adding all of it. You can’t have too many
vegetables. Okay, sure… Add it in. Here you are. You are all dressed up as this herring. Yes, I look similar, don’t I? Did you match colours on purpose? Yes! It’s very beautiful, MO! We will wait for Christmas now. 2 weeks before Christmas, but it’s fine. It
would be a shame such a beauty now. I will let you eat it. Here you are. Hello, everyone! Heh… Hello, MO!
Hello, Romas! Hurry up and eat it now. It’s difficult for me to hold
your filming camera! Grandmother is not used to it. I am not… She served me like this. She put some to seperate
plate for me. And… And you have to taste it now. [Eats herring in Lithuanian]. Mhm. It’s something new for sure! Garndmother hasn’t made such herring yet. We will probably make it for Christmas and
Christmas Evening too. Thank you for watching! Don’t forget to try this herring for yourself… Also don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
channel, like and comment on the video. Also consider supporting us on Patreon. Thank you all supporters on Patreon who
help us make better videos and new videos! Yes… Thank you! Please, try our new recipe. For sure. It’s like the most important thing. Thank you again and goodbye! Until next time! Have a nice Christmas, Christmas Evening or different holiday. Christmas will be the first holiday to come! Here you are! Oh. I mean Christmas Evening. Mhm. Your camera is so heavy… Jesus! Have a poop, Romas… Is it really that heavy? Yes… You put everything on the herring… Good, we
will eat everything! Yes, yes! No, Romas… It doesn’t matter. We will change the quantities. Okay, but why are you filming then? After every job you have to clean up. To put everything in its places. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh… You are a real bad boy…
Heh… Heh… What good do you have in the fridge? Everything! You can have whatever you want… Do you want some white salad to go with
the herring? Heh-heh-heh-heh…

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