Homemade Disneyland Dole Whip Recipe (2 Ingredients; Vegan & Dairy Free)

(Music) Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Homemade Dole Whip Hi Bold Bakers! The weather has been really
beautiful here in Southern California so Kevin and I took a little sneaky day off work and
headed to Disneyland. We brought our camera with us and went on some rides, we had some delicious
treats and one of them is the inspiration behind today’s video. So let’s check it out. (Music) I just piloted the Mark Twain and I got this
amazing certificate to say I did so. And he said I did a great job. (Music) I want to head into Adventureland because
the Jungle Cruise is in here and it’s one of my favorite rides. Also, I’m feeling a
little bit snacky so I’m going to get some food. So this line is actually for Dole Whip.
I’ve never had it before. It’s like pureed Pineapple. I’m really excited to try it. Lovely,
Thanks a million! Yumm. Now I know why that line was so big.
This is delicious. We could totally make this. So let’s do it! Let’s go back to my kitchen
and recreate this delicious treat. Yumm. For those of you who have never had Dole Whip
before, it’s like soft serve whipped Pineapple. It is not only delicious, it just contains
two ingredients, is dairy free and suitable for vegans, and it is extremely fast to make.
And you do not need to freeze it, you enjoy it straight away. So lots of good reasons
to eat it. To make the Dole Whip, I’m going to use my
trusty blender but you can also use a food processor. So the first ingredient and the
main one is frozen pineapple. Now your pineapple has to be frozen when you’re making this because
it makes it thick and creamy and a frozen treat. You can use store bought pineapple
but just make sure on the bag that there’s no sugar added. Or if you have pineapple at
home, you can chop it up nice and small, freeze it and then use that. That’s what I did today. So our second ingredient is coconut milk,
or any other dairy-free milk you like. You can also use regular milk if you’re not worried
about it being dairy free. Also, with this coconut milk you do not have to have full fat.
Feel free to use light because that’s what I’m using today. In your blender pitcher, add in your coconut
milk and your frozen pineapple. It helps to put the milk in first because it blends much
better. Have your coconut milk nice and cold before using it. On with your lid and into the blender. You
want to blend your Dole Whip until it’s lovely and smooth and there are no more lumps. You
will actually see it get a little bit bigger because there’s nice air put into it. So you’ll notice after a few seconds that it
won’t blend any more. So you want to take it off the machine, go in there with your
spatula and mix it all around. You don’t want to put too much pressure on your machine so
just go in when you need to. Because there’s such little liquid in here,
it’s kind of hard for the machine to blend it so you’re going to have to take it off
and mix it up around 3-4 times. So I asked on my Facebook page what dessert
everyone thought I was making from Disneyland and a lot of you guessed Dole Whip so well
done. It’s looking good. You can see it’s lovely
and thick but there are still some lumps in there. Gosh, it smells so tropical. And you
can tell when it’s almost done because it kind of puffs up bit. It gets nice and whipped.
Which is exactly what it is. It’s whipped pineapple. There are only a few tiny more lumps so I’m
going to put it on one more time then I think we’re done. So it’s a good idea to have your
serving bowl ready before your Dole Whip is finished because you want to get it nice and
cold. I have frozen half of a pineapple and I hollowed it out to put my Dole Whip in there.
You can always use bowls, that’s totally fine, just make sure they’re nice and cold or even
frozen because it will make your Dole Whip last longer. And it’s done! That wasn’t too long. And this
is what it’s supposed to look like. Beautiful, whipped light pineapple. It’s a lovely kind
of yellowy color. It looks a little bit like Pineapple Ice Cream. This is what it’s supposed
to be like: soft serve. That’s why you eat it immediately. If you have any left over,
you can always put it in the freezer but this is best eaten straight away. So at this stage, it’s ready to eat. So you
can scoop it into your bowls or in true Disney style I’m going to put it into my piping bag
with a Star Nozzle and pipe it into my pineapple to get those lovely ripples around the edges.
When it is frozen, it might be hard to scoop. Just let it thaw a little bit and it will
still be delicious. Build your Dole Whip up nice and high by swirling
your piping bag around. This looks just like the one you get at Disneyland. I love the
pineapple and coconut but you can add raspberry, lime zest, whatever you like in here. You saw how incredibly easy and fast this
is to make. Who would not want this on a hot day? And best of all, you don’t have to wait
for it to freeze. I really hope you enjoyed this addition to
my frozen treats. Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel. And I’ll see you back here
again next Thursday and every Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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