So the other day I was invited to the World
renowned river cottage and I went on one of their fishing courses which was really cool
we were like fishing by the sea for a few hours it was the first time I ever fished
in my life I thought I was going to hook my ear but it was a really cool experience and
went back to river cottage to learn how to prepare our fish which was really cool too
and while I was there I did a video collaboration and learn how to make the best fish and chips
I have ever tasted and today I have replicated it at home but if you want to watch the original
video of me doing it go check out and subscribe to river cottage channel but this is how I
just made it and it is amazing. We will start off with the homemade chunky tartare sauce
in a bowl I combined the mayo two chopped hard boiled eggs capers some fresh dill that
I chopped a shallot chopped fine and half a lemon just the juice only give it a good
stir together and that is the tartare sauce done. Next I made the squished peas with butter
and mint so so good in a pan I poured in my peas with a little bit of water and simmered
through til cooked drained them off and dolloped in the butter and mint turned off the heat
and used the residual heat to mix and melt the butter and believe It or not all you do
then is squish with the back of a spoon and that is done too. For the beer batter for
the fish all I did was grab a bowl added my flour with a pinch of salt then gradually
added the beer whisking through adding a little more as needed until is was smooth and thick
like cream and if you have any left over it is a good excuse to have some more so just
leave it to one side. For the chips I used maris piper potatoes here is the lifecycle
so we have an unpeeled one a peeled one and ones I have sliced into chips so add to a
pan of simmering water for 90 seconds drain off while you get a larger pan add the oil
to the pan getting it nice and hot fry the chips initially for five minutes until they
just start to go brown and you should drain on kitchen towel I had none left so drained
through a colander into a pan then shook onto a tea towel and dabbed them a little bit.
I then cranked up the heat on the hob to get the oil hotter put the chips back in and cooked
them through until nice and golden brown and repeated that draining off step so put it
on a kitchen towel or like I did through a colander.dunk the fish into the pre made batter
and make sure it is nice and coated draining off any excess and dump into that pan where
the chips have just come out of so the oil is nice and hot and you want to cook it through
for around 4 minutes until nice and golden brown and then all you have to do then is
plonk it on a plate and serve it all up. It is looking amazing trust me that is so good.
When I first learnt how to make this I said it was the best fish and chips I had ever
tasted which is a bold statement as I live by the sea where fish and chips is super traditional
but there is so much flavour I do not want to put any salt or vinegar on it so many flavour
dimensions the tartare sauce is chunky and I could just eat that as it is on its own
we have our buttery mint peas too so so good so if you have a go at this recipe send me
a picture @myvirginkitchen remember to check out the original video over on the river cottage
channel of me learning how to make this and go subscribe too while you are there I think
it is only fair I eat all of this right now.


  1. I made this, blended it up and injected it directly into my bloodstream.
    I was tripping out about fish monsters and killer potatoes.

  2. thought on other fish besides Pollock?
    no seasoning at all (besides pinch of salt) in batter?
    do u find the beer type used affects fish batter?

  3. Can you tell me if there's a reason you used a regular pan to deep fry the fish and chips instead of an actual fryer? This seems quite dangerous, actually. That oil can get up to several hundred degrees Celsius.

  4. As an American, I am always intrigued by British culture. Fish and Chips is a dish I want to make soon (Ironically I dislike fish, mainly for the smell but for the name of science, I will try something new lol) and this was straight forward and to the point. 

  5. Hi Barry! This video is awesome! 😀 I'm Filipino but I've become extremely fascinated with British culture these past few months, especially fish and chips! 😀 Can I please ask for a written version of the recipe? I had a hard time taking notes on how to make tartar sauce. Tee hee. 😀

  6. theres a chippy worth traveling to in hustanton next the the fair i thinks called sallys there top notch but the best chips the whole world every no joke are wales fish and chips in the middlands in a little town called nuneaton if you get the chance TRY THEM!!!!

  7. cheers i worked in 2 fish and chips in dublin but never found the right way as u told about the chips frie 2 times…

  8. i would love to make this is there an alternative to beer as am a Muslim and am not allowed to use any form of alcohol in cooking could i use sparkling mineral water?

  9. looks good, trying this tonight, seen a few recipes stating to use baking powder and stuff but I don't have any, just going to pop out and buy some fish later as I have the rest 🙂

  10. OMG – that made me so hungry, I miss UK food (Fish&Chips) – but I am Definitely making this at home where am I living now, going give Ma Hubby da England taste

  11. how can anyone like capers? I feel like I'm gonna get sick and throw up just thinking about the smell of that stuff…not to mention the taste of it.
    can you make it without that stuff?

  12. The fish and chips look really good and I bet they taste heavenly. But I have one question. What do u do with the oil u used for frying after ur done with cooking fish and chips?

  13. i like the recipe it seems really good. but i wish you could talk a little slower thats way too fast for me

  14. I think all the flavor comes from the sauce and the peas, the fish and cips itself seem pretty standard, no? Love the clear directions though.

  15. I'm sure this sounds prudish, but my family doesn't have alcohol in any capacity, not even for cooking. Is there a non-alcoholic substitute for beer/vodka? Thx

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