Homer Simpson Works All Day for Some Old Man

Homer Simpson Works All Day for Some Old Man

Homer? Homer?! Oh Homie, you made breakfast. Nothing’s too good for my one and only. I love you guys. Right back at you son. Well I’m off to work. I work all day for some old man. I sweat and break my back. I am the angel of death. The time of purification is at hand. Ahh! Ahh! Ah, Chief Wiggum. Ah yeah, Mrs. Simpson, I have some bad news. Your husband was found D.O.A. Noooo! So we mourn the loss of Homer J. Simpson. Ohhh… my head. Ohhh… Get ready gamblers for the world series of dog racings. Mom? Mom?

100 thoughts on “Homer Simpson Works All Day for Some Old Man

  1. Did she die of a drug overdose in the end, or is she catatonic with substance-abuse and grief? Either way, dark. Just the way I like it.

  2. I was expecting Homer to somehow cause Vladimir Lenin to resurrect and start a Marxist revolution through the power plant union

  3. It's a masterpiece, as usual. We can see Marge fall into depression to become an alcoholic and then addicted to drugs to finally overdose as she has not recovered from the murder of her husband.

  4. When Marge died, Homer managed to take care of Maggie despite the effect her death had on the family.
    When Homer died, Marge O.D'd.
    Guess we know who the better parent is.

  5. She didnt died because of the drugs btw, its because of a heart attack trying to eat Homer's part, she just cant make less food.

  6. Kept waiting for some kind of twist even if it's dark but no, just a steady gradual decline into darkness from which there is no return like a deflating balloon going out with a whimper.

  7. Man, I knew the show changed quality, but going from SD to HD back to SD again? That's too much.

  8. Holy cow! An episode with audio dubbed over another clip to give the line a new context. This opens up SO many possibilities.

  9. Jeez, you gotta keep it โ€˜funโ€™ dark you know, not just dark dark, that didnโ€™t make me want to laugh at all it just kind of bummed me out lol

  10. I just watched the Thanksgiving episode with that dancing song…I just really like that song for some reason. On another note I think this is probably the most realistic version of what would happen to Marge if Homer died

  11. I wish I could go into this timeline and stop Homer from going into work that day. Things were going so well for the family ๐Ÿ™

  12. I don't understand. Homer is a sinner. Marge drank alcoholic wine from a glass. They are bad. (Not good.) B & L are better without. What fun adventures will they come up with in the house of their dead parents. I know because I wrote a screenplay about it called Homer Sinnerson And The Rude Orphan Duo.

    8/10 not dark enough.

  13. Thats is an alternative universe were Marge never goes to looking for a job in the plant and hat day that calms down the "cucu guy" never happends.

  14. My favourite part is how Chief Wiggum and Lou are just smiling menacingly while informing Marge that her husband is dead.

  15. Dark Simpons idea (if not already done): "I bet you would trade your entire wealth for one night with my wife" Homer says to Artie Zip about Marge.

    And use that quote to make Homer have the idea that he'll make Marge his whore, and he'll be Marge's pimp.

  16. Oh wow this one was kinda sad, it's not often Homer is portrayed as such a good guy in these lol, very nice plotline of a shooting at the nuclear plant too the scenes came together great with the "angel of death" guy. It's both really impressive and surprising how few Halloween episodes you use in these edits, it seems like that'd be the easiest place to get dark clips from but I guess it could be kind of a crutch too.

  17. Almost thought Homer's death was gonna result to these possible outcomes for Marge

    – Take a job at the nuclear plant and take revenge on the place for her husband's death by causing another mass shooting

    – Remarry with any random guy like Moe, Flanders etc.

    – Become a prostitute to support her kids

    – Comments a quadruple murder suicide on herself and the kids

  18. Dark Simpsons you MUST use the footage of Wiggum and Snake being tied up and ball gagged.



  19. Will you do a frank grimes episode and spice pinnichy and the part where frank says ( .. lobsters for dinner!!!)

  20. Idea for Friday's video: Black Friday Rampage: Our favorite family goes to the Kwik-E-Mart for some Black Friday shopping. But with everyone grabbing items, Ms. Glick mistakes Lisa for a pineapple, takes her home, & makes her a pie. She then drops of the pie at the Simpsons home as a act of goodwill. As the family chows down of the pie, Marge comments where Lisa is, but then shrugs it off.

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