Horror Dishes People Eat Fish Alive (English sub)| Most Disgusting Food On Earth

Horror Dishes People Eat Fish Alive (English sub)| Most Disgusting Food On Earth

Raw fish dishes for Vietnamese “Thái” people only what you do to prevent stinky smell of the fish? Wow..Wow. Wow..Wow. I want more. ok.! Wow. ha ha ha…ha Fish jumping ah ah. Now, let’s eat Eat with this. Spicy chili pepper….. Spicy chili pepper…. garlic…, fig leaf Bon appetit. Here you go. How’s this? Very good. Here is the spicy chili pepper. Cheers! This is not for everyone. Don’t try this if you don’t have a strong stomach. Cheers let’s eat. Cheers let’s eat. Eat only the raw food today. wow… This is the main course Let put the fish in. I want more. Fishes are still alive and jumping. You need alcohol or else you will have stomachache. The fishes are jumping because of the hot and spicy pepper. Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Why don’t yhou eat the big one. Why don’t yhou eat the big one. and save all the small one for me. wow wow….! WOW wow wow…Cheers! Very good. You have to visit here if you want to try this dishes. Alcohol. You should eat this dishes on the warm or hot day. Why? because you can eat more on the hot day. Very good. Very good. Eat with white rice. Eat with white rice.

100 thoughts on “Horror Dishes People Eat Fish Alive (English sub)| Most Disgusting Food On Earth

  1. This is the culinary culture of their people. They still eat cooked, boiled like everyone but there are some things they like to eat raw

  2. Let me remind yall 1 thing, eat, to live. Unless ur a food lover, then do whatever the fk u want, as long as ur not killing urself

  3. Once upon a time I ate a whole live fish and it was alive in the toilet when I pooped it out. It was like 15 minutes after I swallowed it.

  4. Essa "sopa" parece uma mistura de lama e lavagem… mais detestável que o peixe cru e vivo. E a bebida dos caras nem garrafa tem

  5. In Việt Nam – my country, you will find some dishes worse than this. insects, blood, fermented food … even feces in the intestines of cattle. In Vietnam, everything can move, they will eat them. If a zombie pandemic happens, Asians will spectacularly survive, they eat zombies :)))

  6. Lemme guess…Chinese,Vietnamese or thai.only dog eating people can eat that.hope they get meningitis from the worm..

  7. Loving this…But curious to know …Are these fish boneless ?

    And those who dislike it, there is a message.
    Respect their culture.
    I love fish and the way they eat it.
    So yummy!

  8. Disqusting…no wonder they are drinking alcohol U gotta be drunk this looks terrible and probably smells worse…. then u here this sickening laugh

  9. Lần đâu tiên mình thấy 1 video số lượng dislike còn nhiều hơn like vãi con cá ông hoa ban cắm phòi cả ruột lẫn cứt ra kinh dị vãi chưởng thật chứ có các thêm tiền mình cũng đéo bjo giám thử các ông này ăm quen rồi lên cứ khen ngon liên tục đến ạ các bác thôi chứ e là e chịu thật rồi đấy ( ad lên gỡ video này đi bọn tây nó nói dân việt nam mọi dợ rồi đấy gom hết cả dân việt vào đây )

  10. sorry everyone for this offensive video Hey me from vietnam me not eat sorry this is only a few ethnic minority people of Vietnam, not every can eat and drink like this so So I'm very very sorry to everyone 🤨😣😥😓😢😨😰😱

  11. those are not foods. those are prays.
    omg, at least kill them first.
    nothing against eating raw fish but not alive.

  12. По нашему это сыроежка называется только рыба другая и приготовление другое

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