Hospital Menu Heats Up With Guest Chef Series at Market Place Cafe

Hi I’m Jen Moyer Murphy. I’m with Clemens food group we’re showing our farm promise line here today at the Stony
Brook Medical Center. The farm promise line is about no antibiotics ever it’s
it’s pork and a lot of people don’t think about pork that’s no antibiotics
ever so today we have a really great menu we’re showing pulled pork with
jackfruit and in addition to that we did a Korean barbecued pork loin and we also
have our no antibiotics ever bacon which is an applewood smoked bacon really
clean flavor it’s an action station so everybody’s
kind of building that their entree or their their sandwich so they can do a
slider they can do a salad they can do lettuce wraps so it’s really fun it’s
interactive it’s healthy there’s not a lot of fat in the product so you know
people are just really excited and it’s it’s great to be here today and we’ve
had a lot of a lot of good feedback

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