How Can We Stop Sharks From Going Extinct?

How Can We Stop Sharks From Going Extinct?

This episode of Dnews is brought to you by
Pacifico Beer. Sharks: we can’t live with em, but we also
can’t live without em. Despite that, sharks are continuing to disappear, so what’s causing
that? And how do we stop it? Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and it’s
Shark Week here at Discovery, which means that all week long, we’re gonna be bringing
you awesome stories, facts, anything interesting relating to sharks. They are the ocean’s
greatest predators, after all – but they still don’t hold a candle to humans. And thanks
to us, they’re disappearing in vast numbers. According to a study published in January
of this year, almost a quarter of the world’s cartilaginous fish – mostly sharks and rays
– will be facing extinction within the next few decades. So what’s causing this? Well, like I said before – it’s mostly us.
Overfishing is a huge problem globally, and in the past couple decades alone – the demand
for sharks has gone way up. People hunt them for their meat, fins, cartilage, liver, skin,
and teeth – and they often die in brutal, inhumane ways. Shark fin soup, for example, is a delicacy
in many Asian countries, and it’s typically harvested through a process called shark finning,
in which a fisherman cuts off the fins of a shark, and tosses it back into the ocean
afterwards, to die. It’s a horrible practice that kills anywhere
from 75-100 million sharks every year, and many countries are cracking down on it. In
December 2013, China banned shark fin soup from all official banquets – but it’s by
no means difficult to find anywhere in Southeast Asia. I was in Singapore last summer, and
I UNWITTINGLY ate a bowl – before I knew what it was. And on a personal note – not that
great! It just tastes like a fishy egg drop soup, although I’m told that the flavor
isn’t what makes it a delicacy – it’s the fact that it’s so expensive, making
it more of a status symbol than anything else. Obviously, no animal should have to suffer
just so we can feel important about ourselves, but this is just ONE of the many ways we’ve
been destroying these populations en masse. And compared to other marine life, sharks
have been the MOST radically affected by fishing. Part of that has to do with their biology.
They’re at the top of the marine food pyramid, so there are way fewer sharks, than other
kinds of animals. They also have long lifespans – some females take up to 10 years to reach
sexual maturity – and they may only produce a few hundred pups in a lifetime. So their
reproductive rates are low. Adding to that, is the fact that millions
of sharks are killed every year, by fisheries that don’t even hunt sharks. They just happen
to get caught in the nets. Now you might be wondering, what impact does
this have on us? We don’t live in the ocean, so why should we care? Well, shark conservation doesn’t just protect
sharks. It also protects things like coral reefs, which are currently being destroyed
by the effects of overfishing. A reduction in the number of sharks – leads to an increase
in mid-level predators, which in turn, leads to a decrease in the number of herbivorous
fish. Herbivorous fish, are what eats the algae that grows on reefs – so without them,
the reefs get overwhelmed by algae, and die. Much like land, what’s beneath the ocean
abides by a delicate life cycle – and disturbance to any part of that cycle, can disrupt the
entire balance. So what can we do about it, short of lobbying
our local lawmakers? Well that is one way to handle it – but you
can also take matters into your own hands. You can spread the word on social media, organize
local campaigns, or donate directly to shark conservation charities. Conservation International
is one such organization, where you can donate $75 to protect 1 square mile of the ocean
from the devastating effects of fishing. There are tons of other websites out there, with
many more suggestions on ways to get involved – so if you’re interested, go check out
some of the links we’ve included in the description. If all this talk of the ocean has you clamoring
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on shark conservation charities or causes to get involved with, just leave em in the
comments below. Otherwise, thanks for watching – and happy Shark Week!

100 thoughts on “How Can We Stop Sharks From Going Extinct?

  1. I absolutely agree, no animal should suffer just so we feel important. That's why should stop killing and torturing all animals just because we are used to it making us feel socially above others, or just socially just as capable as others. it is abslolutely unnecessary and vegetarians and vegans everywhere are proof of that.

  2. We can create a special navy detachment responsible for neutralizing sea terrorist. Because shark fin soup is funding terror. So anyone poaching shark should be dispatched on sight. Thumbs up if you love a'merica

  3. wow might want to look at newest information out there . I mean hell I dont think catfish are going anywhere soon and they are SHARKS!!!

  4. I freaking hate sharks so I need someone to explain to me why we need them. I watched the video. We'll have less coral reefs. Ok. And? I'm willing to have a few less to kill off sharks. Yes, I was born half retarded. (+)

  5. If people want to help well go ahead got complains, but don't force people and don't blame order country for it. Because I bet U.S does it to so don't be blaming Asia, and Some people might say I'm form Asia, I'm form the U.S if you think if not wort it you rather buy something with does 75$ dollars go buy something go buy something we had 5 massive extinctions and we till here like dinosaurs and they were top predator and why are we here than. If god say we won't die we don't die if god say we going we die that the

  6. I get it, sharks are at the top of the underwater food chain but you guys complain about Eastern countries like you guys are catholic saints. And when this is fully scripted you can just say that the writer ate that shark soup not you.

  7. We can try and save animals all we want but it won't stop humans from destroying habitats.  I only hope that by the time we destroy the environment to the point where it can no longer sustain us we have the technology to leave the planet and live somewhere else.  

     It's also good to point out that 99.9999% of all species that have ever lived die out eventually, and eventually after enough time passes all life on Earth will die one way or another.  Not saying there's no point in trying to keep animals alive while we can but for most of them and maybe even we human humans will extinct in the end.

  8. Sharks have been around for roughly 400 million years.  And it seems we could well wipe them out in less than 100.  That's sickening.

  9. Good ridance, if any atomic bomb does not do the trick, hopefully the resource extinction will eliminate humans.

  10. I love the ignorant people who think that humans causing massive extinction of many animals is natural.
    Fucking dumbasses…

  11. Look. Everyone stop saying "kill KILL KILL" or "sharks are killing machines to humans!" Let me get this straight sharks only kill SEVEN people A YEAR or less. We kill 100 MILLION sharks a year. Jaws put a horrible reputation on sharks. These things dont kill on purpose. Usually they mistake you for food, such as seals.

  12. We need sharks they keep fish from overflowing. Without them we more fish more sick, dying coral reefs.That just leads to unsafe contaminated waters. P.S.if u like to swim or drink water or other liquids then save the sharks.;)

  13. Most people will understand that the world needs to go vegan because we are destroying it. Remember my words in 40 years if you are alive.

  14. any fisherman caught with shark fins on their boat without a shark body to go along with it should have their hands chopped off

  15. sharks have been around sinice dinosuares, they do have a chanch to survie, but if the numbers are going down by 1,000 every second, I have a 3 things we can do to save sharks, 1.destroy asia 2. destroy every shark finner and destroying shark fining boats, and 3.STOP BUYING SHARK FIN SOUP! ITS TASTELESS AND ITS FULL OF TOXIONS, AND IF YOU DISAGREE  WITH ME, I WILL  CUT YOUR HEAD OFF AND TRUN IT INTO A YUMMY SOUP, HOW DOSE THAT MAKE YOU FEEL, FEELING THE PAIN SHARKS GO THROUGH! oh, sorry for yelling, I have a anger problem about shark finners. still, dont buy shark fin soup.  

  16. Ever realized that every time an animal is going extinct, Asia as something to do with it just like elephants and their ivory tusk, although Africans are poaching them they are doing it for the Chinese -_- favorite animal(sharks)

  17. The fin cartilage isn't even what makes shark fin soup taste good. It's everything else in it that makes it taste good. There's so many other substitutes you can use.

  18. Can we stop them from going extinct?

    They have been around for a lot longer than we have, and they'll be around after we are gone.

  19. I love sharks they don t think like us they dont sleep like us they are different we are different so why kill them we are scared so are they if they try to,kill you just punch it in the nose dont kill it.

  20. I hate humanity we kill off so many animals and don't even care what we do to our ecosystem its sad this world won't last forever….

  21. Imagine walking around your neighbor hood then get ambushed by some serial killers they chop your Arms and legs leaves u to die I hate fishing

  22. i see you guys make many environment related videos. very good. but you never talk about a very simple solution to most problems: veganism ^^ just go vegan everybody ^^

  23. Shark finning should be banned worldwide along with all commercial fishing. Giant Bluefin Tuna will soon disappear. They cross entire oceans, making it impossible to protect them without multinational cooperation. On a lighter note,many of the inshore sharks of Americas southeast are still thriving.

  24. we can and will live with out them.. remove the spices… if just the people that owner a boat would kill 20 this year we would have put a significant drop in the species. Then the next year if we Removed just a shark a week ( pet boat owner) we would have a chance at wiping them out… Hope this helped

  25. Imagine how cool it would be if we could just delete China from the globe, that would truly be awesome. They contribute nothing to the world, other than cheaply made electronics and poisonous plastic products all while pumping the air full of pollution.
    And while we are at it, we could throw in Russia, some African countries, the entire Middle East and then Kim-Jong-whats-his-face in North Korea.
    Ah yes, World order has been restored.

  26. How to stop sharks going extinct 1. Stop portraying them in a bad way causing people to fear them 2. Ban shark fin soup prosecute those caught with shark fins 3. Stop culling them

  27. First the chinese came for the tigers , and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a tiger.Then they came for the elephants, and I did not speak out— 
    Because I was not an elephant.Then the chinese came for the sharks, and I did not speak out— 
    Because I was not a shark.
    Then there were no majestic animals left, because noone dared speak out against the chinese.

  28. Somehow I feel so hungry, thinking about shark, watching this girl's presenter, Tara smooth skin, I just don't know, what to do now. Last time I eat shark, it feels like chew a chewing gum. I think I better eat shark rather than eat Tara, thinking of buying chewing gum after this in case my craving level goes too high.

  29. Im absolutely fine with extinction of sharks so i can swim in the ocean without being afraid they will eat me

  30. Let's say you have left over meat and you have more than enough to save for leftovers, then why not share your meat with the sharks?

  31. I love the sharks like bull sharks tiger sharks great white sharks river sharks nurse sharks cow sharks sand tiger sharks

  32. The vast majority of creatures on this planet went extinct long before Man came along. Nature will adapt just fine.

  33. Dude . we're better off without sharks. Trust that, don't even concern yourself with all this bullshit. Focus on Money & Politics, if you want to make a Difference.

    If you were all alone right now . In the ocean. At night… No moon. Next to a shark. Your ass would be wishing they were all extinct lol

  34. Were slowly destroying our planet bit by bit. If we go at this rate were all going to hell. Were already halfway there.

  35. Sea Shepard are a bunch of idiots
    They are not allowed to have a home Port due to their illegal activity! You may not believe what I am saying but if you don't believe what I am typing why believe them for their YouTube promotion (Wich they're paid for) shark finning is not something that occurs anymore anyone who thinks people will discard a $3 lb item is sadly mistaken. They finning footage you have seen in this documentary is from 1994 the same footage the showed on shark week around 1998 or so. Don't believe me do your research! Sharks are an important part of our ecosystem and regulations are affectively in place, shark attacks word wide have gone up 87%since 2000. (Population boom perhaps) Shark conservation = government funding

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