How Fish Eat Part 2 (SLOW MOTION UNDERWATER!) – Smarter Every Day 119

How Fish Eat Part 2 (SLOW MOTION UNDERWATER!) – Smarter Every Day 119

Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. So in the last episode of Smarter Every Day we revealed that fish eat by sucking in the water by opening up their mouth and then once they do that they allow the water to exit back behind the operculum by opening up their gill flaps, it’s really cool. But the problem was we only captured the footage above water. So Dr Seymour and Richard Fitzpatrick at James Cook University have gone back and they made a rig so they could do it underwater. So let’s go check it out. – So we’re gonna do the barramundi high speed feeding sequence again for you but this time from under water. What we’ve done is we’ve modified this camera housing, we’ve put the Phantom camera inside there. Jamie’s gonna use his stick with a prawn but no hooks, so we’re not damaging the fish at all, and we shall see how they look at high speed from under water. Yep, little bit closer to you. Ooh! Got it! – Looked good. – So let’s have a look. (Destin) Alright here we go. Watch the water flow through the mouth and out the gills. But why doesn’t the water flow in through the gills? If you watch closely it’s because the flap overlaps and it slams shut like a check valve only allowing flow in one direction. (Jamie) That is awesome! – OK we hope you like that one Destin. That demonstrates everything, but under water. Bye from Australia. Ciao! – See ya buddy! OK the next thing we’re gonna look at is the fact that fish can throw their lips forward. Now this helps them close the gap with their prey. There’s two more clips that Richard sent to us that we’re gonna look at. The first one is the stone fish, which you know is the most venomous fish in the world. It closes its gap really really fast with its lips, it’s amazing. The second one is called the slingjaw wrasse. Now this one is just unreal. It’s like a mechanical hinge structure, I’ll let you see it. But everything is in slow motion. Check it out. So the stonefish just chills out looking like, well, a stone, until the prey gets within its strike radius. Then this happens. This is a slingjaw wrasse. Prepare your brain for what you’re about to see. Yeah. That’s crazy. Let’s watch it again from the side, and you can see if you look close the shadow of that little fish as it zips up through the sling jaw. OK I hope you enjoyed learning how fish eat along with me. Thank you to Richard Fitzpatrick and Jamie Seymour for giving us this footage. If you want to see more awesome stuff that they do on the Great Barrier Reef, and their Phantom footage under water, it’s amazing, go check out biopixel. They have stock footage that they make, just go look at it, it’s amazing stuff. Also if you want to check out more stuff like this fishing trip you can follow me on @SmarterEveryDay at Instagram. I’ve been taking pictures of water striders and stuff like that. Anyway I’m Destin, I hope we earned your subscription today. You’re getting Smarter Every Day. Have a good one, and go check out biopixel. Take it easy.

100 thoughts on “How Fish Eat Part 2 (SLOW MOTION UNDERWATER!) – Smarter Every Day 119

  1. To all my fellow atheists that comment on the bible verses at the end, you're being hypocritical if you "ask him to apply the science to religion." If he is a Christian, he's keeping his beliefs private and separate from the content – which is exactly what we're asking for. 

    Asking him to remove it is akin to preaching on the street. 

  2. Destin, I'm curious why the prey doesn't just fly out of the gills, along with the ejected water (or get stuck in the gills)?

    Thanks, and I love getting smarter!

  3. how about archerfish?
    i mean, how the process of that fish spit the water from its mouth to shot its prey above the water?
    can you make a footage about that?

    sorry for my bad english
    thank you

  4. The sling jaw would be like if we had an extra joint that went across our cheeks then underneath our nostrils, then the entire thing would push outwards, stretching the skin and eating said food/prey

  5. I really enjoy the Bible versus at the end. They're very inspiring and in a way, sobering from this worlds current state. Thanks for doing what you do 🙂 Im now a subscriber 🙂

  6. That is the best slow mo I've ever seen. Thank you for all that you do, it truly amazes me and my family. We watch you all the time through my smart tv here in the UK, so my kids are learning from you. And the best thing is that they don't realise they are actually learning as they find your videos fun and interesting. Thanks for making my family "Smarter every day"

    From the Moss family
    Plymouth, UK.

  7. so the thing is, they open their mouth while their operculum were closed and sucked the water..
    then while sucked the water, they open the operculum
    its just like we breathe inhale and exhale, just imagine itlike that… awesome
    im getting smarter

  8. i feel bad for anyone who dislikes this guy's work.   
    man you are so fascinating and i really really think you get smarter everyday lol.

  9. Wait, but you forgot to show us how predatory fish with teeth eat. Such as a Bluefish. I'd love to know more about that, because whenever I go fishing for blues they'll either eat the head or the tail of my bait depending on where the hook is placed.

  10. Destin you are awesome! I love your channel. I'm slowing going through all of the videos. Love you don't your southern boy side!

  11. Where is this place? i want to go!! it looks beautiful!!! 🙂 and how much did those kayak's cost. im planning on buying them

  12. Just like sucking air as you put the spoon in your mouth. You don't always do that, especially if your brain knows that it's not soup or something that could fall any time.

  13. The way fish eat is basically how they breathe. But in fast motion and without throwing their lips forward. But did you know that fish yawn? Well they do and it's exactly like that attack, but in slow motion.

  14. hey Destin, my fellow Alabamian , is that Shoals Creek you were kayaking in? just curious, it looked a lot like lol

  15. Never knew fish eating could be an interesting subject, but this is honestly one of the coolest videos ever.

  16. Every time I watch a slow motion video now, I always think of that slow motion sound video you did and I still think it’s pretty neat.

  17. Wow. I never knew there was a "sling-jaw" fish! That is craziness, how his mouth just jets out in front of him like that! Thanks for showing that to us.

  18. OMG that was soooooo awesome. Can't believe that sling jaw. Now I know how my Koi eat, I never understood the process.

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