How Plants Melt When You Replant Them In A New Fishtank

How Plants Melt When You Replant Them In A New Fishtank

what up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks trying to bring it to
you on a Tuesday and I had a great day the weather’s shaping up here in
Lexington things are looking good and I want to
talk about the recently dirted tank just because I feel like it’s important that
people understand kind of what you’re going to get when you dirt a tank and I
want to talk about all these plants over here so here’s what’s up when you dirt a
tank you know you’re going to have excess nutrients in the water so they
say to really really plant the heck out but they say I say to plant the heck out
of it and it works and here’s why it works
because the plants absorb the excess nutrients not all of these plants that I
put in here are all brand new they’ve got they comfortable completely
different water than me might be my water so they’re going to melt and
they’re going to change and if you’ll notice in the back here there used to be
a line of jungle val that’s completely melted it’s withered away I’m even if
you can see it it just looks like hell it’s hidden behind there you can’t even
see it yeah you can kind of see it it’s gone and that’s fine that’s what jungle
bio does it’s a very like quick growing thin leaf plant Sagittarius is similar
to that as well and you can see that that’s going bad but I talked about this
lesson I’m gonna talk about it again don’t focus on the leaves that are dying
focus on the leaves that are growing up okay that is what you need to look for
um he the persistent and long loved’ aquarium kid also known as Josh asked me
how long it takes crypts the kind of bounce back well depends on the crypt in
it between depends on the ASP the species of excuse-me depends on the
crip and it depends on the system that the crypt is in sorry I don’t know I
can’t talk tonight and that is important so I can’t just say you know crypts
melting three weeks later they’re better I got these crypts on Friday and they’re
doing fine haven’t melted and they’ve got new growth
so see that new growth new growth new growth new growth so I really can’t tell
you meanwhile the Liguilla that I got is looking like hell it’s like all withered
up but you can see new growth and kind of like some leaves that are green and
some spots that are doing better that’s just what you got to look for now
what I’m gonna do in this tank is I’m gonna this weekend I’m gonna do a big
old 50% water change maybe even more than that just to really kind of clean
out what kind of junk I’ve got going on here I’m also going to kind of spruce up
the plants a little bit and I’m also gonna scrape the algae you’ll notice
I’ve got a little algae on the front here and I’m really not doing any work
to show you this is like the I don’t want to say worst-case scenario but you
know if you do it right you do an inch of sub into dirt over your substrate
shit I said that wrong I must be tired if you do an inch of gravel over your
dirt underneath your substrate always put your dirt underneath your gravel you
know you might get a little bit algae you’re going to get a little bit of
plants that wither but they’re all going to come back and everything is going to
be good so this is like you know kind of part of the process but when you get
going you get something going like that so I just I want to explain this because
it’s it’s going on its raw here I’m not freaking out a lot of people are like oh
my god I drew my tanks what am I gonna do this is all screwed up it’s just like
just chill relax everything will be good your tank will be rolling like that tank
is rolling I’m really happy with with 220s going so that’s what’s going on
also I’ll show you the jungle Val over here is really just growing crazier
growing great all up like wig is looking good Crips are
looking good this sad is growing good the chinensis right here that I moved
from the I move this plant from the other tank it’s got a nice yeah just got
that one green vein right there that’s all it matters it’s all I need so I’m
going to get in there and trim the ones that are getting lighter and that that
plane will be fine I feel bad that it got to that point but I had to move it
and uh so that’s what’s up just kind of want to give you guys a lowdown what’s
going down and now we’re having some fun let me know I’ve still got that live
rock for sale I also sell aquarium plants on hit me up
on fish tank some of y’all are finding me on Facebook I do all my dirt
here though people literally and check out that rainbow he’s ridiculous I’m
sorry what’s up dude yeah he’s great that wasn’t too shabby either
and this one is getting really good too so that’s it

56 thoughts on “How Plants Melt When You Replant Them In A New Fishtank

  1. Dustin, my tank has been running 2 months now and and the plants still seem to be doing over time killin of there own leaves, My ludwigia leaves are poppin off and dwarf baby tears turned brown. There are a few new growths however on all my plants. I did NOT use orgainic potting soil. I used some sort of moisture control mix for potted plants. Should I spend the time to tear down the 2 month old tank or just power through the "dying" plants?

  2. Hey Dustin, just wanted to find out how many amazon swords do you have in the 220? Thanks…you tanks are looking real healthy, I just dirted my 55 hoping it turns out well….

  3. For those who don't know Vals and crypts along with swords are all root feeders. Meaning they HATE being moved. so when you transplant them (moving them) they need to grow new roots to start back up again.

  4. @exmas2006 yeah, thanks man, those plants are taking a beating right now with the lack of lights and excess nutrients. but they'll come back….worth the change….

  5. @JouninSpriggan this abotu what you are saying…moisture control in an aquarium..tear down. stop the pain. who knows whats up with it.. I had to do this with an experiment tank i did. I had too much vermiculite…everything was sucking. start a new

  6. @W1cKeDcHaP i have two. two that i never trim so they get huge like you see…. do big water changes at first. my tank is suffering cause i didn't on the 50 50

  7. all my plants are dying (jungle val, ludwigia, amazon sword, and java fern) but i use just sand so what should i do?

  8. Dustin I am new to the hobby and currently doing a fishless cycle using pure ammonia. My plants I just added 5 days ago have started going brown with little holes in some of them. One plant is very green (don't know name) but some are flopping over a bit now as well. What is happening is it just because they are new and how can I clean this up.

  9. Your the best guy to ask I have just put in a under gravel filter in my fish tank will this effect how my plants grow and do you think I should not have a under water gravel filter

  10. Im totally lost when it comes to plants I have them but they always die off I believe I need co2? Im using plant food and its in a room that light gets to it naturally what would you say? I can be more specific on plants if you need

  11. what are the fish in this video? i got a fry in a batch of plants and hes starting to look like the fish with the horizontal line in this video

  12. I feel like a noob with this question, but…How do I know when a plant is melting (new plant in new setup) vs. I've screwed up and it's dying or dead? I don't see any signs of new growth or anything, just everything looks yellowish and mushy.

  13. What's up Fishtank People? I am doing a bunch of
    30 second videos on Instagram- Follow me for more shorter random videos CLICK

  14. I bought a package of plants from you and they were fantastic!! I added them to a new dirt bottom tank and they melted into complete mush.. do yours ever melt to that degree?? im crossing my fingers something green appears in the not to distant future.

  15. what are the Nitrate levels in this particular tank with all that awesome plants in this tank with the fish that are in it.
    50% water changes you stated, is that per week, ever 2 or 3 weeks or once per month?

  16. would anubis handle a dirt tank, i understand that your better off not putting it in the substrate as it grows better on wood or rocks but would the nutrients in the tank be to much for it.

  17. Just started a dirt tank (used mineralized topsoil) the amazon swords are browning at the tips (on the large leaves only) – is it because of the transplant shock, going from emersed to submerged, or did I do something wrong with my soil? I didn't add any calcium or carbonates to the soil (I didn't have anything to hand that I could use) I only added red clay but the soil packet said that all nutrients plants needed were contained in the soil (naturally that is – it had no additives). I trimmed the roots quite aggressively before planting (quite a few roots were browning and some were melting) could hacking back the roots have damaged my swords or are they just adjusting to the soil?

  18. I sprayed the heck out of my tank with peroxide cause I had algee, but my jungle val is dying.Will it come back to life? and I now know algee is good but a little to late I already did it. from Amanda in Canada HELP

  19. i planted few hardy plants and one of them with biggest leaves the second day looks like dirty and leaves in the bottom start to melt O.o now day 9 and i see on top new fresh leaves are coming. Gosh with aquarium everything going so quickly. Ah and home plants not long live in my place, just succulents survive 😀
    I did a mistake that i didn't use "dry start" and many plants, special carpet plants started flooding >< oh, must be screwed up with this one, and i will need to start from beginning

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  22. Hey Dustin I am new to the hobby got a dirt tank got jungle val and some other type of leafed plant I'm not sure what it is could u or any one else help me

  23. Suggest me some leaf that makes fish tank water green in colour and which is not harmful. except almond leaves

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  25. Nice video Dustin, im glad i came accross this video. I was freaking out about my corkscrew jungle val melting. I've seen a few new shoots coming through, not sure how long it will take to get going…any advice to enhence the growth? Thanks

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  27. I bought some Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata from you and they arrived partially melted and slimy but i was not worried since i expected them to melt a little..unfortunately they never grew new leaves and have melted all the way to the roots and became a slimy mess, my other new and old plants are thriving so I know it wasnt something I could have prevented..i was super bummed since i spent almost $9 for one order of it:/ just placed a new order for some different plants..hoping for the best. I would really hate it if these arrived in rough shape too since I typically enjoy my shipments from you. Im a 2 strike kind of person though. fingers crossed.

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