How to achieve MASSIVE substrate height in aquarium

How to achieve MASSIVE substrate height in aquarium

What’s up Guys, welcome to another Pro Tip video! Today’s video is about: How to build height in your aquarium, without the risk of the entire slope sliding to the front.
And the answer is – using some kind of this Net- .. Zip- .. Bags,
I don’t know how they’re called. Anyway, see you after the intro! So Guys, to use this technique, it’s very simple,
you take this bags. I think they’re available in several different sizes. So choose the one that you need, according to the size of your aquarium, then you fill in your substrate material. I do NOT recommend adding in soil inside, because I guess soil can get out of this bags. But anything like lava split, or maybe a Product like JBL Volcano Mineral or ADA Power Sand, something like that you can fill in in those bags. You can put it into the back of your aquarium and this is super cool, if you want to elevate some hardscape elements and if you want to build height,
without the risk of the slope coming down. Because a bag like this, it’s going to stay securely in the background, not move around. If you have a super heavy rock, It’s going to sit on it also very secure. And yeah, that was a quick one,
super easy to use these bags. Like I said, link is down in the description below and if you like this Pro Tip series,
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18 thoughts on “How to achieve MASSIVE substrate height in aquarium

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  2. I love your vids… I’m from NY (USA) and am really into black water (saw your shirt!!). I have contest winning alien hybrid male Betta that is thriving in my black water setup. If you are ever in NY, get in touch and come visit!!!

  3. You're on a roll these days! Very useful tip, and you can also use your grandma's stockings to do it! (or yours, I don't judge).
    Also, makes it super easy to re-use the volcano minerals on an another setup, which is super cool because there's a ton of good bacteria in it.

  4. Does this cause a trap of fish waste that becomes unmanageable? Is it feasible for a long term tank or will it cause problems? I always ask these questions every time I see these recommendations but never get an answer from those who promote the technique.

  5. Kinda wish I knew about this earlier, my substrate has been falling down a little bit every time I vacuum as I water change. Will definitely do this for my next tank! Thank you

  6. great tip…I use female stockings, with this tip you could save lot of money because you could use big elevations and dont need to fill it with lot of expensive substract

  7. Two birds w one stone.. i buy oranges that come in mesh bags and simply recycle the bags 😀
    Love your channel, bro. Thanks for all you do

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