How to Build a Fish Tank Observation Hive Part 4 – The Bush Bee Man

How to Build a Fish Tank Observation Hive Part 4 – The Bush Bee Man

– (sighs) Well, good morning everyone. Tell you what, it’s bloody
dedication for this show, it’s about minus two here at the minute, I mean I’ve got frostbite on my hands, I had to go and run them under the hot tap so I could actually move ’em again. Ooh, me bloomin’ thumb
had gone tingly arse! I was thinkin’ phew, I wanna know how bloomin’ cold it’ll get. I kinda wonder how you
guys get on in the snow over there, like I mean,
do you get frostbite on your fingertips and all that business? Someone was asking me
online here the other day, “How cold is cold for the Bush Bee Man?” And I think minus three’s up there. But the thing is, it’s only jolly cold when you’re in bed
sleeping around here so, during the day, if you can
survive, it’s not too bad, by about ten o’clock, ten
o’clock in the morning to about three o’clock in the afternoon you should go inside. My dad used to say that
it’s a good place to retire ’cause if you don’t get up too early and you go inside quick, it’s all nice, you get a couple of nice hours
in the middle of the day. Anyway, I digress. We’re back to the mad
fish tank construction. My poor daughter, I was
tellin’ her this morning and I said, she says, “What are you doing?” I said, “Ah, well, I’m
making an observation hive out of a fish tank.” And she goes, “Yes, and
why are you doing that?” And I said, “Oh I dunno
’cause it’ll be cool.” And I said, “You never
know, I might get people motivated to make a fish tank
to put on their veranda.” And she says, “Well, I’m not really sure how that’s gonna go but perhaps you could send me a photo and
actually prove that maybe there’s one other insane beekeeper
out there in the planet.” (buzzing) Now we’re just gonna clean up the rest of these little lips that I think we need. If you remember, we got the strips on
the cupboard over here, get rid of this, and
then we’re gonna have to find some Windex, ’cause at the minute, it’s not really an observation hive because there’s too much crap on it! So it’d be, it’d be a
crap hive wouldn’t it?! So we’ll just get this off and hopefully we don’t smash nothin’! So far so good. What’d I do with me knife? Ah see that, I’ve got
me knife in me pocket. I’m not really sure if that, does that make it a pocket knife? Bloody make it dangerous in your pocket, it’s not a good idea. Anyway, we’re gonna get
rid of this little edge, ’cause this is gonna be the entrance. I left it on there because I
thought it might brace things up a bit but since it’s cracking apart, I think we’ll get rid of it. Look at that, I made a hinge. (doodling) Anyway! So jolly cold I think I’ve
gone a little bit weird, or a little bit weirder than normal. Anyway, come on! “Get on with the job,” the cameraman says! What are you doing? So I reckon that WD-40 stuff
does sort of soften that up. Look at that, that’s even
softer than the other day. So maybe, that’s the secret. I don’t know, maybe
that’s just, ah anyway, so many maybe’s we don’t
know what’s going on do we? (scratching) Oh, shit! – [Cameraman] Are you
gonna take that edge off? – I think so. – [Cameraman] Are you
just pushing your luck? – Well, yeah, but, you know,
I’ve been lucky so far. I might make this end the entrance yet, ’cause that’s got a bit
of a sharp edge there. You reckon I’m pushin’ my luck? I just think there’s all this stuff, it’s only an extra bit. We won’t get rid of that though, ’cause otherwise I think it
will totally fall to bits. (scratching) (singing) I wonder how much weight
that would actually hold if you could make a big silicon door. That’s a whole ‘nother
project though, isn’t it? That’s for another day! If you’re wondering why
I’ve swapped beanies, I can’t find my Bush Bee Man beanie! So it’s not very good! There’s some people out there
that want to order one so, it’s different to this one
that I’ve got on my head, it’s a little bit weird. But my Bush Bee Man beanie’s
around here somewhere, I think, actually, I know where it is! It’s in my jolly ute and the wife’s taken the ute to work so. Anyway, so, maybe this is the prototype. Pre-Bush Man beanie,
check this out though. It’s almost, you could rob a bank with it. Do-do-do-do-do! Who’s that there? Would that make me Spider
Bee, instead of Spider Man? I could be the the Bee
Man, hiding incognito. Fuck, it’s too cold. Fish pond, fish tank wreckers,
not fish tank makers. Come on. Ta-da! Look at that. I know what we could do with that. I think we could put that in the bin. That’s what we could do with that. Couldn’t we?! (laughing) Otherwise it’ll be like all
the other shit in my shed that I think, “ooh, that’s kind of cool! I’ll save that for another project!” I wonder if I’m the only
crazy person on the planet that saves all this rubbish. Ah God, then build a bigger
shed so you can keep it all. (laughing) What’s that about? On to the Windex I reckon, yeah?! (upbeat twangy guitar music) Shall we do it, I might just
nail this little front ledge on that we knocked off, to give
’em a bit more landing pad and beauty up the front bit. And then we’ll have to put
this little camera on a tripod and I might make get Mr.
Muscles to help me carry the trough over here because, see, it’s a bit wonky-donk
and that’d be great to get this close to the finish line and it falls apart, won’t it? I was just saying to John,
if we smash the bloody thing we’ll be driving around
the district going, “You lookin for a free
fish pond to give away?” (chuckling) The Mrs. might be happy though. (banging) I think this cupboard
not real fuckin’ square. (banging) I reckon we’ll get excited
and put a nail in here as well just to hold it all together. (banging) ‘Cause what normally happens
when you try to be extra good you just split the wood
in half and then you go, “Well why’d I do that for?” But, luckily it didn’t! It’s nice soft wood. Talking about wood, it’s weird
how when you cut wood up, how it all smells different, I dunno, it’s all sorts of cool
different smells going on, so. You know why the father-in-law
like playing around with wood it’s rather cool! That Pine, and Cedar, and Jarrah, and, and of course then it
gets down to when you put those wood chips in
your barbie, doesn’t it? I mean, that’s obviously
why that all smells and tastes different. Footnote, don’t use Pine in your barbecue. Very bad idea, it doesn’t
taste (mumble) flesh. – [Cameraman] You’ll
get a big stomachache. – And a stomachache
(hammering drowns out voice) Should we nail the door shut too? You reckon, I reckon we should. (banging) If we kinda lift it by that. It’s a past life. (laughing) Well, they call that
repurposing, don’t they? Aw look at that, perhaps
we should leave it perhaps we should sit that on the top just for the hell of it
so we know what it was. No, what else have we got in here? It’s a bit dampness in there. We got, we’ve got Clarity water clarifier. What the hell is that? I don’t know, Prime something. Removes chlorine, oh, chlorine removal. Paddywack stick. I don’t know, something awkward. Oh, oh, and frog to go with the dolphins. Oh, hang on! “Ho, ho, what the fuck
happened to the fish?” “No, no, we’ve got bees now!” “Run, run, run!” (laughing) Something like that. Oh, a lunch box! Look at that! (plastic clapping) Little snazzy shelf in there, anyway. I reckon if we just… What I doing, I was gonna
nail that shut wasn’t I? So we didn’t get out fingers jammed. I think we might just
put a little nail up here just to hold it shut while we carry it up, carry it into position. (banging) Perfect. At least, look at this bloke. He’s about on par with me. He’s got a shelf in there
he just stuck some screws straight through the door. That’s a pretty good effort. At least the cupboard’s
not gonna be too shot. Right, Mr. Muscles, let’s get over here. (chuckling) (mumbles) Now we put this side down first. And we get out fingers out. And then that one, and here we are. Look at that we made it safe and sound! Give a little dance. Just workin’ out the cover
for this thing up there. I wonder actually, if we could just… Hell, we might just get some bloody, we might just go down to the
shop and buy a barbecue cover and throw over it, what do you reckon? Then people could pretend
they’re barbecuing up there. Just trying to do a bit of repurposing, I don’t know whether it’s actually going to play out the way I want it to, but. We’ll just knock this
bit of crap off here, and then we’ll figure out what
we’re goin’ for from there. I dunno, anyway. We’ll see if we can get that
off without wreckin’ it. That’ll be the next thing, won’t it? (groaning) I’m figuring that’s just, I dunno. Hopefully that’s just the
bit that holds it on there but we’ll find out in a minute, won’t we! If I can find my new beaut remover. At least it’s starting to warm up a bit, I can feel my fingers
again now, good gosh. What crazy weather. For all you folks over
there that are in spring and enjoying it nice warm, think of us down here upside down. It’s bloody freezin’! (metal clanging) I think it’ll be nailed down from there but I can’t see any, maybe
it’s just glued there. Anyway, we’ll give it a
knock and see what it does. (banging) (cracking) It smells like dead fish. (banging) Right, look at that! In the bin with you! Hopefully we won’t put
it in the bin just yet. We might need it. Oh I was just thinking there,
I put the frog and the dolphin over there on top of the bee box and I’m thinking, “Gosh, that’s silly.” I should just chuck this shit out. (scraping) Waste not, want not, but what the hell I’m keeping
a frog for I don’t know. I’m pretty sure that’s
not waterproof anymore. Yeah, hell, you never know
we might start a frog farm. I wonder if you had a tree frog, would you put a frog in
there and freak it out? Bloody frog would be all
confused wouldn’t it, saying “Bloomin’ heck, where’s my hat? I didn’t get a hat! Look at me, I’m a bloomin’
underprivileged frog.” Right, so we’ll sit that on the top and we’ll see if we can’t
make a bit of a lid. That could work. Look a that, that’ll
make it all look pretty! So what we need to do
is we need to put our… I wonder if we make it as
part of that or whether we. I reckon we will, I reckon
we’ll put the wood in there. And then it will be somethin’ separate. Let’s do that! Let’s see if we can find
a bit of particle board to pop in there to make a lid. (thumping) (sighing) The things we do, honestly! Here’s something that, I don’t know if it’ll be the
right size or not, but still. Oh well, at least it’s too big! That’s alright, better
too big than too small. There’s a whole naughty joke in that but I’m just gonna be quiet. I wish I knew what I did with my pencil. I don’t know where that went yesterday. – [Cameraman] I’m sure there’s
another one in the house. – I’m pretty sure there would be. (groaning) Thank you. That’s even sharp. Things are getting desperate around here, we’re even stealing your pencils. It wasn’t me that stole your pencil. It was someone else that was helping. Or maybe I’ll be exonerated! If we were in a court of law
I’d be exonerated, wouldn’t I? Sort of, maybe? If we were in the court
room and the judge says, “Now, who’s responsible
for the pencil thieving? Is it the bloke using the thieved pencil or the actual pencil thiever himself?” I don’t know. That would make for an interesting, talkin’ about interesting court cases, down here in Oz, there are some funny folk that are suing their neighbors
for kicking their kids’ kicking their football over the fence. Now I don’t know, apparently
they broke some fancy crockery pot or something
or other but, heck. Just go over and have a beer
and have a chat about it, honestly it can’t be
that complicated surely. I guess, is it borrowed
until it’s never returned and then it becomes a theft? Is that how that works? I guess maybe it depends on the value too, and who you’re doing the borrowing from, ’cause I’m fairly sure
there were some people who used to work at GMH and
they just borrowed motors kind of a bit he got in trouble ’cause you technically can’t
borrow a motor long-term. Especially if you sell it to someone else. So maybe it’s thieving when
you sell it on, sell it. Perhaps that’s what it is. I dunno, I’m sure, I’m
sure it’s messed up, don’t take shit that
doesn’t belong to you. – [Cameraman] Great life advice, dad. – Yes, yes, yes, well,
technically it belongs to me, even if it is my wife’s. I mean it’s half my possession
isn’t it, the pencil? I think I’m half owning it,
but then again I suppose what normally happens, what
is it, when you get married? The wife says, “What’s mine is mine, and
what is yours is ours.” I think that’s how that goes, I think that’s the saying, how it works. Anyway, it’s all good. I don’t know what I’d do
without me lovely wife. I’d have no one to steal from. Anyway, we’ll cut this up! And now here’s the go button. We’re getting a bit of use out
of this thing at the minute aren’t we? (saw whirring) (high-pitched sawing) It doesn’t have to be too precise. Now all you people out
there that are screaming, “Don’t do it, don’t do it!” It’s all good. Aw man, he’s not going
to cut anything off. That was important, in any case. Right, that’s a pretty good start. What’s going on, honestly? ‘Cause it’s more likely to be square since I was involved in the construction. We can’t guarantee it, so
we’ll make it this way. ‘Cause my brother, who’s
a bit of a carpenter, he got a job at a school,
didn’t I tell you this story? He got a job at a school making windows, or making the screens for the windows. Because they were old wood windows, and back in the day when
you had a wooden window, you just made ’em all to suit each other, so they weren’t all perfectly uniform. So he measured up the
window and thought, “cool.” And he went out and he cut all the frames and made all the jig and cut ’em all up, put em all together,
put all the screens in, put the first one in, fitted perfectly, went along to put the next one on, of course that was bigger,
and the other one was smaller and they were all different
sizes which they always are and so he had a whole heap of
screens that he didn’t know what to do with. And he rings, I reckon
this is the funniest part of the story, though, he
rings my dad up and says, “Dad, what am I gonna do? I’ve been paid for the job and
I’ve used all the materials and now I’ve, you know, gonna have to buy new materials.” Anyway, my dad says, “Well, it’s a lesson
learnt, isn’t it, son? Don’t do that again.” I guess that’s what it is, isn’t it? Learn by mistakes on this journey of life. Don’t comment about it, don’t comment, don’t comment about it. – [Cameraman] What happened to you then? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, well that’s what I thought
you were gonna say. Exactly right, that’s what
I was thinking everybody out there would be sayin’ to themselves. “How ‘come you’ve lived this
long and not learnt nothin’?” Off to the cutting-up machine! Da-da-da-da-da-da! Gosh, ay, what a project
we’ve got goin’ on. Let’s see if we can make our little, what’s it called, a guide, I think. See if we can make a straight line. (banging) That’s not very nice, is it? What happened to you? Yeah, tell me what. I don’t know. (high-pitched sawing) You all will be impressed,
I’ve still got all my fingers! Look at that, that’s pretty cool! Well, it’s not completely perfect but it’ll do for our purposes. Do we need a nail in it, you reckon? Nah, it’ll be fine. We could put it that way up
now and then that could be completely flat against the top. And in the summer we can
put it up the other way and have an air vent. Ah, look at us, look at
us thinking of everything! That didn’t sound good. Right, anyway. Oh shit, maybe we should put
a nail in it, do you think? (banging) Oh come on! Jolly heck! (laughing) I think me nail’s drunk, it’s
all gone a bit wonky-donk. (banging) I missed. (banging) Look at that! Amazing! Me think amazing! Thankful for small mercies! (chuckling) Very good, winter lid. Summer lid. I don’t think our top bars are
winning any beauty contests they look kind of cool looking outwards. Whoa, shit, don’t do that in a hurry. Anyway, we better make
sure the lid goes on. Hello won’t that suck if we’ve gone to all this trouble
and it still doesn’t work. Golly gosh! Maybe I bloody should have
tried that out before. Anyway. In theory it should fit. Uh, there we go. That should hold it all
together quite nicely. I don’t know. Anyway, we’ll see if
we can get the lid off without being bee-dified. Woo, ta da! Look at that! (laughs) I’d like to see you try that
with a box full of bees. But anyway, now, don’t forget to come back in an episode’s time and
we’ll see if we can get the ladies established, or
at least popped in here. Apparently we gotta carry this
full thing up the staircase so that’ll be great won’t it? – [Cameraman] Ay. – We’re gonna have to set up the tripod and get Mr. Muscles to help
me because I don’t reckon I’m carrying this up there by myself, ’cause that could be quite insane. So we’ll take these back off, and come along and see whether we make it. (clacking) (gentle buzzing)

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  1. I wonder if the girls will use the guides on the frames? Perhaps pre-treat them with some wax before introducing the swarm.

    In my mind melted wax in a container long enough that you can dip the guides in for a few seconds so that the wood absorbs some wax as well as being coated. the should encourage them to use the guides over the area between the guides.

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