HOW TO: Build an aquarium Stand/Canopy 2/3

HOW TO: Build an aquarium Stand/Canopy 2/3

Hi, everybody Joey here again and welcome back So in the last video of this aquarium stand build you see me build the frame for the aquarium stand Now in that video. I mentioned that we would be moving on to wrapping the stand in the next video But I asked you guys on my Facebook fan page What you guys would like to see [next] and how I should [actually] do it my initial thoughts were to build the aquarium stand frame Then wrap it and finish it and then move on to the aquarium canopy frame and in the next video after that Wrap it and finish it as well You guys thought it would be a better idea to move immediately into [the] canopy frame and Then in the third video wrap them both at the same time and finish them both So that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing a lot of you guys are asking when’s your next video going to be out? what’s your next video going to be about and similar questions to that I get those quite often if you really You want to stay in touch with what I have coming out or what I have planned like my Facebook page I updated all the [time] with things that I’m thinking about doing or that I’m currently doing or When a videos coming out or what’s coming up next? Anyway, let’s get started with the build and start off by [talking] about the supplies. We’re going to need Okay, so some of the supplies were going to need are really simple for this build we’re going to need some carpenters wood Glue which Is pretty straightforward and simple [I] use whatever is most commonly available You’re not going to need a whole lot. Obviously this is well used only [about] a quarter of it left you’re also going to need a Drill of [some] sort basically allowing you to to pre-drill your holes in the Canopy frame to allow you to screw the screws into it. We’ll go into why you need to do that later you’re going to need a lectric screwdriver or Wireless redriver of some sort I’m sorry a Cordless screwdriver [of] some sort and you’re going to need the bits for it you’re also going to need some wood screws [I] went ahead and got number six wood screws the number indicates how thick the screw is Number six is a pretty thick screw You could probably use the next one under it But don’t go any thicker than that or you’re going to look at splitting your wood I? Also got one and a half inch long Now the reason I got this size is quite simple There’s about 70 in there as well That’s more than [what] I’m going to need now the reason I got this size and screw is quite simple [you] [guys] will remember that I mentioned I’m [going] to be using two by ones now two by ones aren’t really two by ones They’re really closer to three quarters of an inch by one and a half inch Same same idea as the two by fours that aren’t really two by fours Now here’s why I use this thickness. I’m sorry. I’ve got these screws you’ll notice that if this was a true one-and-a-half inch screw [I’m] sorry a true 1 inch wide I’d only be able to get the screw half-inch into the next piece But since it’s really only three quarters of an inch I can get it all the [way] through this wood and half into the next Wood so it works out perfectly that way So that’s essentially the [the] hardware and glue that I’m going to need As for the wood I picked up ten two by 1’s the ten [two] by ones cost me about a Dollar fifty so I was looking about 15 bucks still pretty cheap I got them in four foot lengths Which is perfect because the tanks only four feet long not a lot of cutting to do really I only needed to do [ten] cuts again, we’re using the same saw to cut this up as we did the two by fours in the previous video The glue I had it kicking around But you can usually pick it up for about five bucks the screws would run around five bucks as well, so in total here We’re looking at about tWenty-five dollars to build the frame to the canopy Still a pretty good pretty good price, and that’s all I’m going to need so now let’s get into actually putting this together and how to do it okay, so To start out we’re going to start with the bottom base a bottom frame of the canopy now What we’re going to need to do is really similar to [how] we built the stand we’re going to need two long pieces Which are the length of the entire Court entire aquarium? Now with the stand I mentioned going a little bit bigger than the actual dimensions of the aquarium But with a canopy you want the exact dimensions now this tank is 4 feet long 3 feet wide so in my case, I’m going to go ahead and have two long pieces that are the exact length of the entire aquarium and then two pieces on the inside That will be the width now keep in mind when you this piece here that [you] are only cutting it and Taking into account the width or I’m sorry the width of these longer pieces now This is 3/4 of an inch wide and so is the one on the other side, so I have to take into an account That I’m losing an inch and a half on the ends So this piece here can’t be 36 inches or it’s going to be too long [so] [it’s] only [wow], [so] make sure you consider that when you’re cutting it up that piece is going to go on the other end obviously Now next step [-] this is very very simple. We’re going to run some glue on the edge and drill two screws into the ends Secure it in place now when I mentioned pre drilling these holes are actually already pre-drilled. We’ll have a closer look here Just two small pre-drilled holes these are where my screws are going to go the reason? Why we pre drilled these is? really simple with this kind of wood since it’s not a really thick wood and It’s a drive would you risk? Splitting the wood you don’t [to] do that so pre drilling Off of work and allow the screw to go straight through it and into the other piece What I’m going to do is do make two of these one [for] the bottom Like I said, I’m going to glue and then screw on all ends and do that right now So a little bit of glue we’re not looking to do a crazy amount [of] empty stuff Just a little wine don’t have to get crazy Good thing about wood glue is it comes off with a wet wipe so you can just wipe it off? Now the reason why we’re gluing this is really simple reason [this] isn’t [a] really strong Wood to begin with and the screws are while they will hold it together Let’s make sure there’s no creaking or you know basically holds it a little tighter [it] was one screw Take our screw go into our pre-drilled hole And repeat it for the bottom. That’s about it Okay, so I built the [Tube] bottom. I’m sorry the bottom as well as the top frames These are basically the [same] as how we did the stand keep in mind now You’ll also remember how we determined how high our Stand would have been we’re going to use the same principle [for] house high or how tall the canopy will be? Some things you’re going to want to consider is what [type] of lighting you’re going to have? how much room do you really need under there in order to get into the tank and clean it and do your maintenance and What type of filtration you’re looking to keep? Now if you’re keeping a hang on the back filter obviously the back frames aren’t really going to work in your favor [so] there’s options a way around that you can basically cut out a notch for your filter and it’s going to be fine the reason being is because when we go to wrap this and Wrap it in plywood you can cut out a notch in the plywood for your filter to hang out as well Now it’s not going to be flimsy because you need to screw that plywood [onto] the frame and that’s going to strengthen the entire structure immensely Now let’s determine how high I’m going to need it I’m going to be using led lighting so the higher the further away from the tank Led Lights are I find the better they look with Led lights? They tend to have a tendency [to] create spotlights in the tank and at the further away you go the wider that spotlight will be So it’s not going to be as noticeable Another thing that’s positive about that. I’m looking to do is make sure that I get some shimmering I also have a really deep tank, so I’m going to kind of need a taller Canopy so I can actually get in there might not look good because I’m using a short clarium So I don’t need to have I don’t want to have necessarily too big of a canopy, but in this case I almost have no choice So I’m going to be making my aquarium canopy both 11, inches tall I do this with four of these pieces of wood, they’re also pre-drilled, so There’s basically one for each corner and like I mentioned mmm a minute ago. It’s just like how we did the stand So for each [one] it goes on the inside. [we’re] screwing just right into it [you] can screw into it on this side as well But it’s not really needed and then [obviously] the top goes in there, and it stays level with both sides okay, now I’m going to go ahead and get these all in place and We’ll move on to the next step before [we] do that. There’s a topic I wanted to cover before we move forward that I forgot to mention earlier Might be wondering why we’re making this Exactly the same dimensions as your aquarium isn’t the canopy supposed to hang [over] slightly and Maybe cover your trim Absolutely, and this is why we’re making it exactly the same because when we come back and we wrap this Wrap this frame. We’re going to be looking at Covering it in plywood. That’s typically the most common Material used now. I have a scrap piece of plywood here to give you an idea of what I mean so The plan was basically just going to go right [on] top of it and I can put it wherever I want so I can cover my trim or I don’t have to if I have the the frame out too far I’m going to have a huge gap underneath the entire perimeter of the canopy So this will allow it to stay flush to the tank, and it will look really well so consider that Consider the height that’s very important anyways, I’m going to get this done, and we’ll move on to the next step So now it’s starting [to] look like a canopy We have the bottom frame done and the top frame done. We also put the risers in place. Everything’s glued and screwed Pretty strong structure as is now for most of you it ends here That’s all you need to do for the frame move on to the next step for me I’m going to need to do a little bit more since my aquarium is so wide I’m going to need some center support up here Because when I go to put the plywood on top it’s going to sag because I’m attaching the lights to the top of it So to prevent that [I’m] going to put a couple more Of these braces just like the ones on the sides right down the middle there’s going to be two [of] them Now you might be wondering Why this design it looks pretty simple Reason why I chose to show you this guys you guys this design was based on the fact that it is simple it’s very easy to make and anybody can do it it takes maybe I Don’t know 20 minutes tops to cut it glue it and screw it. It’s not a huge deal There are more complicated Canopies to make there are more advanced canopies to make but I don’t really want to show you guys that that those For the first canopy video we’ll get into those eventually though Anyways, I’m going to put the center supports on and take a look at the finished product Okay guys that was it. I’ve done my part and Finished the top racing that I’m going to need done you see the two braces they’re pretty Lightweight, not heavy at all [Twenty] pounds maybe fifteen pounds So that was essentially it. We’re done the frame to the canopy We’re going to go ahead and move on [to] wrapping both the stand and the canopy now if you want to know when the video next video will be up you know or What my next videos are going to be like? Next like I mentioned earlier Like my Facebook page links in the description of this video I appreciate it If you would show me some port I love interacting with you guys Seeing what you guys are doing seeing what you guys think I always ask You know I’m starting to ask more often what you know what you guys think of an idea or get some advice from you guys and what you guys would like to see so I’d love for you guys to give me a like on Facebook, and you know interact with me and Give me some support there. [I] make these videos solely for you guys, so show me some love and I’ll keep making these videos If you guys want to take it a step further go ahead and join me on [my] website Diy fish Keepers [Com] of course the diy stands for Do-it-yourself so its diy fish keepers calm the links in the description of the video. We got the forum on there There’s hundreds of people Just like you and me loving do-it-yourself builds sharing ideas showing each other’s projects helping each other out I’d love to see some of you guys on there. [I] also have a lot of do-it-yourself Calculators there’s ten on there right now acrylic thickness calculator some volume calculator You know everything that you’re going to needs on there go ahead and check it out. We’ll see is there anyways guys Thanks for watching and we’ll see you [next] time

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