How to Catch the BIG Catfish

hey its Jim Mueller with the American outdoors man report Jeff Williams of is seen as one of the seen authorities catching catfish watch as he tells us some secrets to catching the big ones well jeff how we gonna be fishing today well were gonna be uh targeting some underwater ledges what i mean by an underwater ledges
we’ve got a flat area out here that’s in about eleven or twelve foot of water we’re gonna be targeting the the main
drop off were its going to drop off into about thirty five foot of water we’ve got some current so were gonna throw our bait out and let it swing around and stop on that ledge right now we’ve already got our bait were going to be using shad do you use them whole or do you cut them this time no i like to cut them this time heres a good little tip ive switched down to a little smaller hook and a little but smaller bait on days when the fish are not real aggressive when they real aggressive it doesn’t matter you can use a great big hook and a great big hunk of bait so we will just kinda have to see today what the fish are going to tell us how their going to bite well if we get you to quite talking for a bit think we can fish yeah i think so its not unheard of for a catfish to go over 100 pounds mark and jeff talk about growth rates and how to sustain those big ones now i want to talk again you just mentioned how old that fish was lets talk about that i thought mistakenly that blue cat grew fast what is the growth rate of the blue cat so unbelievably so much slower than
people once thought in our state biologist
there did a catfish study and they’re telling us a ten-pound fish is about six to ten years old in that neighborhood
and then they’ll go two pounds a year a pound and a half to two pounds a year once they get to ten pounds so enough uh… forty or fifty pound fish
could be twenty five thirty years old at that is unbelievable what a shame it is for people to kill those fish those are such a valuable recourse not only just the thrill that it offers like i could attest to but think about the amount of eggs a fish like that can lay you just cant replace a fish like that a fish that big thirty thirty five years old what a tremendous waste to kill it don’t kill it and please release those big fish the sustained good blue catfish and we
have to release those kind of fish please do what you can to help preserve
the great outdoors im Jim Mueller that’s your american outdoors man report and remember you are the american outdoors man

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