How To Clean Brown Trout Quick And Easy(The Ghetto Angler)

What up what up what up we back for
another oh yeah I got a quick how to clean trout for you so if you want to
know how to clean trout really fast stay tuned alright alright alright let’s
get to it nothin to it you just want to get your
sharpest knife start from the root oh go up to the tooter yeah get in there and
get messy a little bit and want to take your filet knife and get behind those
two friend gills just go straight down don’t cut completely through because you
don’t wanna go through the guts but up go straight down pull those guts back
take the gut pouch out and you don’t man it’s that simple it’s really that simple
wash it out and it’s time to cook oh yeah
and fall are you catching cookers out there check out my catch and cook brown
trout for the recipe just in case you didn’t see it we’re gonna get you a
whiff of it down go ahead girl smell the scream
alright you guys until next time I hope you enjoy look what I did to this fish

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