How to Clean your Aquarium Filter

How to Clean your Aquarium Filter

a very important aspect of fishkeeping
is knowing how to clean your filter. Hi! I’m Richelle from Quebec Cichlidés, y your local fish store in Terrebonne, Quebec right outside of Montreal. today we are
talking about filter maintenance Now, when I say the word “clean” I don’t
really mean “clean”. its ironically the worst word to use when we are
maintaining our filter. to clean your filter don’t clean your filter . that’s probably one of the most illogical sentences I’ve ever said. stay away from
soaps, detergents and tap water when you’re cleaning the bio media that’s in
your filter. all these products and the chlorine in your water will kill the
bacteria living in your filter this bacteria is what keeps your fish alive
without bacteria you can get ammonia and nitrite spikes and these are
extraordinarily harmful for your fish. and you can lose your whole tank because of this. if you notice after you clean your filter that the water becomes
cloudy, that’s because there’s a bacterial boom and that is one of the
signs showing us that there’s ammonia and probably nitrite in your
aquarium. most soaps and cleaning products will leave residue in your
aquarium making it inhospitable for your fish. your bio media and sponges should
be replaced every six months to two years when they start to break down. until then
wash your bio media every one to two months wring out your
sponges in a bucket of aquarium water make sure to get all the gunk out. our
objective is to remove the waste and keep the bacteria intact. every six
months, make sure to remove the waste buildup in your bio media by washing it
in a bucket of aquarium water this will remove the waste and protect the
beneficial bacteria. never wash the sponges and the bio media at the same
time because you might kill too much beneficial bacteria in the process filter pads are great. they trap micro
particles and keep your water clear if ever you’re you look at your water and
you see they’re always these little particles inside it, use one of these.
these should be changed every one to two months. if you leave it too long in your
filter and you don’t change it after one to two months, it’ll get filled with
organic matter it’ll just be filled with waste and it
will pollute your water. also it’ll change the water pressure coming out of
your filter making it less efficient and oxygenating your water a lot less. if you
have to change it every two weeks you’re probably feeding too much and the food
gets trapped in your filter. this is picking it up. so if ever you find you’re
changing your poly filter very often feed less and should be fine. when taking
care of your filter make sure that you change the carbon. The carbon should be
changed every one to three months depending on the brand that you use.each
product has a different lifespan so put an alarm on your phone and a little note
on your filter notifying you when to change it. if you don’t respect your
products lifespan the elements that it absorbed will be spewed back into your
aquarium this happens with most activated carbons on the market. this is
also the case for your tap water filter if it’s been over six months, because that’s a usual lifespan for those, maybe it’s time you. changed it my best advice if you have cartridge filters is get another filter. I’m not
saying you should throw your cartridge filter out, I’m saying you’re gonna need
a second filter, especially if you really want to fill this tank up. the great
advantage of cartridge filters is their ease of use. you have cartridges with a
poly filter and carbon that you change every month and you alternate them.
there’s also another insert that helps colonize your beneficial bacteria. their
huge disadvantage is the lack of surface where the beneficial bacteria can
colonize. there’s not a lot. if you want to really stock your aquarium you’re
gonna need more beneficial bacteria so if you have a canister filter and a
cartridge filter, this is great because you don’t have to open your canister
filter every month to change the carbon you just do it on the cartridge filter
which is on the outside and a lot easier of access. For Sponge filters, once a
month wring them in a bucket of their aquarium water. this will take out the
gunk and protect the beneficial bacteria this is what I do for all my growing
tanks in conclusion regular maintenance and sufficient filtration should keep
your water crystal clear don’t over clean your aquarium. so that’s it for
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12 thoughts on “How to Clean your Aquarium Filter

  1. No wonder I find myself pronouncing cichlids… Cichlidés lately. It’s all your fault!! Another great video, thanks Richelle.

  2. Great job Richelle. Couldn't have said it better. I once had a guy who cleaned his filters in bleach and was wondering why things never worked out for him

  3. Another great video!!!! We do not rely on our filters for bio-filtration. Our bio-filtration is done inside our tanks. Like you, we rinse all of our fx6 and other filters about every two months. Also change the carbon when rinsing is done.
    I think rinsing, instead of cleaning, may be the word you are looking for. You cover a lot of great points in this video.
    Really looking forward to your videos for this new tear.
    Thank You!!!

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