#How to Clean your Planted Aquarium, Maintenance Tips & Tricks (Hindi) 2020

#How to Clean your Planted Aquarium, Maintenance Tips & Tricks (Hindi) 2020

44 thoughts on “#How to Clean your Planted Aquarium, Maintenance Tips & Tricks (Hindi) 2020

  1. Dear All, Please Note the Subtitles are incomplete and will be updated soon, Thank you for all your support. Please do Share your favourite video to all your hobbyist friends and on Hobby groups, Thank you

  2. Hi, thank u it was informative.
    I have endler guppies and red cherry shrimp in my 75cm tank, what fish would u suggest to control population of guppi es & shrimp in the tank. Fyi it is a medium planted and has hidding spaces..

  3. Sir your videoes have created a lot of intersest for me at a young age. Hope you keep on giving us knowledge and information so we can grow as a better acuascaper. Thank you. Lots of love❤❤

  4. Thank you so much for sharing every single tip You don't know what I am learning as a hobbyist let me share you gist what I learnt from this video.
    1.I never knew we need to clean hoses of filter its just 45 days I have set up low tech aquarium I have eheim cannister filter we need to clean it and empty the water of it I never knew that
    2.There is spring washer availble to clean the junk present in it ( from where can I get that spring washer ? )
    3.How to clean diffuser the ADA solution
    4.There are two pipes and I came to know to trim the plants and similarly the residues present between the branches and stem that has to cleaned using small hose pipe while changing water

    Earlier I just use to clean the glass trim the plants and normal change the water
    Sir if I have concerns how to contact you ?
    I need tip I use RO water which takes 4 hours to change water everyweek how to overcome this issue ?

  5. Problem ye hai ki small large ho jaata hai aur maintenance parso chal jata hai xD
    Prolly the best aquascaping channel in India cheers!!!

  6. Bht acche information hai sir, aur apke video dekh k Mera aquascaping main aur bhi bht interest badta hai, aur iske liyea main dheere dheere thode thode cheeze le raha hu arrange krke☺️☺️☺️

  7. sir what about the heater.?palnted tank main heater kesay use krty hain.krty bhi hain ya nhi is pr bhi aik video bnain thanks

  8. And once more sir mujhe bataiye bonsai wood ke upar kaun sa low co2 small leaves plant Laga sakte hain ? ? Anubias Nana Ko chhod ke mujhe kuch option bataiye ???

  9. Sir I have a doubt and I think you are the best person to solve that. Sorry to question you here, my question is how much weight I can keep on a wooden table? Can I keep a 4ft long planted aquarium filled with seiryu rocks in a normal 4 stand wooden table? Sorry this is off topic but I will be real helpful if you can clear my doubt..

  10. Thank you Mayur Sir ! Truly speaking, this video is helping us a lot. We always have a common problem to maintain an aquarium. This kind of video is encouraging us to keep nature aquariums with proper way.

  11. Hi Mayur,finally good to see a Indian doing an youtube channel on Aquascaping.Great scapes and excellent tips keep up the good work.Looking forward for more videos.

  12. I cycle my tanks with betta fish with a Strict routine and observation. Change water(black water) daily 10% they look healthy and eat well. Actually they are better than the shop. Should continue this method to cycle my other tanks too?

  13. Best add 4 nerite snail, your tank will be super clean. I tried everything for alage, finally tried nerite snail and I was surprised to see the result in one week.

  14. When doin water changes, Do u use tap water treated with chlorine remover or RO water?
    Also…is it necessary to maintain a certain level of gh?

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