How to Cook Fish : Marinades for Cooking Fish

How to Cook Fish : Marinades for Cooking Fish

Hello this is Chef Sean Roe on behalf of
and our first step in fish preparation is making a nice marinade. As in all marinades
it is always compromise of one part of acid which could be wine, vinegar, citrus juice,
and two parts oil which I’m going to be using olive oil and a flavoring. So I’m going to
make a simple marinade of course this is completely up to your own preference. With fish I always
like to use white wine. So we are going to put a little white wine. I’m using a Sauvignon
Blanc which is a nice dry white wine. A little lemon juice for a little more acid. We are
going to be using some virgin olive oil for our oil. Again the purpose of our marinade
is for the acid to help tenderize the product and for the oil to maintain the fat content
and moisture. I’m going to put a little bit of chili powder in here give it a little bit
of a kick. Some thyme which really works well with fish. Some paprika and of course always some salt and pepper.
We are going to take that and whisk it around. Make a temperately motion. We are going to
place one piece of our orange ruffy into a baking dish and we are going to pour our marinade
over it. Now with fish there is not a lot of connective tissue or to break down so it
really marinade. It doesn’t add to much of the tenderness to it but it does add a lot
of flavor and moisture to it. You really have to marinade fish for about 20-30 minutes.

9 thoughts on “How to Cook Fish : Marinades for Cooking Fish

  1. How do you get rid of the fishy smell?

    Whenever i cook fish, i can smell it when I eat it, which is not nice. Any suggestions??

  2. @TaoistZenMaster
    Actually I have found the answer. The best way to eliminate the fishy odor is to lay slices of lemon and Ginger on and all around the fish while it's being broiled. Also Ginger powder seems to do wonders.

    With greetings from Iran

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