How to Cook Gill-to-Tail with Antonio Park

How to Cook Gill-to-Tail with Antonio Park

97 thoughts on “How to Cook Gill-to-Tail with Antonio Park

  1. I ate at this guy's restaurant a little while back and had some of the best sashimi I've ever eaten.

  2. It would have been cool if you should us what he didnt use from the fish. I found this channel 2 days ago it is now my obsession!

  3. Quite creative on his approach.
    However, I do find that in most if not all of the dishes presented, the true flavor of the fish is masked with other flavors.
    P.s. the fish eyes are not bitter and are actually a delicacy in many countries, Japan included.

  4. Awesome! This respect for ingredients is why Japanese food is so great. Sure it's not 100% traditional Japanese but it all sounds sensible and looks amazing! Would love to try all those dishes.

  5. Great chef and superb dishes but why did he throw the head in just to make stock ? The cheeks of the fish are the best part !  ( the eyes are not bitter) 

  6. watching all these makes me want to give up cuisine its incredible what all these guys can do its almost seems impossible for me to do it. Also please do a chefs night out. 

  7. Another vote for Chefs Night Out with Chef Park. His food looks spine tingling good. Way to get a head and some tail.Blessings ChefMike

  8. He's got a really nice knife set, I can tell one of them is a Miyabi but can anyone else identify the other santouka and the sashimi knife?

  9. wow. a chef that didn't drop the f bomb all day, didn't look grimey, and didn't have sleeve tattoos. this is refreshing!

  10. that one bowl that had the fish bones IS NOT A DISH! its a bunch of discarded parts you DONT EAT made too look like a dish! other than that the rest looks good.

  11. Was interesting to find he grew up in South America.. that's where his unique accent comes from 😀 

  12. I live a block away from this place, pass by it every other day, but I have not eaten there yet.. I might have to try.

  13. The Japanese lemon/lime he uses… sounds like he said sletchu and i did a small search on google and found several other alternative citrus. Does anyone know what it was that he was using in the first raw fish dish?

  14. This guy is what brought me to go to cooking school. He looks like a sweet happy kid on christmas morning when he talks about his ingredients, is so down to earth despite owning one of the best restaurants in montreal, and obviously is THE SHIT 😀

  15. Went to Park Restaurant after watching this video. Walked away feeling somewhat let down. You know Chef Park can cook from head to tail, but you won't find it at the restaurant.

  16. I've been to his restaurant 3 times. It's not for everyone (100-150$ per person) but it's by far some of the most unique and succulent experiences I've ever had. Antonio is the nicest chef, and his staff is really passionate.

  17. “It doesn’t matter if you spend a thousand berry or a million. You should never waste even a single scrap of food.”

    -Sanji (One Piece) 🙌

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