How to cook Tilapia Fish Curry | Indian Style Fish Curry Recipe

How to cook Tilapia Fish Curry | Indian Style Fish Curry Recipe

yeah how everyone please welcome and join me easy steps of cooking in Indian and Punjabi style I’m going to cook today a fish curry use the fish tilapia it’s a boneless skinless and I can show you zoom in individually wrapped and are frozen I’m going to use a six of these packs then I’m going to use the one onion small amount of ginger 2 pepper green pepper they are hot seven eight cloves of garlic and 4 tomatoes I need everything like a paste yeah I’m going to grind it mash it real well frozen fish what I’m going to do I’m gonna show you that it’s individually packed are frozen boneless skinless umm I’m not going to wash it at this moment but definitely I’m going to watch it to take the ice out of it so I’m going to make this big chunks not too small not too big because the fish itself the dish doesn’t take that long to cook so I’m going to do that I’m gonna wash it use my olive oil at this point so I don’t need to put into my tadka ginger onion AND POTATO put everything into food processor and make smooth gravy – POTATO my secret ingredients so gas on high and no olive oil at this point let me zoom in I’m going to show you how my tadka looks so beautiful this one looks perfect I can zoom in this is how my Tadka is looking once this tadka is all ready then I’m going to add my spices in two three three minutes I think I will be okay on it’s pretty much ready I’m just going to add my spices I’m gonna add the salt according to our taste cumin black pepper little bit of garam masala not too much and the coriander powder when can you do like this if you start seeing your pan or bottom of the pan and that means your tadka is pretty much cook we cooked it like a on a high gas now I lowered it down for like a three minute or so and you seen it so what I’m going to do it and please keep in mind keep the warm water you don’t want to color going to be original everything but since we wanted to make it more fancy I’m going to add a little bit food coloring and it won’t be too much just a little bit if you take a look just that much see now if you look at the color before and after the coloring its totally has been changed so what I’m going to do that I’m gonna add on now my fish in there and my fish pieces already cut it and washed it you know the fish is so delicate you don’t want it to put too much pressure on it tadka is all cook the curry is already cooked all mixed up and if we look now see how beautiful is already start turning out this is the curry well now I’m going to the gas low I’m going to put my lid on it or the max five minutes and this dish will be ready and I’ll share with you how it’s doing POTATO is all cook I put it slow gas that’s why I give them five minutes I’m just gonna and you make sure that you put your spoon underneath slowly you don’t press it hard because the fish is already deliciously looking it’s already cooked the fish is all grinding all best looks nice it’s already cook and the curry looks very nice and when the fish turns into white color that is already cooked so now I’m going to put in to pan I’m going to add my last ingredient which is going to be as I mentioned cilantro hi I already put it into the pan I’ll show it to you how beautiful it looks the fish looks so nice delicious and the curry all-natural flavors look like a creamy look I really appreciate for each and every one of you for watching Indian Punjabi style fish curry and I’m going to see you again with a new dish and thank you again for watching and you have a good day

61 thoughts on “How to cook Tilapia Fish Curry | Indian Style Fish Curry Recipe

  1. Hello, your dish looks great.  I couldn't understand what some of the spices were.  Can you please send me the list?  Thanks!

  2. Omg that look so good.. I never make fish curry. But I will try it and give my hubby surprise because he love fish :-)) thank you

  3. I was looking for a good fish curry recipe. I was skeptical about the potato but I tried it anyway. It came out great! I love cilantro so I added some pureed in with the fish. Wonderful flavor. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I will be adding this to my regular lineup.

  4. Thanks for sharing your recipe.   I am going to try this for dinner.  Sir what you keep calling Tadka is not Tadka..Its gravy.  Tadka is when you use oil-ghee, mustard seeds, cumin, kadi patta, hing etc to sauté vegies or gravy.  Hope u don't feel offended.  Hope my husband likes it as I am making it for him..God bless!!!!

  5. CURRY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Made this for dinner last night and it turned out beautifully. I also gave myself a pat on the shoulder.Thanks for sharing your tips!

  7. i was looking for something easy, delicious and quick and this was it. just made some using the potato secrete ingredient and hmmmmm mmmm!!!!! man was it good!!! thanks for the vid.
    you saved my belly 🙂

  8. You do realize turmeric is healthy for you and the color is just an addition to the flavor, and food coloring is awful for you.

  9. I cooked this curry while watching the video… It's super easy, super delicious, healthy and fast to cook … I cooked white rice on side … Love it … Finger licking good …

  10. it looks delicious but I am confused do you ever add any curry powder? it is not in your list of ingredients. thank you.

  11. I tried it today and my kids enjoyed it. Only twist was since I wasn't sure about the potato, to thicken the curry I used coconut milk and it turned out great…Thanks a lot

  12. My first time making Indian food, and this recipe came out great! I'm glad I saw your comment about adding potato, I don't think it would have come out right otherwise. I think you should put the potato back and to heck with the haters. Anyone who truly loves diverse cooking will totally appreciate an authentic recipe. Thanks!!

  13. My husband and I both loved this fish curry. It was my first time making any desi dish with fish and it turned out great, with a unique taste that isn't like every other curry – could maybe be the raw potato that I added at the start! I made everything in a blender, not food processor, and didn't need to add water for everything to blend well. Highly recommend. Thank you Chef!

  14. I made this recipe today it tastes great but its wayyyyyy to spicey lol inwas told 1 tsp on garam masala was too much 😅

  15. Thanks for this recipe. I usually cook Bengali style as a Bong but the masala turned out nice and different than my usual. How long do you cook the fish? I usually fry before I put it in so I know how long to cook but because this is put in raw, I'd like to know the timeline

  16. Thanks very much this is exactly what I was looking for, I'm going to do it soon, I'll let you know how good it turns out

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