How to Cure a Lionfish Sting!

How to Cure a Lionfish Sting!

– I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m
about to enter the spike zone with the lionfish. Three. Agh! Gah! Agh! – [Mark] You all right? Did he get you? – Oh, yeah. Agh. Ugh. – [Mark] Okay
let’s get you home. – Oh, man, dude. I’m lightheaded,
I’m lightheaded. All right, maybe it is a
little worse than I thought. (dramatic music) – [Mark] Let’s get you upstairs. – Woah. – [Mark] Where are the keys? – It’s actually
really pretty bad. Let’s just like open the
door and not film it. Dude, my arm’s on like, fire. – [Mark] Yeah I know. What are you doing over here? – Okay, so, (sighs). First, most important thing. Hot water, gotta get
hot water on my hand as soon as possible. Gotta heat it up. I’ll sit down here. Ah. Wow. – [Mark] You all right? – That is some radiating pain. Different than the tarantula
hawk and bullet ant, for sure. Okay. Let me collect myself. – [Mark] Yeah, so what’s
the game plan here, how do we treat this? – Okay the most important
thing for venom like this… You can also do this
with stingray venom, lionfish venom, most marine
creatures that can sting you and put venom into your
body, is hot water. As hot as you can stand. That heat breaks down peptides
and proteins in the venom. But the first thing I wanna do is actually just get
some hydrogen peroxide onto the wound and
clean it off first. Ah, that feels actually really
nice and cool on my hand. See that bubbling up? – [Mark] Yep. – [Coyote] That’s just
soaking down into the wounds. – [Mark] So the venom from
the lionfish can actually be neutralized, is that correct. – Yeah. I’m sorry guys, I know
you’re like, watching this, you think, “He’s
barely even talking.” – [Mark] Yeah, look
what’s happening. – (laughs) Yeah my hand is
in a lot of pain right now. Wow, I am gettin’
lightheaded, too. Guys I’m sorry. This is probably the
least put together– – [Mark] Do we need to stop? Do we need to like, be worried? – No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’ll get through this. I will get through this. As soon as… Ah, Mario, will you
go check on that. It’s gonna take a while for
that water to really heat up. Go see if that water’s
starting to boil at all. So the epsom salt, I’m
just gonna go ahead and dump this in now. – [Mark] How much do you put in? – Oh, you don’t need a lot. I’m gonna put in more
than you probably need. Probably just need
a couple teaspoons. I’m puttin’ in… – [Mark] Now what
does the salt do? – Smells good. That salt will actually also help break down the
proteins in the venom. So, it also soothes,
it also kills bacteria. It’s gonna kill and
break down the venom. It’s just good. They tell you use
epsom salt if you can. If you don’t have epsom salt, just warm water will
do a perfectly good job of breaking down… Breaking down the venom. Agh! (laughs) Oh man. It is worse now than
when I was stung. It’s worse than it
was two minutes after. I can feel it. It is just throbbing. – Here’s the water, it’s
pretty much boiled now. – Okay yeah, you
gotta dump that. Just dump as much as you can,
as much as will fit in here. – Ah, ah, ah, ah, hot, hot, hot! Ooh. That is almost
too hot to handle, but that’s okay, I’m gonna
keep my hand in there, that’s definitely gonna help break down proteins
in the venom. The most important thing that
could happen right now is that venom breaking down. Let me try to just kinda work
some of that into the wound. Kind of massage the
wound there a little bit. Aw man. – [Mark] You’re not
getting the instant relief you thought was comin’ your way? – It’s not instant,
it’s not instant. We gotta give it a few minutes. Okay, let’s do this. Let’s cut the camera– – [Mark] Okay. – For a couple minutes here. I’m just gonna let my hand
soak for about 15 minutes. We’ll come back and
I’ll show you guys the last steps here for
taking care of the wound. – [Mark] Okay. Coyote, it’s been
about ten minutes. How we feeling? – Ten minutes. Feeling better! Believe it or not my hand… Ah. Getting a little pruny. (laughs) That’s okay though. Still sore. Definitely still sore. I’m gonna continue to
soak it but I think it is at least to the point
where I’m able to converse with you guys
a little bit better. The warm water
definitely helped. Not immediately, it
certainly was not immediate. I would say about
five to six minutes in I was noticing some relief. My hand is still
throbbing, but it’s better. It’s considerably
better, in fact. Keep in mind that
everybody’s body reacts differently to venom. That is the most important
point that I can make. You can be stung by a honeybee and go into anaphylactic shock. Now, there are very
few reported cases of people having a
really negative reaction to a lionfish spiking
and the venom. So, if you are spined, barbed,
whatever you wanna call it, by one of these fish,
definitely pay attention to what happens to your body. Seek medical attention
if you feel as if you’re going into
anaphylactic shock, or having any sort
of allergic reaction. Now, where there still are
the marks from the spines, I basically just want to
apply my favorite, Neosporin. Brand new bottle, I always
bring a brand new one on every single trip. But you basically just
wanna take Neosporin, ooze that out there,
put it on the wounds and pay attention to
the wounds to make sure that you’re not having any
secondary infections set in. So I’m gonna let that
Neosporin sit there. I’m gonna keep that
open to the air and let that just soak
in and do it’s thing. Now this Neosporin is
for pain and it will also kill a lot of the bacteria
that potentially went into my hand. Now, if you feel as if
you’re starting to have an allergic reaction,
you can certainly take some Benadryl. I’ll probably take one of these
just as a safety precaution, and then of course any
basic ibuprofen will work for reducing the pain
and the swelling. Wow. Well I am still
lightheaded, and, believe it or not the
pain is actually kind of starting to come back in my hand now that it’s cooling off. I wanna get it back in
the hot water, but… Oh, guys, that was um… – [Mario] That was intense. – That was intense. – [Mark] Yeah. I’m glad you made
it through okay. We were gettin’
a little nervous. Mario, that was… That was kinda scary
there for a second. – Yeah. – Well, I mean guys keep
in mind that is the first time that my body has
been exposed to the venom of a marine creature. And I was nervous for
this one, I will not lie, and like I told you guys
on the boat this morning, that was the first time aside
from the manatee episode that I’ve ever snorkeled before, so I was just excited to be
able to catch one of these fish, get up close for the cameras. Hopefully we learned a
lot about these animals, and like I always
say, whatever you do, do not repeat what you
saw me doing at home, or on your own, admire these
animals from a safe distance, and everybody will
be safe and sound. Agh! I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. Come here, warm water. Ah. If you missed the main episode, make sure to go back and watch
as I enter the spike zone with the lionfish. Ouch! And don’t forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the crew on our next aquatic adventure.

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