How To Cut Aquarium Plants

How To Cut Aquarium Plants

Why trim aquarium plants? Above all, the main aim of a planted tank
keeper is to grow their plants. When aquarium plants are looked after correctly they will
grow rather quickly and just like a garden above water, they will need tending. Aquarium
plants will become overgrown and there are many good reasons to trim them. When plants are grown tightly in an aquarium
they will compete for space, the winner will take all the light and the loser will be left
in the shade, for this reason plants must be trimmed, otherwise some of the slower and
less aggressive growing plants may become smothered. Included in this are your fish,
some planted aquariums can become so overgrown that the fish have very little open space
to swim. Plants generally grow from the center, with
the older leaves on the outside. As the new leaves grow, the old leaf can become covered
in algae and in addition they may start to rot away as the plant discards them. Trimming
them will help to keep your plant looking its’ best and reduce waste from rotting leaves
entering your aquarium. Top Tip Just like terrestrial plants, trimming can
actually encourage growth in the plant, a regular trim can make a straggly plant become
bushy. When to trim and how much? The timing of trimming aquarium plants is
very individual to your aquarium, and it depends on the
look you’re going for and how fast your plants
are growing. If you’re ultra neat, then trimming weekly or even daily is plausible; if your
going for the natural look, then generally once a month is a good starting point. I recommend,
for an average planted tank, that you wait until your plants have at least doubled in
size before trimming them back. When trimming your plants, don’t be shy. It
can be scary to cut away plants that you have been nurturing, but they will be healthier
for it. Trim at least 30% of the foliage away, up to a maximum of 50%. Always focus on the
older growth and plant leaves that are old, covered in algae or dieing. Try to leave new
growth alone unless it is infringing in the points I raised in the “why to trim” section

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  1. Thank you for showing me how to trim the plants in my new planted aquarium. Many youtubers videos just point to the dying plants but they don't show them cutting it off. At least you show us how.

  2. My angelfish don't seem too healthy 🙁 they don't swim much I have a pair. Not sure what to do, I'm doing water changes every 1-2 weeks and try not to overfeed. Any tips??

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