How to DESTROY Aquarium Algae in Your Planted Tank

How to DESTROY Aquarium Algae in Your Planted Tank

No yeah your pet still fix it Oh miss thing boys it for
all what’s up fish tank people dustin’s fishtanks being
quiet at the no maintenance tank how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well
doing videos while the place is open it’s kind of scary but me and Elsa here
have work to do so in today’s video as I catch my breath we’re going to show you
what I’m going to do to remove and destroy algae in this tank hopefully
once and for all we’re gonna do a quick cleanup of some of the stuff we’ve got
around here you can see the tank is doing better than it was a couple of
days ago we still got some algae look the problem is too much light but we are
going to eliminate the light first things first we’re gonna remove as much
algae manually as we can we’re gonna do a water change we’re gonna fill it back
up we’re gonna feed the fish then we’re gonna say sayonara goodnight adios and
we’re going to black out this aquarium here we go alright first things first we
gotta be quiet stakeout people in here but I’m going to take the big boy siphon
right here we’re gonna siphon about 20 percent out manually get in there and
move some of the hair out dude hold on get the party started burn in doubt
water change it up and I manually remove this and I’m actually going to take the
siphon tube part off so we’re just left with the manually removing all this here and this will pull out as much as we can
before we do the blackout but the scrubbing went okay but what I want to
do is get as much of this stuff out of here as we can
prior to blackened out just cuz give the tank a nice bath before it gets off set
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videos we did on this tank on Monday to see the progress that we’ve made so far
we’re not out of the woods yet it’s not a one and done thing it takes time and
we’re just battling but I want to battle today without using any sort of like
peroxide or any sort of bleach tips or anything like that you’ll notice pulling
tight to the coppa yellow flame was underneath 175 watt metal halide in the
greenhouse and had the red it’s under less light here so it’s got a little bit
more green not as much red more light obviously more red pigments but in here
you can see the tips have changed a little bit still doing just fine now
note the busie falinda right here this plant has taken a beating but has come
back nicely the outer leaves were damaged punished whatever inner stuff is
just fine rough rugged plant just like the horse of the great Alexander the
Great of antiquity who was named after boosah phallus was a philanderer
and you can click the links around to see how the boost is doing in my
flooville b-26 tank where I’ve been running it for almost two years
so the siphon is going better now it’s pulling that up in there so the water here is draining good I
love this because the water is readily available we’ve got the threaded piece
here so I can kick this on and it’s just a big time-saver I didn’t do that big of
a water change I’m not as too concerned about the temps but I run it like this
with the water on to get my temps right I can compare the temp to this coming
out of the tank with the water here it’s close enough
I’ve already coordinated the tank so I’m gonna add this on there now I’m going to
sprint up there to make sure that it’s in there and I think the water got a
little warmer when the water got to the pipe so you always want to kind of hang
around for a second that’s coming in there good and while this fills we’re
gonna give them one last feeding somebody pointed out there’s a fish in
here that looks kind of sick I’m not gonna treat the sick fish and the algae
at the same time but this guy right here is not looking so hot so if anybody has
any clue of what’s going on with him please let me know he’s looking a little
a little little janky I don’t know what’s up with him all right so I’m gonna do something and
I have not done in a very long time with an aquarium you can use five milliliters
of bleach and a liter of water and you can take out everything you can scrub it
in a bleach dip well you can go the safe way this is really scary what we’re
gonna do is we’re just gonna whack the tank out so we’re not gonna have any
light today’s Friday so it’s gonna be off by like 11 o’clock on Friday and
we’re not gonna let any light in the tank at all
Saturday Sunday we’re gonna come in here Monday and we’re gonna reveal the tank
so I’ve got this stuff this is actually foam that I got with the 350 for my
friends at custom I’m going to use this foam I’m going to tape it to the back
I’m gonna use this foam tape it’s to the front and then I’m gonna use sensor in a
children’s pediatric clinic I brought my daughter’s Elsa blanket we’re gonna
cover it again after all that with the Elsa blanket and about Allah I don’t
know give it a nice little kid look where this place then Monday we’ll come
back and open it all up we’re gonna take this piece right here now we see what it looks like with a
black background take the lights unplug the lights timers
off the lights will be off say no more you want to make sure I’ve
done it before we’re gonna make sure that the plug is plugged in cuz I’ve
disconnected the fx4 before it’s still running I can hear it running so we’re
good so now the lights are off until I turn them back on
they always and in my experience doesn’t have to be perfectly loved no light but
the closer you can get to it the better or something there might be a couple
cracks down my throat like it over top it as well so is the algae while it’s
simple to grow and it grows fast it also can die fast and the plants and
everybody’s worried about their plants your plants will be fine I’ve imported
plants from Asia and Africa and they’ve been in boxes for five days so these
plants in a healthy system in water that have just gotten a water change will be
completely fine I got it oh look at that almost almost this around here and what I’m gonna do
for this little gap right here is I’m just gonna tape it that’s actually gonna
have some visual through it but whatever the best price to work unfortunately I wish the élysée blanket
was more the–why it’s not your pet dad oh no and as you can see here folks this
fish tank is now officially closed for the Easter holiday sorry everyone here
the wonderful baby health has to look at it for another hour and hour and a half
or so obviously had some little battle wounds but if you like this hit the
subscribe button notification button and we’ll bring you an update on how this
looks after it’s been blacked out for a couple days click links around and check
out more on that no maintenance tank stay tuned for videos this weekend I got
a bunch of great stuff come out and Colorado a lot of cichlid tank a lot of
playing tanks a lot of salt a tank on everybody make it here we can later

71 thoughts on “How to DESTROY Aquarium Algae in Your Planted Tank

  1. You make me nervous running with the hose flapping around. 😨 Please wind it up properly or you're gonna do yourself a mischief and a broken Dusty would not be cool! 😁

  2. So cool,Elsa towel to top it,well done D. I have only seen the intro.if only I had the courage to run with syphon and stuff like that, SuperD

  3. Algae is a pain to get rid of , especially BBA , ive found less light really helped but unfortunately had to clip alot off my java ferns that were doing great but their starting to bounce back now

  4. Here is my BIG FAT THUMBS UP especially for that siphon running! Gotta make that an official sport for us in the hobby!!!

  5. Your little platy looked like it had the shimmies. Shimmies are common in livebearers when the pH drops below 7. Just a thought.

  6. I'm no expert and maybe I just got lucky with the type of algae I had, but I threw a couple of anti fungus tabs into my 30 gallons and the algae was all gone the next day.

  7. Hi there. We just got a 55G tank and stand and the stand is like yours. Does this tank have to sit flush on the frame because this one seems to be a bit short in width.

  8. If anyone has a 10 gallon or 20 gallon long tank they do not want or need anymore hmu on instagram at fishing_freak_tv

  9. Pro tip… If you fold the tape so it sticks to itself, and give it a little tug, it tears easily. This works with most standard packing tape. It saves your teeth, and doesn't tip the skin off of your lip.

  10. Would it be worth painting back and sides and going for a solid top, reduces the amount of ambient light getting in?

  11. Dustin…. I'm curious, how do you remove hair algae from roots on Bucephelandra and/or Anubias?
    Friend of mine tank has hair algae on the roots. Seems to almost be choking them out. I've removed manually as best I can. 50% water changes. Increased oxygen and flow. Reduced light, and feedings. But these sit on driftwood, about 2" below water level. And really the only place in the tank that the hair algae is thriving!!?
    HELP! Lol.

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