How to Do a Fishtail Braid | Braid Tutorials

100 thoughts on “How to Do a Fishtail Braid | Braid Tutorials

  1. This video sucks at explaining! it doesn't even show us the the process. I could only see her fingers and cross this and cross this??? I guess ❓

  2. Wow reading through all these angry and mean comments about the model… some people must be a little bit jealous of her good looks. Get a life kids.

  3. How am I supposed to learn how to braid my lady’s hair when I can’t keep up w this basic bitch’s voice, well honey, sorry in advance 🤪

  4. Please everyone stop going on model's face it's better than yours and see how nicely and neatly it was made see their hard work not their faces😡😡.

  5. Your hair model looks like she's just chewed a wasp!!!… It really would be nice to see a faint smile or at least try to look pleasent!

  6. The girl was like " try this itsworth it it definitely didn't hurt it I DEFINITELY DIDNT ALMOST GET BALD BY THIS WOMAN PULLING MY HAIR

  7. Why are you showing it from a side view if you want it to be done correctly by yourself you can't show a side view

  8. This is the best tutorial of the fish tail braid I've ever watched. Great job!! Yeah I have the agree with a few..the model doesnt look very happy or nice. The attitude look she was going for didnt happen.. smile next time girl please..

  9. I hate how on most tutorials like this the camera doesn't zoom in or change angles to follow what the hands are doing, you can't really see which strands she's holding in which fingers which makes it hard to follow when she crosses strands over.

  10. Right off the bat, the first time the models face is shown, she has a snarky, attitude looking face…Either that’s just her resting/Natural look, or she is acting like she is toooooooo good for this, lol! And I am NOT the only one who has said that, either!

  11. WOOOOOW!! I've never seen fishtail braid before, I just learn something.😮😊👍you do the hair good, even at the end covering the elastic, very nice.😁🤗

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