How To Do Water Changes in your Aquarium Fish Room. “Gary Don’t Carry”

How To Do Water Changes in your Aquarium Fish Room. “Gary Don’t Carry”

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing you a filtration and maintenance video
with mr. the legendary Gary Lang in his 85 tanks he takes care of Gary I have to
first of all thank you for taking me around all day today and show me all
kinds of awesome fishermen I’ve had absolute riot I wanted to show I mean
it’s all about doing the work and making it easy to do the work and you’ve got a
great system here you’ve got 85 tanks so I’d love for you to just kind of take it
away and how you make it easy on yourself to do this you do a lot of
water changes take it away man how do you do all your
work as soon as we’ve heard from all the people that you’ve gone to visit today
the most important thing everybody kept saying is water change water change
water change how do you do them quick how do you do them easy that’s the
important thing well I mean I start with the simple
siphon hose well this is a great way to get the nasty stuff either off your
gravel or off your bare tank that’s a good thing but what are you going to do
you’re going to put it in a bucket you’re going to carry that bucket to the
sink only crazy people do Gary don’t carry okay Gary don’t carry don’t
carries and when it comes to water so what are you going to do with that you
can take something as simple as this guy right here this is my gutter drain this
is so cool we’ve got a piece of gutter we’ve got the holders that would
normally go on the side of the house you sort of make a keyhole lot of I’m going
to show that so you see those key holes and lips right on there you silicon in
these pieces of guttering so that’s nice gutter and oh yeah on each one and then
you put a bulkhead fitting on there see that bulkhead fitting yeah
I’ve used the on this one I use a half inch you get some nice braided hose
because you don’t want it to bend put an elbow in there and boom you got it where
you want the braid hose because block is that way yes sturdier and it doesn’t
Bend because you get a kink you know once you get a kink bit off okay it
stops up on you so and then I can screw into all my racks you can do this with
wood racks or the metal racks you put screws that are exactly the same
distance apart and this goes into this rack goes into one above above even
though yeah even and fits just just perfectly you go in
there you take your your siphon tube that we’re talking about siphon it out
put in there now at the same time a lot of times I don’t siphon a whole lot out
of here I’ll just get the bottom out of there and and then I’ll do something
different because I don’t want to be sitting there going like this holding
this making sure the fish aren’t going to go down the drink that’s too much
effort I got other things to do I’m going to be cleaning those sponge
filters so you can do something easy like this or you can do something a
little bit more complicated with something like this you put on the
different lengths of tube this is a solid piece of tubing and then you’ve
got the bulkhead fitting again this is the strainer or the bulkhead fitting it
goes on the end of this and you can make them whatever length if you’ve got a 10
gallon tank you put it up to this one if you got a 75 you put it in the longer
one just pop that thing in there start the siphon this is always the thing it’s
got it how good can you suck just the right amount right boom look at that or
in your system you got it and boom you got the water going I was a little bit I
didn’t want to suck a bunch a film there but good all is it good there’s a good
hole and then it’ll go down halfway you know this one’s a little bit longer than
for this tank but in then way and then you got in then the water is gone and
Nikita is you can move the hell on right I mean you set that go do something else
because I’ve got more important things to do than sit there and watch watch
water go down the drain right well when you told me the other day you said that
you know you you have a fish room to breed and watch rainbows not clean yeah
not clean and what do you say not clean and maintain them right way to do things
I want to sit there and watch you sing now that’s one of the methods that I use
the other method that I use is also where the drinking water goes that the
hoses keep used you’re always supposed to do this stuff ahead of time get it
all yeah whatever we get today so hose the hose goes right into this the one in
goes right into the sink here uh-huh in the sink like this and
again we use the variable adjustments on here I’ve got an on/off valve you pop it
in to this tank like this this is for a 75 gallon tank the shorter one is for
all my 40 breeders so it drains down halfway does fantastic I got around here
for the 10 gallon tank which is a little bit shorter still and then when you’ve
got the tank for the fry tank ah something like that with a sponge filled
sorry male suck up your fry but this this is a fantastic way to get gets
those tanks and a lot of Tanks I mean you’ve got I mean I’m seeing a lot of
site but you can get it going to do things fast again I do have other tanks
that are drilled like this if you look at these guys here all these 20 highs
have have their drilled in the bottom and you know again I’ll take the siphon
get a little the dirt off the bottom that I have to do in a bucket but then
you come down here grab this tap right here yeah that’s a slick set up and then
I’m changing that I’m cleaning the filter while the waters draining Jerry
don’t carry Jerry don’t carry I love it what do I do with these tanks down here
though because they’re too low they’re too low for the siphon to work you got
to get rid of the water somehow this is a cool little device I got from Genco
and I also use this to clean my 220 because I don’t day I’m getting rid of
50 percent of the water 110 gallons I want to do it quick I don’t have time
this that hose won’t go out there this puppy does it’s it’s it’s it’s variable
so you can decide if I want 20% of the water 10% of the water 100% of the water
just depending on where that is that’s got a pump on it so pump on there and
it’s that once the old maxi jet he sells them with different ones I put the
biggest one I could get on there so I pump out the water’s fast as I can
got a strainer on there so you don’t suck up fish get it set up you put a lot
of times I’ll put a hook like this on the end of it so that it
looks right right of the sink put this in the tank plug in it pickle do
something go do something else you know and then also and after a while you’ll
hear the pump song home home home but the maxi jets they don’t burn out
now if you left them there for four days you know they might burn out but for a
half an hour or something forget and boy that’s it that’s a fast way to get rid
of water so that’s that’s how I get rid of water how do I quit water back that’s
the that’s the other question I have three barrels on the other side of the
room that I fill up in they’re interconnected and oh I forgot about
this it’s not it’s a it’s an old ke way to do it what I’d probably rather do is
have a pre-filter and two carbon blocks that way because I have poor means I
have to get rid of that corner drive otherwise they kill my fish but I’ve got
this setup and I’ve got a pond pump in the bottom of one of those one of those
pumps and I just and I’ve got a remote switch you get these at Lowe’s you read
those are Lowe’s yeah you get these at Lowe’s or or any of the big hardware
stores you click the button boom you got your
water no man now the one thing is you know I am NOT I’m not a real bright guy
sometimes I will pick up a 20 in one pump on one tank and walk away go clean
another filter and start working around and also I go oh isn’t that a lovely
waterfall it’s really great you know I get this lovely waterfall in my fish
remember wait I don’t have a waterfall American water off the floor so um you
know it’s one of the advantage you have to pay attention for a little bit of
time so but other than that but still is it the remote pump is pretty slick
though I mean that’s if you’re scrambling down the steps that’s a good
thing this is a much better way to do it when I fill those barrels which are on
the other side again quick disconnects are your are your friend in the fish so
when it’s time to go fill those barrels I unhook it from the pump and the other
room so it’s or straight into the pump put the right adapter on here and a
smarter thing than a two-way adapter there’s some that they sell at Lowe’s
that have four of these so you could permanently leave one setting on one I
I got cheap and I just went with the 2-1 but I probably should go up by the 4 1
put that puppy on bother sweeping it to begin with turn this one on here to
pretend it’s winter time get the hot water right get this right take the
thermometer get everything right once all the temperatures right then
open this one up and then start filling the barrel up in the other room and I
know that it takes 10 minutes for my barrels to fill up so I set a timer
because again if you don’t watch it you’ll end up with a waterfall in the
other room so you don’t want it you don’t want to do that either and so so
if I was starting this from scratch I would say go out even they get a
pre-filter in two carbon blocks and the carbon blocks do what explained with
those the RV blocks are going to take out the Corning out of the water for you
because they’re going to take out the chloramine and that way you can again
you that’s an inline thing that’s it sits on the wall sort of like like this
ro unit is it kind of looks the same way but much bigger you’ve got a pre-filter
and then two carbon blocks and you replace but you know you read the
directions on the carbon block they’re like 20,000 gallons or something so we
wrote out how many gallons you’ve gone through and you replace the one that
uses the most that gets the chlorine first and you take this one move it back
to that one and then replacing it wasting where you pick those up Junko so
those or on the these aren’t carbon blocks right but the carbon block is
somebody want to get a car block and pick those up at Lowe’s and Menards is
where everybody really they’ve been picking up so Menards is the place and I
and one of these days I’ve got to do it and plumb the stuff in the other room
because that would be the smartest way to do it but the cheap and easy way is
you can fill up the barrels add your prime to those barrels stir it around
with the the pump get all the you know it only takes ten minutes to to declaw
roll that water and then start pumping blob to tank but do it fast do it easy
because who wants to be changing water I want to be enjoying enjoying it man and
you do have an enjoyable free throw these babies you know look at those guys
look at this on describe fish down here you know yeah I’d rather be watching
those guys than the change in water or carrying buckets of water yeah it would
be a muscle man if I all that but Gary don’t carrier you
don’t care about water that’s awesome good thank you so much Gary the man tank
on everybody else what’s up dad special technique

94 thoughts on “How To Do Water Changes in your Aquarium Fish Room. “Gary Don’t Carry”

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  22. Tip for Gary – I wired a 12V buzzer to a 12V transformer and I used a 3 way plug with a an on/off switch, so when I turn the return pump using the switch the buzzer stays on reminding me to shut it off. I used to spill a lot of water. Now I don't spill any! Hope that helps.

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  27. I have been keeping fish since I was 10. 53 years. The one thing I despised was water changes. I had a 200g shallow reef tank. I took a 200g plastic cattle trough. At this time I was on public water. I would fill the tank with 100g water using 3 150W heaters and a whisper 1000 air pump for aireation with 4 air stones. Apply the declor and the salt, turn on the heat set to 85. I would run this for t a week before I would do the water change. The next weekend I used a mighty giant water to drain the tank and then with a hose from the basement where the trough was located I would pump the fresh salt water back to the reef.

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