HOW TO eBOOK // behind the scenes of our vegan recipes

what’s up guys welcome back welcome back we’re Eamon and Bec
for those of you who don’t know we have been working non-stop basically
what feels like 24/7 on our new recipe book all of the recipes we printed or
wrote out on those white sheets of paper you saw in the windows and as you kind
of saw there they’ve all been ripped down which means they’re complete we’re
basically done making and photographing every single recipe we have like two
left that we’re gonna finish up this week but we are so thrilled to be done
and we wanted to kind of give you a look into what it would be like making a
cookbook so we just did kind of part one of that last week and here is the last
5-6 days welcome back to the kitchen everybody first I just want to say thank
you to everyone for your positivity about encouraging words on our latest
video talking about our big project we are making this cookbook we are on day
four now working super hard in the kitchen today we’re working on a recipe
that we think is going to change your life I’m serious about that we want to
have a few pantry staples and this one I’m not gonna tell you two minute of it
it’s a dried burger mix or falafel mix so you can just take all of the spices
the herbs the oh it’s like everything that we recommend you put it into a
mason jar or into a storage container then any night of the week you can come
home and whip these up just add water so this is us cooking up on the cooktop
here and this is what it looks like already cooked it looks good but you can
also of course put them in the oven we get it is chewy and delicious when we
say freestyle Friday we really mean that we whip it up so I wish I was just
filming that but as he does this he’ll just pretend he’s measuring and then
he’ll go yeah about 1/2 T that’s too much holy that’s salty what are you
talking about that’s wait that’s too salty this is a teaspoon this one
already looks better Oh No
so you like the lighter one because this one’s way less ingredients actually
that’s why I’m sending him to the grocery store for tomorrow you ready and
I am tackling day five though we’ve become more smart with our recipes and
we saved some breakfast so that we can actually eat breakfast so it’s early
it’s nine o’clock we’ve already made our pancake recipe is that tomorrow no that
looks so good oh it might be one too much good yeah it’s higher than the milk
they go higher down a little bit we just moved everything that’s been complete to
this one so it’s 20 20 recipes so we’re halfway guys 25 and basically I was just
saying to a man like would it be cool if we took everything off this window we
move everything over there and then like the night before so for example today
we’re doing Buddha bowls they’ll be like right here and they move up with the
check mark selector I like it to it so this one here is a Rebecca Maroni
original Wow it’s really helpful to sit down and
spend a couple minutes trying to evaluate how you want to style the
photos and what props you need and it looks like we we still need a few items
to get through the day so a number of you actually recommended we check out
thrift stores in last week’s videos in the comments and that’s a great idea so
we’re gonna head to Value Village to see what they got plate bowl like spoon so many options we’ve only
been here three minutes I know this is definitely legit call yeah there’s balls
these plates this cute thing this attend made this thing to put like bread with
the napkin I don’t know what that is also this has got to be the busiest
Valley Village ever been in my life I guess it’s Halloween but this place is
crazy often here shoe number one with Valley Village props close to 99 99
cents we own that cloth this is our summer boudoir ball I think I’m gonna
eat this right now I know what’s gone on here guys but when it comes to this
ebook a lot of people are gonna think it’s all ‘if it’s this chick when she
gets suited up just killing it on the recipes this is her recipe I’m not gonna
show you that but that’s my small it is little appetizers people are asking what
we’re doing with all the food to be honest we’ve it’s not that big of an
issue for us it really is it and what it is we invite everyone over and like
we’ve fed him and set some pancakes this morning so you know but we’ve been we’ve
been really strategic like I said earlier we’ve now learned like make one
breakfast make one lunch I’m like make one dinner and then it’s your dinner and
your breakfast we learn our mistake with the smoothies we made we’re smoothie
though through all this what do you think of that fall Buddha soul is the
best thing around yeah it’s insane right so I don’t know why people
overcomplicate dressings the dressing is four ingredients equal parts I could
tell you what it is you gotta buy the book as you guys are seeing it is one thing
to develop the recipe go grocery shop go Prop Shop make the food stage the food
take a photo of the food edit the food but the worst of everything is what it
takes to clean up all that food as if you just did all those dishes
nice try just spent an hour behind the sink there but you know what my favorite
thing to do I can’t remember where I first learned this was to change the
words I have to do I get to and it’s pretty cool that we get to do this and
hopefully make a living from doing things like this so yeah I get to do
this for my job and that is freaking cool I get to do the dishes
I get to edit some photos right now and I’m super excited about that floor that
sounds like you’re really excited to do it I can’t take that away from you what’s up guys good morning III did to
do two of the part two series no sneak to the part two no it is
we’re expired on our rental stuff so we’re going back to that food group
store and we’re eating some of these that we made for they cook the breakfast
I didn’t know that forgot to vlog but successful we spent like double the
amount of money but we kind of figured it would get enough because 160 but it’s
a home with the discount that we’re gonna get right you remember that he
gives you a 35% discount if you bring it back within 48 hours so that’s good
right I asked her like why it was so expensive
or something like that I’m just like well you chose all the premium stuff
he’s like yeah sounds about right I have a premium premium pal I I’m not a
premium spender but obviously like when I’m picking out stuff and I don’t
gravitate towards like cool funky balls over a white flame ball I chose of these
two white balls all right you want to go get a coffee
yeah are we literally the same person are you kidding me right now no need I
need a coffee today we don’t even drink coffee I was literally just about to ask
you can we go get a coffee we’re gonna go watch that’s crazy where are we gonna
do on that’s delicious
great coffee thank you so much – have a good one
this coffee’s are working I could just ran into her start on the washroom and
now I just ditched the cart to follow her lead I don’t know where the washroom
is though hey this way it’s 12:30 we’re just
getting started which means we have about five hours of good light five
maybe six hours and we’re trying to do four recipes
five recipes so let’s go excellent how you doing are you gonna be joining us
for our five five meal of tapas well today is our soup we’re gonna start with
soup and then we’re gonna lead into a mushroom stroganoff a sun-dried tomato
pasta a Caesar salad and then finished off with the chili guys I’m so excited
to share this recipe with you this is a one-pot mushroom stroganoff so simple so
creamy so delicious what do you think we’re like blown away by this recipe
okay probably the last shot of the day and a man’s got the blowtorch out so
that’s a good sign okay let’s show them this first before
anything else okay so these are our no-bake protein bars and he’s remelting
the chocolate to give you guys a glossy finish what day is it today
what’s up Thursday yesterday it was super successful today we got up early
it’s gonna be another amazing day working on the e-book I think we’ve been
really lucky because it’s been overcast which means that the light coming in has
been really really well lit with no shadows and now
that it’s sunnier outside we’re getting a lot of shadows so we’re actually going
to pick up this whole setting and move it outside
excuse me book by the highway our neighbors are going to think we are
cooked little pro tip if you’re wanting photos
to look a little bit more robust you don’t to make a lot of food in a little
phony how are you it’s it’s Eamonn this is Eamonn your grandson yeah and what’s
the what’s the verdict yeah very nice the best you ever have is
it the best you ever had okay we have completed 43 recipes I
can’t even get a woot woot we just made an amazing lentil of some surprise
brownies it’s just like you know but it’s day seven or eight today and we’re
feeling it for sure it’s all good it’s all good it’s all good
what’s up Texas welcome back to Canada Texas in my head because we just sold an
account to Texas got the chai wallah in Texas we have got a crazy busy day look
at the wall look at the wall there is eight Wow
we’re smashing five of those right now let’s get at it
I guess obsessed with the shadows now that we’ve kind of noticed them so
little folder today but here’s the setup hey go brother enjoy that all your
spilling everywhere good had a lot of questions in last week’s
video about where the food’s going where you bringing that Bob chef freezer and
he needs to sign off on the recipes there are two things we’ve been fighting
about about this cookbook number one I believe there’s shadows
inside I know there’s shadows inside and if we go outside it’s like overcast
enough over in front of our building that it’s beautiful lighting and Ayman
never wants to go inside to shoot and number two he wants to garnish
everything with black pepper like every dish needs black pepper on top or he’s
not happy and he just snuck some black pepper on this curry and it looks like
trash it was so pretty before I’m right right no black pepper on the curry dish
block black pepper on the curry dish which photo is better come on some of
you believe somebody vote for me just going through the edits of today’s show
we’re not showing out anymore what I just want to show them this one that I
photoshopped all gangster she’s pretty you see we didn’t buy this much veg yeah
but we’ve prepped it all yeah and took that photo and then made the dish and
then stamped it in the money and saving food we just want to wrap up this video
by saying thank you so much for your encouragement with this new project
we’ve been having so much fun learning new skills and photography of food and
just like just pouring our hearts into something else yeah it’s been a super
intimidating process to think about 52 recipes and get your ideas kind of onto
paper and then translate them into photos and it’s a huge huge daunting
task and at first it was kind of like let’s just do it later let’s do it we
didn’t think it was possible to do it right so we figured we’d block off the
past two weeks and just smash it and job well done I have to say we’re really
probably really excited we’re hoping to have it live for you guys by
Thanksgiving or at least the holiday so stay tuned thank you for everyone who’s
been asking about that we will of course keep you updated but yeah I hope you
enjoyed the behind-the-scenes about this got a little bit more cut out for her
she’s doing all that the text and writing cuz those are not my specialties
and I’ll be running the business so she’s got a you got
baby you got a pretty busy week huh yep and it’s your birthday don’t forget it’s
your birthday this is going out on Sunday then Monday is your birthday so
make sure you write in the comments below okay until next time guys we love
ya come on I stay hungry

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