How to feed your dog antibiotics

How to feed your dog antibiotics

Today I show you how to feed antibiotics to
your dog. We use the best treat in the whole world. German Liver Sausage We are going to feed two pills every 8 hours.
This poor animal needs to eat 160 pills over the next four weeks. He figured out, that the regular pill pockets
contain the antibiotics. Now it is time to trick him with better stuff. We use a slice, that is as long as a pill.
Then we cut it in 4 quarters, and insert a pill in two of the quarters. Shape it nicely, in a way, that you don’t
see the pill. Watch how i do this. It is not very difficult.
We are prepared to give it to the dog. The more time we take, the more he wants it.
That is good for the cause. Wow, that looks really good. Restrain yourself,
we don’t want you to eat it, because it smells so yummy. Now feed one, and show and offer the next
one already. When the first one is gone, give the second
one immediately after. Then the third and forth the same way.
No time for the dog to think. Swallow as fast as you can little guy, yes, that’s right. Job done! No problemo!

7 thoughts on “How to feed your dog antibiotics

  1. Has alot of onion in it, onion is toxic to dogs. Try a 1/4 slice or less of bread with peanut butter on it, and mush around the pill. Anything but chocolate or onion.

  2. My dog just choose on the food and spits out the antibiotic I’ve hidden it in beef ravioli noodle
    chicken, cheese, peanut butter, regular butter, Turkey, I even prepared still when he’s chewing on the food before he spit it out I have another piece waiting he spits it out of his teeth onto the floor

  3. For anyone watching. If you think it will work for you, I have been crushing amoxicillin in a pill crusher (or any small container) and making a solution with pedialyte or water. I use a syringe and squirt it past his tongue . There’s no choice anymore at that point and he has to swallow it

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