How to Fillet Fish : Remove Gills from Fish

How to Fillet Fish : Remove Gills from Fish

Hi! This is Brue Marnie on behalf of Expert
Village. In this segment, we are going to show how to gut a saltwater fish. Once we’ve
completed the incision along the abdomen, now we are going to grab the fish’s opercular
plate and open up the gill area reaching in with our finger and lifting out the belly
of the fish, lifting it out this way. Okay. The next thing we are going to do is take
our knife blade and insert it underneath the section of the fish that we just completed
slicing and make a shallow cut so that we free up this portion of the fish’s abdomen
from the gill area. Secondly, we are going to take our knife and slice underneath what
would amount to the throat of the fish. We are going to make a slice like this and a
slice like that so that we open up this area just beneath the chin of the fish. Next we
are going to separate the parts just forward to the pelvic fin, separate them wide like
this, grab the section that we just isolated by cutting which is the gill arches here.
We are going to grab those gill arches. Now in a larger fish, you may need to relief cut
down here the base of the gill arches. You may need to take your knife and make a slight
cut down here and right here just at the base of the gill arches to aid you in removing
the gill’s from the head of the fish. Reach your thumb and forefinger under the throat
area that we just cut and pull the gills back away from the base of the skull. That may
take a little bit of a tug to break the gill arches loose from the base of the skull but
just go ahead and pull towards the tail. They come loose and all the guts come out in one
piece. So now that we’ve pulled the gills and guts out of the fish, a handy trick is
to have a ziploc sandwich baggie available to just drop the guts and gills into, seal
it up and throw it into your garbage can.

57 thoughts on “How to Fillet Fish : Remove Gills from Fish

  1. have that ziploc bag ready or be sure it's garbage day or you'll regret it, big time (day old fish entrails stinks like there's no tomorow)

  2. The video is nice but I recomend two things:
    1: when I fish I scale off and clean the fish in the sea so you throw away the guts in the water and dont carry them to your home.
    2: I also carry ice when is a long trip to put the clean fish in it so it will not spoil, if is not a very long trip it is not necesary but is recomended

  3. Mr. Marnie,

    Great video! It's the only video on YouTube that shows the proper cleaning method. FYI, I used a variation of your technique for French presentation of trout. This way, you do not slit the belly, only make a relief cut at the anus. The rest is cut the same as your way. The guts are removed by pulling out the front of the abdomen, and the trout looks intact. Makes a good presentation, but does not work on larger fish.

    Thanks so much for your video.


  4. If you gut fish on a lakefront or oceanfront property you can throw the fish guts back in the water. The gulls and other fish will eat it.

  5. @ArmadilloDealer catfish love this.. and also most larger fish are cannibals, they eat other smaller fish all the time.

  6. @biofire yeah, but if you freeze them to hold onto them they sure as hell make good crayfish bait. And crayfish taste good

  7. I was watching this for bushcraft/survival stuff I want to try (only a few 100 yards into the woods) And I could easily use the entrails for bait right? Although, I know to make it pretty far from camp to avoid the smell or bears coming into camp.

  8. Hippies eat animals to big misconception. I mean if your hungry eat it's nature animals eat other animals. Just do not over endulge like we do in society today.

  9. He didn't mention the spinal fluid which will bitter the taste of the flesh if cooked whilst still present in the gutted fish – experienced my arse.

  10. ok confused here why gut a fish if really just gonna fillet the fish? I mean slice around that fin on side the fish then slice down the back and the stomac all the way down thru the tail and done….toss everything else Im so confused

  11. He explained in the video – if you're a novice at filleting, it's easier to use a gutted fish so if you screw up, you don't puncture the fish guts and ruin the flesh.

  12. Thank you so much for this. I don't know what I would have done without it. Making fish head soup for the first time. Wow, removing the gills was totally yucky but your video got me through it!  Thanks again.

  13. We just use newspaper to line the kitchen sink and then remove the gill. Afterwards, its wrapped up and immediately discarded

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