How to filter your fish room: Fish Room of a Legend Chuck’s house

How to filter your fish room: Fish Room of a Legend Chuck’s house

and then a Val tank eye that is got dirt
at the bottom which is one of the reasons that Val grows very well but I
have to harvest it out every month or so and sell it because otherwise it just
grows a tank shut what I do the tank gets black from the dirt that I pull up
that’s one thing one of the issues with a dirty tank and that’s a wholly tanks
part of it it’s it’s uh there was the bow down there there’s now a another
high groffle high drop Allah so low suppo Leah that’s a different one yeah
and this is Linea Milano gasps turn on the black belly blue mia okay and then
as we walk to the back here oh you’ve got one of my favorites I love these
guys the weather looks yeah love the
personality on yeah you got a goal is to raise those killer a little bigger than
maybe put them outside spawning ah so I wanna I want to talk obviously a lot of
tanks here how do we do maintenance on this do you have a routine what is your
system like can we talk about like just general maintenance in the filtration of
this icy air zone and all of your tanks so what give me kind of your philosophy
on you don’t see a lot of power filters in my tanks right what you’ll see will
be a lot of hairs air stones and air filters I use that to keep the water
turned over I left the ammonia the first my first line of defense is letting the
ammonia gas off the surface which is why I turned the water over if I have
ammonia from overfeeding first line of defense say this again so the folks can
hear it again so your first line defense you have a lot of gas exchange I want to
take the water that’s at the bottom right which is if there’s dirt that
falls to the bottom that’s where ammonia is going to be produced I want to move
that water up here and give it a chance for ammonia to escape into the air
that’s the personal outer defense okay okay so our let it gas and ammonia moves
into the air very readily so that will help then my second line of defense is I
have a lot of sponge filters in most of my taste seeing that and that’s
essentially a miniature version of the matin filter as an example it’s it acts
as a bacterial bed these have not been changed in a year in most cases ice and
so it’s pulling the water through it was some detritus out of this out of
the dirt coming out of the water right into it and it traps it in there and
then the bacteria break it down and they will break it down into nitrite and then
nitrate which is which is in the water right then right and and then I have
most tanks I have a lot of hard work now I have other plants those are actually
using the dye trait and nitrite and turning them into plant material so I
can actually take it out as a solid form from my tanks and you’re feeding the
plans and so I move that I’m using the nitrogen cycle to take my nutrients out
in addition about every week I do about 1/3 water change third water change
I look this is best-looking giant Annie as I’ve seen by the way I love the red
on them I use either as dinner fish yeah yeah and then look and I can we shown
the lab back here what you got going on back here it keeps going okay like ice
like a classroom safe set up here my nano tank
sure nano tank that’s gut grass there’s some more Mario phillium here’s the four
spotted Merry Widow you can see there’s a big Maureen elephant before there’s
shrimp in there there’s about ten specie plants about ten specie of fish is
probably about that many plants I got to show these I’m loving these bright
Barb’s right here whatever the heck they are those are awesome I take a seat here
and then you’ve got the different Lotus two different Lotus yeah those little is
uh this is the Fayette micrantha micrantha
yeah and normally when it’s going well there will be a little plant that will
develop right at the base of that petiole I seen that actually can take it
off and root it it’s a little difficult it will also reproduce the bulbs down
below so it’s a bulb that plant hated being moved I got some down the guy out
did you see there’s some more wittle girl willow leaf back there and end of
the first episode soared by prime probably I can adores Blair mm-hmm Blair
and I Blair well what haha there’s a red Phillip
sword which grows for me very person a lot of other melons yeah
they never do as well as the Blair for me you guys got me saying Blair and the
water a groffle deform us floating there is that water doh that’s water sprite
yes it’s grown I’ve seen it so much above
water eise I haven’t seen looking like that and then up here all this fun
swirly most of the I am because I have was having an algae problem in here so I
tried to move the handbook is over here but they’re difficult to catch so I got
about half and you can that’s half yeah well you saw the other
is oh and I’ve got a colony about albino ancestors in here that’s the only I saw
those uh going for what you notice they pretty well got rid of the algae yeah no
it looks real good so who’s doing the work the the little of the lab bearers
of the ancestress are both or no the libraries aren’t the advisors are really
it just has been in there a year and it happened and haven’t done it yeah chef
what we got over here we got some good vistas a kind of a catch-all tank this
is a different species of swordtail the one that we looked at while ago the as
if offers Hillary Lasseter to be the southern one of the southern species
this one is as if father isn’t as a coital different tale for sure and
notice that the dorsal fin is rounded yeah like that yeah way different chance
so this is one of the this is the primary northern of northern Mexico
swordtail they are they don’t bother the young and so you can see nearly as much
as those over there even so it’s an easy colony tank and plus I put other fish in
there that I’m just kind of keeping yeah there’s some cherry Barb’s there’s some
serpent tetras a few Cardinals and now I see a little co2 run in there yes my
goal there is some of these slow growing plants is to try to speed them up as
much as possible this would be a newbie aspire I Nana this would be anubias
barter i Nana a teat notice the difference in the way I grow a selection
on that there’s back there is some jelly with the long slender leaf I got a
question for what’s the difference in crypts spiralis and crypt retro spiralis
you give me a give me a look I’m curious is there
if you’re growing them in a pot they’re almost indistinguishable okay but the
way you determine the names are excuse me the speciation of most of the crypts
is by looking at the bloom and the blooms normally will not show up unless
they’re grown as a bog plant where the rest of the plants above water till you
get a spate the color and that’s littler that you look at the color the shape of
the bloom and the difference between spire Alice and retro spire alice is
spire Alice the bloom twists and Wonder a retro spiral is the blue gets a
direction so in the tank you’re probably not gonna be able I only only in them
get about no one’s ever explained that to me I’m so glad I asked you that
that’s awesome and of course this is another this is
one of my favorite lilies uh-huh is that the Yahoo is that what is that so Taiwan
Lily oh that’s a hot plant man I saw that in the Aga in 2008 we bought one of
it think about the Taiwan yeah that’s a real cool producers nodes and right here
if I break that off that because oh boy I know that plant well my buddy and then
this one will produce leaves at the end of that as well so you can take one a
planet notice how many notice how many plants I’ve got on there now yeah all
the Taiwan plants a really cool plant so that one is really for me it’s one of
the easier to get remember it’s in d’emilia and the 40s is out to grow and
it’s yeah Wow and it enormity gets up to the top it does not have normally have a
floating leaf it will produce one but but not under most is it trying to
escape like an in-phase like or is it stay under it normally stays under okay
that’s a floating leaf it’ll be around while those but not in this particular
thing all right at this particular location good deal well thank you so
much for showing us around here man I’m pumped Oh folks wait think you guys
learn anything I did I’m going making an awesome week hey thanks civilian Chuck
don’t look at all tanked on everybody you

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  1. Man this gentleman is a fountain of aquarium knowledge. I'm glad to see those Ameca splendens do well in a planted tank because i heard somebody claim that they will destroy plants.

  2. So those air pumps….I didn't realize they actually did much….not like what HE was describing….I know I'm ignorant, but I still don't get it!

  3. Dustin, look at you- getting your inner aquarium nerd on! Awesome. He's more of an encyclopedia than Gary. I think you should have an aquarium jeopardy match with these 3 legends and see who comes out champion!

  4. Can you answer a question since I know you have a lot of plants ever since I installed a water softener in my house my plant tanks are not doing well will the salt in the water kill the plant's ?

  5. from what I understand, the retrospiralis found in the hobby isn't true retrospiralis but is actually Cryptocoryne crispatula var. flaccidifolia and is very closely related to balansae

    also, on that one tank wouldn't you be gassing off a lot of that co2 by running those air filters and letting the co2 come out in such large bubbles?

    also…I need this many tanks one day lol, those barbs and livebearers are killer

  6. how does he manage with all the water changes? I have 7 tanks and I cant keep them all running because my water bill will go extremely high. can someone explain this to me? thank you I appreciate your response and help

  7. This guy has forgotten more about fish and plants than most of us will ever even know. He really knows his stuff. Thanks for the vid so we can learn from him.

  8. Very oldschool in his filtration, you only see that done by people who got started way back usually, and it's pretty much the cheapest and one of the best ways to maintain great water, but most people don't want to do partial water changes that often.

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