How to Fish for Lake Trout : How to Choose Fishing Hooks for Trout Fishing

How to Fish for Lake Trout : How to Choose Fishing Hooks for Trout Fishing

Hi, my name’s Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village. I’m here to show you how to fish trout in the lake and ponds. Now, this
time we’re going to talk about hooks, what kind of hook you should be using. For fishing
for trout you must use light tackle. I use a four pound test line, small reel, small
fishing pole, and small tiny, little hooks. You notice I’ve got five different types of
hooks here. And, today I was using this number eighteen treble hook; that’s just right for
trout. This next up here is good for cat fish. This single hook is good for trout and medium
fish. You notice how the hook gets bigger, these are hooks for bigger fish, like largemouth
bass- this would be good, or ocean fish- this would be good. So, this is the different type
of fish that is available. There are many, many types of hooks for fishing. So, really
inquire about what type of hook you should use for type of fishing.

23 thoughts on “How to Fish for Lake Trout : How to Choose Fishing Hooks for Trout Fishing

  1. what can i do to prevent fish from swallowing a hook? what i mean is i was fishing yesterday using a 8 and 6 size hook. three of the fish i caught had the hook really deep inside and they ended up dieing cause i could not get it free. most i catch is near the mouth, but these was inside of the fish. i am a beginner with only a week worth of fishing.

  2. Well……if you're fishing for small fish in the ocean then you would use a smaller hook. Makes sense………right?! He looks and sounds Hawaiian so he probably is referring to the fishing islanders do to catch smaller, more abundant types of fish. Don't be so closed minded!

  3. @Fearyourgovernment i would have to agree with you… and no that tiny hook isnt going to land you any decent size trout

  4. Dear youtube, BAN djbro16 for wasting his time on watching a 1 minute video.. so goes to the rest of his 31 thumbs up people. Clearly you should understand where he points out what to use and what not to use.. self-explainatory.. Too bad that your mind set wasted your own time and 31 others.. not only you wasted a minute watching, you wasted another minute of typing it down… another minute wasted for reading my comment.. HAHA!

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