How to Fish for Lake Trout : How to Set the Hook when Trout Fishing

How to Fish for Lake Trout : How to Set the Hook when Trout Fishing

Hi. My name’s Charlie Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village. I’m here to show you how to fish trout in the lake and ponds. And now
we are going to talk a little bit about setting the hook on the fish. You notice the bobber
is going up and down? That means I have a, the fish is biting my bait. You see how it’s
going under? It’s coming back up. The fish is taking the lure under. That means I got
the fish hooked on to the bobber. You notice it disappear underwater? What I’m going to
do is just pull on my, pull up, to set the hook. And that’s how you set the hook. You
just reel it in slow. Play with him; get him tired so he won’t break your line. Now I got
the fish hooked on. Now you notice the fish is hooked on the line? That is how you hook
on the fish and you just bring him gently. Don’t pick him out of the water, so he won’t
break. They’re very sensitive fish. So just slide him out the rock. This one, I’m going
to catch and release.

29 thoughts on “How to Fish for Lake Trout : How to Set the Hook when Trout Fishing

  1. all i have to say to you is fuck off cause you dont know what your talking about. and are you any type of angler at all.

  2. This guy is a tool. He just finished saying that this is "a very sensitive fish" "and that he isn't gonna take it out of the water" and whats the first thing he does? Drags it along dry rocks! Wow. Im really impressed.

  3. lets learn how to set a hook.. oh wait the damn fish has the god damn hook in stomach already…. lol this is funny

  4. Catch and release for trout is more like catch and waste. They are going to die anyway, you may as well keep them. The hook will rot out….long after the fish is already dead.

  5. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself. The evience is pretty simple, the fish cannot eat with a hook stuck in it's throat. If it don't eat it will die. . The hook takes several weeks to rot out. If it is bleeding it is going to die so just keep it.

    All I was saying is you should fish for trout for the purposes of procurring food and nothing else. Bass and Perch and the like can be fished for sport as most of the hooks are lip hooks.

  6. Putting a hook in a fish, stressing it out, and then releasing it for sport seems like a waste of time to me. I understand big game fishing is an adrenaline rush, but man. You gotta let people do what they want though..

    I personally only fish to eat. Why would I use all this technology (which is obviously going to tip the scales in my favor) just to "catch" a fish? I'm using it so I can get food faster.

    To each his own though.

  7. lol yea dude. trout r rlly picky eaters though. do NOT use a bass hook for these. stick with size 8 or smaller. and try trout/panfish worms whole or quartered nightcrawlers

  8. Just simply touching a trout with your bare hands or in any manner that removes the protective mucous off their body is enough to cause them to aquire various skin diseases.

    Say what you want about using worms or powerbait, but when I am fishing with the fly fisherman, I rarely see them catching anything. It is all the same no matter what you are using. You still have to walk and find the pools.

    The bottom line is simply, who has more fish on the chain at the end of the day.

  9. when i go fly fishing i bring home 5+ trout everytime while my dad that goes spinning he brings home 4 at the most

  10. for the most part it is good to practice good handling and all that but i caught a 20 inch rainbow brought him home to eat and he had about 6 hooks in him and he was very heathly so hooks dont necesarrliy kill them

  11. I guess you win then. Congrats! I have no problem catching them with worms, powerbait, or lures. Where I live, Fly fishing is not practical. There are way to many trees and most rivers are no wider than 10-15 feet. In Colorado the rivers are 40ft+ wide and there are simply no trees as compared to here in the New England.

  12. i guess you cant say something about someone until you know them cause you live in new england. Where in new england??? man i wish i could fish the rivers of colorado and montana. but i live in new jersey where the rivers and streams are 20 feet wide and have many rocks and many many trees.

  13. @colinf94404 Okay….The charles, The quinepoxet, the swift, the ware, nashua, christ even the connecticut river, any one of those….your lucky you can even see them through the cover, let alone try to fish them….Give me the names of some of the "larger" ones here in MA…..east of 91?? Real curious on this. To say that fly fishing here in MA even remotely compares to fly fishing in Co is just plain silly! They are mostly farmed trout anyway……Want to catch fish; follow the stocking truck.

  14. You don't slide a fish up onto rocks. You either buy a net or step into the water a few inches. Not only is the title misleading, but it's suppose to be expert village.

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