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36 thoughts on “How to Fix Cloudy Fish Tank Water | Aquarium Care

  1. Thanks for the easy explanation. Just got a 10 gallon and have that milky sort of look, so i turned off my LED strip at the bottom of the tank. I may go out and get a UV Sterilizer now. Any brand suggestions?

  2. I have a 55 gallon tank ive tried everything! Water clarifyer 50% water changes ive done this for about a month and nothing has helped… HELP

  3. I am a new owner and I have a 20 gallon with only three fish, the first week was fine but now it is super cloudy. I do weekly water changes and I treat my water by idk what to do. Help!!!!!!!!

  4. I put algae wafers in my tank which causes it to be cloudy, is there anyway I can stop it from happening? It smells horrible

  5. I want it to be somewhat foggy. It’s supposed to look like the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, clear water won’t look like that. Is there a way to safely make it foggy?

  6. we have a spring and when it rains it gets cloudy water and i put clear water additives and a filter in to help but it was so bad i kept my fish out of the tank till it got better.

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