How to Get Omega 3 On A Vegan Diet | Dr Michael Greger of

How to Get Omega 3 On A Vegan Diet | Dr  Michael Greger of

You say you’re vegan, right? Mm hmm…okay…yeah…well… Omega-3’s and stuff so…you should really get on some fish oil supplements. For your Omega-3’s No I don’t need to do your blood work, just take’em. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. Today is the second installation of my interview with the nutrition
powerhouse and the mastermind of…Dr. Michael Greger This series is about addressing the nutrients
of greatest concern for those switching to a vegan diet. Last session we took on the
monolith of protein and found out that it’s… …really not an issue. And today we’re moving
on to another common concern. Omega 3 fatty acids. Let’s hear what Dr. Greger has to
say and then I’ll share with you my own personal omega panel blood results, fish and
supplement free. So, another concern that people have
going vegan, and…they usually get this concern because…well, we’re talking about Omega-3
fatty acids. People think, okay when they hear Omega fatty acids, they think fish supplements
and fish oil and those kind of things. So, there’s always this concern, where am I
going to get my Omega-3’s? So, would you mind telling us a little bit about Omega-3
sources on a plant based diet? Sure, so Omega-3 fats are essential
fats, I mean we have to them into our diet as opposed to other fats that our bodies can
make on their own. And essential fats, these essential fats are found in…concentrated
in…flax seeds, and walnuts, and chia seeds, and hemp seeds, and get some in dark green
leafy vegetables. These are the short chain Omega-3 fatty acids called Alpha-Linolenic
acid and our bodies can actually elongate these short chain Omega-3’s into the long
chain called the Marine Omega-3’s; DHA and EPA. And so…these long chain Omega-3’s
aren’t found naturally, in kind of a terrestrial plant based diets but actually are made by
little algae out in the ocean. And so, that’s where the fish get it from, the fish don’t
make it either. The fish get it from the algae. And so, if we wanted to get a long chain source
of Omega-3’s DHA…EPA directly in our diet, we’d cut out the middle fish and take algae
based supplements, so then you get the Omega-3’s without the industrial pollutants that have
so contaminated the aquatic food chain, even distilled fish oil capsules. But this would
be predominantly for brain health, not heart health as…disappointedly the fish oil supplements
and these long chain Omega-3’s have not…reduced risk for cardiovascular disease as well as….advice
to increase your meals of fatty fish…does not seem to be as cardioprotective or cardioprotective
at all compared to early studies that point in that direction. But for brain health, you
know, when people call us a ‘fathead’’ and maybe kind of true, but a third of our
brain by weight…is DHA, this long chain Omega-3, and so the question is, yes we can
make it…but can we make enough for optimal health? That’s still a question that’s
up in the air. Maybe not enough for two brains, so women before conception may want to…get
a direct source of DHA in their diet which will be from algae based, um…regardless
of what they think about animals, algae based is the only way you’re gonna get a contaminant
free source of long chained Omega-3’s. So, start taking a DHA supplement and particularly
as we get older, it might be a good idea to get a long chain of Omega-3 like DHA in our, I recommend 250 mg of algae based DHA everyday. But if you do…actually measure
these long chain Omega-3 levels in the general US population, vegans have the same level
that omnivores, and the rest of the population does. But that’s because no one really eats
fish here in the US. And then for optimal levels we probably need to do better, so the
only contaminant free source are the algae based sources. With Omega-3’s, I think sometimes
people get a little confused with the, is it the quantity of Omega-3 vs. Omega-6 or
is it the ratio that’s the most important? So, well, you need to get enough
but the ratio matters in that conversion process if you’re getting a direct source of, DHA
for example, then you don’t really have to worry about your ratio. But the ratio does
affect, because they compete with each other…for the same enzymes that elongate these Omega-3
fatty, these fatty acids. So, if you have a lot of Omega-6 in your system then the little
Omega-3 you got in flax seeds or walnuts is kind of pushed to the back of the line, you make
more of long chain of Omega-6’s. And so, if you’re relying on strictly, on this terrestrial
plant based sources, then yeah, it’s a good idea to not consume Omega-6’s rich oils and junk
food. This is really where you get the major sources of Omega-6’s; cottonseed oil, corn
oil, sapphire oil, sunflower oil. You know, these aren’t healthy foods for anybody but
particularly in people that want to optimize that…elongation process, you want to stay
away from those foods. I hope you enjoyed hearing from Dr. Greger about Omega 3 Fatty acids. You certainly don’t have to eat fish to get your Omega
3s. As Dr. Greger so aptly pointed out, the reason that animals products have the nutrients that we
desire is because those animals get them from eating plants. So cut out the middle animal, the
middle fish, and go to the source. Then you get all the pure nutrients without all the
extra crap like cholesterol that comes packaged in animal products. The omegas in fish come
from their consumption of algae, so why not start there? Otherwise it’s like saying,
“Hey I really like your hair color” and then scalping you so I can wear your hair
rather than asking you what kind of dye you use. You’re welcome for that visual. So, in an older video of mine with some…awesome
editing, I went trough the results of my own Omega profile. This was when I’ve been eating
raw vegan for about 8 months with lot’s of greens and no omega supplement. You can find
out my results in this video and I show you the day’s nutritional breakdown as well- but suffice
to say, my doctor told me that he’d never had anyone’s numbers come back so good and to
be sure to stay on my Omega supplement, because he assumed I was on one. But this is a daily thing for me. Just here you can see my omega 3 intake for
yesterday. I’ve had a lot of inquires about the software that I used on that in some of my other videos. And it’s a free service called Cron-O-Meter. If you want to see how you measure up or whether you need to grab an algae supplement or just pack in some greens. Check out ‘’ to track your nutrition. It’s totally free and pretty
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For those of you who are on your phone or your tablet. Now go live vegan, cut out the middle fish,
and I’ll see you soon. You know, Vegan and Omega-3’s with the vegan. I don’t know if you’re in the screen, you might be in the screen. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Dear emily, thank you very much for your videos, I really like them. I admire you. Im from Venezuela, I've been a Vegan for the last 5 years, feeling great all the time. Help me out with this, Is it okay take Flax seed oil with algae ? ; in order to get a good Omega in balance 3,6 ? I use the brand Flora, what are your impression about it? Thank you very much, I trully appreaciate it all your effort. Many Blessing, Juan

  2. This relevant study was published in July 2015:
    Your video was published in March 2015. 🙂

  3. how many grams of fat do you think is optimal for someone who's been deficient in omega fatty asides for a long time? I've been avoiding fat ever sins I become vegan and am quite sure ive become deficient because my period stopped and my hair is falling out…I've started to eat nuts and seeds and have been keeping my fat around 20g but its been about 4 months and nothing changed and my hair keeps falling out…any advice?

  4. Algae-based DHA/EPA oils are not completely free from pollution thing. It may be  loaded with  heavy metals and other pollutants because   it is raised in sea water

  5. Vegans are so cruel they are eating fish food so that the fish starve to death. Just imagine if everyone go vegan.

  6. The cronometer is amazing. thanks for the heads-up. It's shown me the strengths and weaknesses in my intake. Good spreading the vegan word.

  7. You would have to eat kilograms of flax to get any useful DHA out of the nearly useless plant based sources of omega 3's. Stick with tried and true sources like krill oil and salmon. The plant based omega 3's are NOT bioavailable.

  8. EPA/DHA
    Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are often
    cited as being the beneficial components of fish oil, yet they actually
    originate in algae (mainly DHA).

  9. I need help on this because whenever I eat seeds like flaxseed grounded or any other I get acne on forehead. please help me :S

  10. equal amounts of flax and sesame oil should get you pretty close to balanced levels of 3 and 6. If you look at Udo's blends, those are the first 2 primary ingredients. Save a lot by mixing it yourself.

  11. You may have done this, already, if so a link would be helpful, but I'd really love to see a video of "what I ate today". The fridge full of Romaine is awesome, but how do you prepare it, and what else do you add to it, etc. Thx! 🌱

  12. lol too funny
    -Doctor: "wow looks great, well be sure to keep on ur omega supplements"
    -Vegan Patient: * smiles and nods *

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  15. ahh greger lying as usual
    Fish Consumption, Fish Oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Cardiovascular Disease
    Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease
    More specifically, most studies in humans have shown that whereas a certain, though restricted, conversion of high doses of ALA to EPA occurs, conversion to DHA is severely restricted.
    in humans. ALA accumulates only to a minor extent, most likely as the result of increased oxidation at higher doses, and modestly raises EPA but not DHA.

    ahh love vegan liars, science proves them wrong every time

  16. In a prior lecture, Dr Gregor mentioned ground flax as the optimal source of Omega. He never mentioned algae in that video.

  17. Talked to a doctor who eats meat the other day, turns out they were B12 deficient as well. Its because of absorption, more thank likely if you don't maintain a balance in your alkalinity then you will not absorb nutrients good enough. Maintain a balanced PH.

  18. Gracias por toda la información que compartes, soy nueva por aquí. Aunque creo que ya no grabas videos, de todas formas tus archivos serán bien utilizados por muchas personas y rodarán por todo el mundo. Muchas muchas gracias 🙂

  19. 5:23 sunflower oil is clearly not good for you Dr Greger says here and yet it (or another omega 6 oil) is found in all or nearly all vegan omega 3 dha supplements. Maybe it's needed for some reason to manufacture the gel caps but doesn't that defeat the purpose of lowering omega6 to omega 3 ratio? Isn't there another oil that could be used instead of sunflower oil ie flaxseed oil or chia seed oil if there is such a thing? The other ingredients I find dubious in many other vegan omega 3 dha supplements: carrageenan , caramel color, silica, silicon dioxide. Opti3 goes so far as to use the term helianthus annuus oil which really is sunflower oil which I makes me wonder what else they may not be straightforward about … but that's just my inquiring mind.

  20. Soo do u take an algae oil supplement? Because the conversion of ALA into DHA is very small I think i read somewhere that it was like 5%

  21. Juice Plus+ has cut out the middle fish with a vegan omega fatty acid blend. It has omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 from algal oil, sea buckthorn, pomegrante seed oil, raspberry seed oil, tomato seed oil and safflower.

  22. Its a good idea to take a vegan omega 3 supplement, when I went vegan at first I felt great, and I was taking 4 tablespoons of ground flax every day for my omega 3, but several months down the road I had severe stress and depression, so I bought vegan omega 3, and as soon as I took the dose within hours my stress and depression went away, and I was feeling mentally great, some people just cant convert ALA to DHA., even young people like me, at 22.

  23. Im very confused by the omega 3 to 6 ration – and why they say oil is bad for it and for example walnuts are good because :

    canola oil has a 1:2 ratio while walnuts have 1:4 which is considered worse – can someone please explain this to me

  24. Someone is talking Bullshit here! Dr. Joe Fuhrman spoke about 77% deficient vegans of Omega 3 –> and Dr. Micheal Greger says, that all US-vegans had the same level? Are whole food vegans really getting neurological problems? I can't believe that it is normal to eat algea regularly in higher doses.

  25. Supplements are just as wishy washy in quality as eating a wild caught Salmon IMHO. For health eat wild caught fish twice a week. You do away with the B12 supplement as well, happy days.
    I think being a vegan is a mindset that is inflexible which isn't optimal at all. Plants have all the stuff but in this case it is lacking. Just eat for health and it isn't that strict.

  26. It says Cronometer is for calorie-reduced diets. Is there a tracker for regular vegan diets to make sure a person is getting all the essential nutrients?

  27. The omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in plants is often misrepresented.
    Canola oil is a 1:2 ratio. However, keep in mind that the EPA is converted from ALA in a ratio of 1:20. To get 1 gram of EPA, one needs 20 grams of ALA. So the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of canola oil is more like 8:1. NOT IDEAL

  28. Omega-3s in the form of ALA is not useable in the human body, our body needs to convert the ALA into EPA and DHA. Only 10% of the ALA we consumed gets converted to EPA or DHA and the figure gets even lesser as we age (the reason why old people are frequently omega-3 deficient especially if they count on plant base omega-3). In order to get 500mg of EPA or DHA a person will need to eat at least 5g of ALA which equals to about an ounce or 2tbs of chia seeds per day. I consider myself 80% vegan, but 2tbs of chia seed is quite an amount to consume on a daily basis.

  29. Nice work Emily👍 Just random search here and found this 'nugget' ha.; huge fan of Dr. Michael Greger. In my late 50s and I've been plant based for over two yrs or close to 3 now. I study this every day for a couple years as you can imagine the shock I got of what I've learned abt Standard America Diet (very SAD). This was good info! You're awesome! Love the humor! Hats off to honest health advocates saving animals, saving the planet and saving their lives and most importantly for me, is to help avoid burdening my two daughters or my sibs in the future when I can actually prevent some, if not all, of those ugly hospital-hell-stays and BigPharma, today! Thank you! -Michael Eldon Lobsinger

  30. my take here based on what is discussed we should only worry about 250mg/day of preformed long chain dha to help with brain and don't need to worry about preformed long chain epa as the studies have not proven it actually improves heart health / prevents cardiovascular disease. is that right?

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  32. I've been a vegan since i was 17 or 18 I'm now 58,I never get sick I take flaxseeds& flaxseed oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds, spirulina, Moringa, chlorella etc. I do take a vit d sup as we don't get much sun in this town i live in. Plus i do take a Vitamin B supp 3x a week, I also eat lots of microgreens but i'm not a big fan of wheatgrass,I used to drink it.I make my milk from coconuts.I meditate a lot.I also take Haritaki powder every night.I fast every Sunday and every night from 7pm til noon the next day. my kid's throats were raised vegans but eventually, 2 of them started eating meat, My husband ate meat but he passed away.I hate people knowing I'm a vegan I cop so much crap 4 it. But for me it's my way of life

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  37. Organic flax seed meal

  38. 3 Wallnuts a day is enough for healthy omega 3 intake. No fish have to die. No microplastic from the ocean. No disease caused by fats and hormones. It's so simple.

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