How to grow Anubias in the Planted Aquarium, Anubias Melt- Bryans Aquarium

How to grow Anubias in the Planted Aquarium, Anubias Melt- Bryans Aquarium

D: What is up fish tank people? dustinsfishtanks over at Brian’s house. What’s up Brian?
B: What’s going on people?
D: Bryan is the freaking dude that knows the most of anyone I know about a lot of things particularly Anubias. This is his 75 gallon tank with nothing, but Anubias. We are going to do a full long video as long as my daughter is quiet. All about Anubias! So let’s get into it. Bryan has been keeping Anubias for a really long time. I am going to set the camera down, feel free to grab it if you want to go and grab some things. 100 percent Anubias tank, how do you keep Anubias.
B: It’s not a 100% Anubias just first off. I have some Cryptss in there.
D: It used to be a 100% Anubias?
B: It used to be a 100% Anubias, I wanted some color in there. Anubias is pretty simple to keep as long as you follow the main rules of don’t plant the Rhizome. I have got one coming up over here. It needs to be re-planted, but it grows best when not underneath the sand. Great on driftwood, great on rocks… really anywhere as long as the Rhizome is not being compressed.
D: Why don’t you grab the camera and show them the Rhizome? A lot of people are like, “how do I plant it?” You don’t plant it like a normal plant!
B: The Rhizome is the part right here that we are looking at, where all the leaves come off. Every piece of Anubias has a Rhizome.
D: Rhizome is used for storage of nutrients food etc.
B: Exactly and if you damage that the plant decays at a very rapid rate. This piece here is actually off a plant that died off the top. I kept the rhizome now we got three new leaves so give it a year or so, we’ll have a big plant. But the most important part is that you can say none of mine are buried. Once you get it below the sand it will decay almost immediately.
D: What are some of the mistakes you made? You used RO water one time?
B: I definitely did a RO water change once. Most people know Anubias is from Africa and stays in much harder water. In soft water it doesn’t do so well. So a word of advice don’t use soft water. That is just a really bad idea waiting to happen.
D: What happens when you get a new it melts down? Like you melted it all, what do you do? Do you turn it back? How do you do it?
B: I had to cut off all the dead growth. Everything just turned basically to mush. I probably say 40-50% of all the plants and everything that is small in here is clippings that I have taken off of bigger plants over and over now. When it melts away, basically cut away any yellow. Use a clean razor blade! Cut the Rhizome just before the yellow starts to get cut into the green. If you are leaving a yellow one there it will continue to decay. Basically if you do that the best option is to get the RO water out and then re-mineralize using some tap water and your buffers.
D: What kind of framers do you want keep introducing?
B: This is an Anubians tank, I used to have Discus in here, so I ran it a little bit softer. In the past six months or so, I have raised the pH. I run it around 7.4 right now. Some people think that is a little bit hard for some of the other plants, but it works just fine for the Anubias. It can even go brackish water. Carbonate hardiness is running probably 70 days. The general hardiness stays anywhere from 160 to 200 or so. I try not to get any nitrates or ammonia in there. With any planted tank you will a little bit of Ammonia from time to time as your plants decay away.
D: Why don’t you grab the camera and show us the different species you got in there? Start with the hardiest!
B: All right! Some of the hardiest species with Anubias: the one in the back with the really big leaves, that is Anubias borderi. In my opinion this is probably the hardiest Anubias. It can get big though! I have had leaves get as big as two hands put together. This plant is actually growing out of the water now and it is running into top lights, so I need to cut it all back. That’s probably my chore for this afternoon. The next most common and hardiest as well is Nana. It is some of these ones that are straight back. Looks very similar to Borderi, similar leaf structure.
D: I have got tons of that for sale people.
B: We have Nana there. There is also some Nana species in the bottom here. That’s what was flowering on Steve’s tank a couple of videos back. I wish you all could come over a week or so ago, I had three or four flowers actually just cut them out.
D: Must have been something in the water that is great.
B: I had Anubias Bangkok in here, but I actually lost it which was really disappointing. What was Bangkok like? Has a [inaudible 00:04:57] triangle leave. It’s the most impressive piece of Anubias I ever had, but I had a rock plant on the base of it. It submersed for a couple of days while I was out of town and came back and it melted.
D: What about Congencis and all that?
B: Congencis the base of the plant grows from the sand. This is not Congencis. This is either frazeri or lanceolota. I think that was frazeri. I just got rid of the more spear shaped species. This is terrible, but I am blanking on this one here. Give me a minute and I will think about it for you. It is not angustifolia… I have had so many different species in this tank and got rid of a bunch of them that I am starting to lose some of them. Basically this is the tank. The most important thing that we have been saying all along now the Rhizomes are planted. Keep your perimeters high. Your pH doesn’t need to be a six at all. When you get leaves that are starting to die off such as this one I like to leave them there until they turn completely yellow and even start to decay away just a little bit. Then I cut them off. If there’s still some green in them then if you cut them off you lose all that extra nutrient. As the leaf starts to die away the entire nutrient basically stops going into and the nutrient from the leaf goes back to the plant itself. But you do want to pull them out once they turn yellow and kinda feathery. This leaf over here as you can see has got some holes in it. That’s okay I have had that piece in there for probably four or five years now, this same leaf structure. This one plant that we are looking at in the back corner, the big tall one, has been cut three times now. It probably spans from the middle of the tank over behind the piece of driftwood and goes all the way up into the corner, so it’s probably a three foot Rhizome right now. Honestly, with top of water might be three and half feet at this point. Basically this is the tank.
D: Dude it’s a dope tank man. Looks great! Always stuck to Anubias man, I love it. You have that tank for a long time too, so.
B: Yes I have done the Anubias tank three different ways. I went from a 75 to the 125 and now it’s back to the 75, because the 125’s aqua bed.
D: Cool, rock on Bryan! Thanks a bunch dude. Great looking tank!
B: Appreciate it!

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  1. What is RO? I mean, I know it's reverse osmosis but how is RO water made? And what's special about RO water?

  2. with all that carbonated hardness, dont you have a Black Brush Algae problem? i happen to keep getting it and its a pain in the ass to fight. please do a vid on BBA!!

  3. Great tank and video. But we didn't hear about lighting, light schedule, dosing ferts, etc. Just something to keep in mind for the next videos. Thanks, Dustin!

  4. @wtoe24 good call…i should have asked them…. better script next time. (though it goes against everything i stand for 😉

  5. @Dustinsfishtanks NP, I know how it goes 🙂 I'm a new subscriber and digging all your vids, just a little constructive criticism, hehe

  6. hi, if you dont mind, can you give me all the anubias/other plants names that is in this tank? I really like it and would like some helps/advice to incorporates a similar ideas like this into my 180 gallons tank. I am having troubles coming up with a good setup. At the moment I have amazon sword plants and anubias, not sure which one. Thanks

  7. hey man i guess u guys missed 2 important things about anubias ie. they cant live in cold water and under intense light, any of those two things and ur anubias is dead. im saying this from experience. i hope u guys talk about these these issues sometime..having a hard time reviving my plant.
    awesome tank btw makes me jealous XD

  8. Beautiful tank! Great website too!
    My new project is a low-tech cube only with anubias, no CO2, water fertilization or dirt, only a constant water change to supply nutrients and trace elements.
    How many W/L do you think would be necessary to mantain anubias on a 80cm height cube with power compact fluorescent lights?
    Thanks for your attention!

  9. sweet video! if i wouldnt have watched it my anubias nana that i got today would have rotted i got a sweet deal on it too the guy at my local fish store sold it to me for 3 and it was originally 9 and its pretty big too thanks for putting up all these videos they really help oh and i got my first crypt today! its a pontederiifolia its pretty sweet

  10. well I have my anubias at 6.5ph and they grow pretty well, the even get flowers like once every 2 months, besides, green point algue sticks to the leaves and they don't die, I do no clean it very often thogh

  11. Just loved this tank! I think using only anubias and other low-tech plants on a display for discus and tetras, I think they would like not too much light.

  12. holy jesus, if i didnt just watch this, the anubias i just planted in my tank today, would have rotted and iwould have had no idea why

  13. Very nice! My next tank will be a West African bio featuring Anubias. What is your photoperiod for this tank?

  14. How do I stop my anubias lanceolata from getting covered in Algae ? I have a nutrasoil substrate in a 12 gallon cube with a 5w LED bar.

  15. just watching..what is RO water..reverse osmosis? so only do water changes with just tap water with the Decholrinator right? sp?

  16. I am brand new to this, 3 months. I threw in 2 anubias. 1 is on a rock, bought it that way. The other I just threw in… after 2 weeks, I took that one and planted the roots underneath the colored gravel I bought from Petco. It's about in 2 1/2 to 3" of this colored gravel. And I put the gravel on the roots lightly. And I spread out the roots… 

    both plants are kicking ass. All I have is a light bulb made for indoor plants. That's it!! I just feed the fish… No soil, no liquid fert, nothing! They are both growing new shoots, super rich green… I love these plants… 

  17. Hey dustin ! Great video love the anubias tank . I'm trying to have a tank just like bryans wow what a tank! now this is what i have growing in my tank as of now and what i'm using for ferts and so on.Well this is what i did to the tank i took everything out and cleaned it and replaced with new gravel (had too many dead trumpet snails shells in gravel) as of this morning tank was cycled with (nutrafin cycle) for 15 hours fish are in and doing well. P.H is 7.2, k.h 40,G.H 160,PO4 (4.0),NO3 (0),FE 0.25 . Now with the parameters all in new i can start to fertilize. 

    This is what is was doing before. Water change 40% every Friday , no dosing of fertilizer. Saturday before co2 and lights start dosing active 3.5 ml, synthesis 3.5ml, potassium 10ml, flourish 10ml, Iron 14ml, Excel 15ml.  (Sunday nothing) (Monday same as /Saturday) (Tuesday nothing) (Wednesday same as /Saturday) (Thursday nothing) Friday water change and start the week again. 

    Now to keep in mind i was dosing both macro and micro fertilizers at the same time not sure if this is a good idea or not on the net from what i read is kind of 50/50.

    Pressurized Co2 is running around 24/30 ppm lighting are T5HO 4 bulbs Coralife colormax,coralife 6700k,aquatic life 10000k,aquatic life 420/460 running at 7 hours a day. Light canopy is 30 inches from the gravel bed (tank has a glass cover that the light needs to penetrate)  (The tank size is 150 U.S gallon)  

      Plants in tank are anubias nana,Anubias barteri, java ferns, Java Fern Windelov, mellon swords,Ozelot – Red and Amazon Swords, Cryptocoryne wendtii. Any help on what to dose and when would be great. 

    Any help or recommendation would be welcomed.

    P.S keep up the great videos they are so helpful for the new guy like me.

  18. You gave your plants ph shock with RO, likely RODI… In normal tanks with low ph and RO water anubias is fine… Try not to show bad information.

  19. Have had anubias barteri (I think) for a solid year in rodi water-no problems at all. New leaf every 3 weeks, no holes, no yellow absolutely gorgeous. I decided to add fertilizer to get help get rid of diatoms, and freaking leaves start melting, rhizome is changing colors, and now have black algae on leaves and rocks. Lesson learned-don't mess with a good thing!

  20. What's up Fishtank People? I am doing a bunch of
    30 second videos on Instagram- Follow me for more shorter random videos CLICK

  21. ive cut of the leaves from my anubias and now that leave wood thingy is getting yellow what to do =[??

  22. De leaves on my anubias nana turns yellow. I already start using 'liquid co2', but i don't see much difference. What can i do?

  23. bro….good vids but you really need to make something about your sound…..It kinda sucks…..couldnt hear some stuff…2 bad 🙁

  24. I have two broad leaf anubias plants, one of which spawned another little one via roots coming out of rhizome.  Constantly getting new leaf growth as each leaf eventually grows up about 3-4 inches out of the water (15 gallon tank) then eventually dries out, dies, then becomes part of the 1/2 inch layer of aquarium-generated dirt.  Before a given leaf grows out of the water, it has zero yellowing, zero holes, absolutely perfect.  100% of the water changes I've done on this tank since I began it in Nov. 2013 has been with RO water.  I used to be religious about water changes but since fall of 2014 when I moved from Utah to Chicago I've gotten tremendously lazy with this tank and only top it off with RO water as it evaporates.  Over the last 1-1/2 years, I've probably done 3 or 4 20% water changes.  I run the tank with a Hagen Aqua Clear filter and a fan for churning the water surface further.  Gotta disagree about the hard water thing unless the water hardness is coming from my substrate (Seachem Fluorite Black sand) and / or the decayed plant matter/fish poo/decayed food making up the dirt layer.

  25. So I have 2 of these and someone told me to put roots in the soil that is under my gravel. now that I know better, how do I keep the plant where I want it on the tiny gravel? keep it from floating

  26. I have a 30 gallon tank n 6 anubias is coming today.what wattage of light shall I put.I have 36 watt n 24 watt pl light.thanks for ur help

  27. Hey from UK. Well I don't have sand. I have micro gravel. Would you say it would do better if planted in that? Rather than sand?I've just run out of space on the decor on which to stick it.

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  29. I have grow anubias nana just fine in a Ph of 6 and Gh of 4, Kh of 0 with no problem. So not sure what you are talking about it not being able to thrive in a soft water tank.

  30. I've got some brown stains all over my plants. I rub it off during water changes but it barely comes off. Any tips?

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