How to Grow Aquarium Plants Above and below water, NO POWER in my house!

How to Grow Aquarium Plants Above and below water, NO POWER in my house!

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how’s
everybody doing I hope you’re doing well so today’s video is a fun one for me i
jinxed myself last week by talking about power outages and fish tanks we talked
about how I had some power out of just going on in the 220 and all my tanks
here in the basement I’ve also got an update on some action going on in the
greenhouse but it’s Sunday it is specie so I got three species of plants I want
to talk about with you as well to show you a little bit of fish action first
things first let’s look announcements tomorrow is the last day you can get a
three f REE free can of football bug bites since you all you have to do is
make a 30-second video of why your fish deserve some free flu ball bug bites no
gimmicks no BS you link the video up in the comments either this video one of
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privately we will mail you some food will bug rides no video no free bug
bites the funniest video and there’s been some funny one dudes eating not
fish food people making fish tank wraps a lot of hilarious stuff the funniest
one I think some funniest wins a free FX for it’s easy second thing is this week
is the aquatic experience like I’m super pumped instead of talking into a camera
lens actually to talk to real live humans in the place that’s in Schaumburg
Illinois it’s a fifth year its fifth year it’s like a senior it’s gonna grown
man super jacked about that I impulse they got the aquascape live aquascaping
contest by our friends at football too much to list I mean it’s the Big Daddy
it’s close I’m driving I’m bringing fish tanks like I’m jacked about imma be up
there Thursday super excited doing a bunch of giveaways having a great time I
said actually see people in person too so that’s what’s going on and then
finally today is the last day at the bottom we get one free on 20 species of
plants like I going on on my site bunch of crazy stuff I’m going to show
you a little bit of that later on in this video
but storm of the greenhouse but first I do want to show you something I’m
bringing with me to AE and speaking of the aquatic experience
why not make it an aquatic experience with something that’s a great experience
of aquatics how about this monster plant right here I talked about this this is
one of my favorite plants fortunately this red stem Tahlia will not make it
over the winter it got down to 37 last night so I’m debating bringing this
plant with me I brought it last year the problem is you can see way up here let
me just show you this like like I’m six foot tall right so look this thing is
like way taller than me it sits and actually like sucks and like wave is
like itself next itself next to me while I Drive so the end of the show I cut it
down so I’m probably gonna bring that big boy with me to the aquatic
experience there’s a monster it’s fun with these cold winter days they coming
it’s fun that I have myself a nice warm tropical paradise in my backyard known
as it’s a greenhouse please note we got the condom fully on the greenhouse right
here Josh and I I wish you could have seen the both of us putting this sucker
on like super pain in the butt but we’ve got this on here it actually wraps over
the end right here and then when it gets real cold we’ll clip it right here it’s
over the apex right there the rib side is in here got a hole in the condom look
out so super pumped to have this on here and I’ll show you inside of the
temperature difference it’s 37 degrees out here right now we roll into the
greenhouse here I’ll show you what we got going on obviously got some fun
plants happening buy one get one free ends today but there’s some of the java
moss Liguilla that’s on sale actually that’s on sale – that’s the hydraulic or
Dada read I was talking about that’s a really really wicked and easy plant got
a bunch of but there but here’s the temps though check that out it’s a
little over 60 degrees I’ve been going in and out it’s actually warmer than
that in here so super jacked to keep the you know temps are in condom is on it
was a pain in the butt to put on aren’t they always a pain to put on but the
comments fully I also want to show this right here this is my inline water
heater I added this addition last year people been talking about it this is a
stable l-tron this is not a promotion I like this thing a lot though great like
just this thing is the bomb the only problem with inline water heaters
they’re set to be using your house so like the lowest temperature setting is
like 88 87 then it goes off so like you know typically don’t want to run
tanked in 87-88 so you gotta cut it which is a whole nother video but I got
a basically I can link the video well basically you gotta cut it with cold
water but this is simply more askin this is a bomb in line water here this is
about 1,200 bucks though which is huge pay for definitely been quality so let’s
now show you some sick fish underneath the halide with Coppa I grapple apparel
toda all looking solid a Rotella pouria started underwater girl
he gives you guys an update on Big Mama in here this is my Big Mama Hamburg
black sword tail she has been eating like a champ
I’ve been keeping her at temps of around I don’t know little under 80 degrees or
so and the pH above 7 and you can see she’s pounded now she’s been fed for two
weeks exclusively Metro dies at all flakes and
I seem to think that’s helping couple people suggested it was swim bladder
she’s able to control herself up and down so I don’t think that’s it they
said it was the shimmies thank you for all the super info on that though but
she’s eating really well in fact I’m just power feeding it these because I
just I love seeing her eat I do the big water changes on here so yeah whatever
you want to eat eat and then of course the mail he’s doing pretty well too so
that’s two weeks of just purely Metro dies at all flakes it seems to be
killing the internal parasites is and stuff I’ve been feeding them also if you
want to know if your fish have internal parasites one thing to my buddy Brian
pointed this out is that look at their poop if their poop is coming out stringy
or something like that something is eating the poop on its way out so
something is eating it that sounds gross but that’s something to look for so
you’ve got clear stringy poop or whatever that’s probably the problem get
this girl back out here again but you can see she’s eating good and if your
fish is eating you can treat internally if it’s not eating you’re in trouble
she’s still got a little shimmy but she doesn’t have quite as crooked of a body
as she did either so the body’s looking a little bit better I am pumped
shoutouts to everybody with the library love on this rolling in here now Tony
nabela’s no joke either so yeah eat up big girl later she just pounded so that
makes me happy thank you for all the support with my sick live bear
throw it on the basement alright now let’s roll down to the
basement show you what happened today at a power outage here a couple of tanks
and having some fun with here we got a twenty long it’s been taunting me
forever obviously I was playing with the Dragonstone on a Friday live video that
I deleted but does fun so creatively I’m having I’m finally getting my Zen on
with the 20 long hair it’s been taking me a while to get it going I do like the
Dragonstone even though it is cheating let’s roll over here to the 222 220 in
the mix now the other day I got added a bunch of fish I want to break it all
down from head to toe so I added a bunch of fish I added three rainbows and the
Hamburg black it’s healthy I’m probably gonna treat all of them with the Metro
Tylenol flakes because why not i added the very oddest platies right
here they’re just a very odd it’s not a platy not a Molly and then a couple
other fish okay so what did i do I added fish then what happens I have a power
out it’s now here’s the part okay so I added more fish when you add more fish
are always supposed to do water change cuz you’re just increasing that bio load
a little bit just increasing and increasing and increase and I can tell
because I’m in tune with this tank in tune in time for down with DJ shadow
that I have a little bit of algae that got a little bit worse on here because
of that because I added more fish I didn’t do a water change there’s another
one of those sweet live bears so it’s got worse well then what happened well
then the power goes out and I unplug the filter now I talked about this in the
other video you click the link surrounding for top 10 best ways to cook
your fish I intentionally unplugged a filter let me show you that alright so
if the power goes out and been out for more than an hour you want to unplug
your filter this is the plug that goes down to the fx4 naturally I didn’t know
when the power was gonna come back on so I let it sit for a day so for a whole
day probably two days I did not have this fx4 on no depth Explorer is running
on an entire 220 here so I had no power on the 220 now when you go to plug it
back in I’m going to show you this in second you don’t want to just plug it
back in because you’re gonna have all that gross
once was good now is dead beneficial bacteria now is just straight up ammonia
pumping in your tank so I’m not gonna plug it in I’m gonna show you an easy
way to get that ammonia in that nasty water out of the filter with not so much
work alright so I’ve got this skank tub right here and what I’m gonna do is I’m
going to disconnect this fx4 back here so I’m gonna undo this
while I’m on camera which is always easy to do with one hand and now I’m just
gonna roll it into here like this and I’m gonna let this fill up though this
is great this is all doesn’t actually smell that bad but this is the ammonia
water that’s coming out of the fx4 right here so it’s just draining out which is
perfect that way I’m kind of doing a little water change while I’m at it cuz
all this water you just got to assume this is nasty water so I’m just gonna
let this run and when it gets up to about the rim just so that I could carry
it I’m gonna go dump it put the filter back on do a little water change and
roll it and the nice thing about it is I can take it and raise it above the level
of culture stop stop now we’ve done a little bit of a drain plug her back in
you’ll hear it Epic’s for power so that’s pumping over here and she’s back
rolling again but folks it’s Sunday it’s BC Sunday I’ve got three maybe even four
species of plants to show you or I can show you the difference between what
above water growth looks like and below water growth looks like and the benefits
of each okay so I have here rotella indica and I want to break down for you
all the difference in this species but before I actually talk about this
specific species I want to talk about how they do it in nurseries and why they
do it at nurseries with growing plants above water we want to take our plants
we want to sink them below water submerged below the water and what
happens when they’re grown below water is they don’t have as much readily
available co2 like they would if they were grown above water in the atmosphere
because they’re below water co2 levels are depleted greatly that’s another
reason the other reason they grow them above water is because something called
light they can get a heck of a lot more light when they are grown above water
than below because when they go below water they exponentially lose light you
can see it when you go into dirty waters or whatever like the more deeper you go
the harder it is for light to penetrate so they grow them up out of the water
which brings us to rotala indica right here now look this was grown above water
originally you can see the little round leaves right here round leaves grown
above water with rotala indica but then once it was sunk under water it started
to get this thinner look right here so you can see how these leaves right here
are getting grown below water so this is how we happen to look this is a plant
that I’ve had exactly two months this is the exact same plant exact same supplier
grown under water now it grows long and stringing under water and if we had cut
it it actually would have grown a little bush here but the exact same plant all
skinny leaves all the way along you know same bottom and everything but
it’s entirely converted to under water grow so this plant will actually do
better in your aquarium this one looks cooler out of the gate
because it’s got more red as I showed you earlier but at the end of the day
this is the rotala indica that you want because it’s grown entirely under water
growth so that is the difference with Rotella all right so we talked about
Rotella now we’re gonna talk about the classic Amazon sword this is actually a
pointy variety that I have and the difference with swords they look the
same except for one big thing they grow way more stemi at the bottom so they’ve
got like a longer leaf right here in the spoon at the top this is obviously grown
above water right here obviously grown above water right here now here’s the
fun part with Amazon swords if you look right here at the center and you see
this new growth coming you can slowly start to remove all this growth it’s not
doing you any good because it’s grown above water so you can just take this
off right here and this plant will actually send all the energy to these
leaves in the center right here not trying to flick you off so that’s what
you want to do with the swords they’re gonna look the same but if you see like
a massive sword for sale in a pet store but all the growth looks like this and
none of it actually so leave actually starts at the base that’s the difference
okay so you want to find the leaves that look like you know they’d be like this
leaf right here down here starting like that when you see that growth down there
that’s when you’re in the money’s going folks
and speaking of above water growth how about these above water growth munchkins
busting into my video note to self get the video done before the kids get home
here’s the deal we got the above water growth water wisteria in your face and
in your grill you want to hold this one up go ahead hold it into the camera
that’s the water wisteria grown above water you can look close you can see how
the leaves are on it the leaves on this are bigger and rounder okay when it
grows below water right here it looks like this entirely different plant
entirely different plant right here grown underneath water now look it takes
about two weeks for it to go from this day
to this stage it is a fast grower but now when you get to underwater growth
like this looks completely different but why does dusty have this one right here
the good stuff the kids go for they haven’t gone for it yet
it’s because of this they’re come for it this is a photo right here that I do not
have on my website it is not on sale like these ones are but this is below
water water wisteria variegated that’s right see how the different leaves on
there it’s a little variation so I’m keeping this and I’m gonna put this
under water and see how it grows and how it looks when it’s grown under water cuz
it could be a funky variety of this that I haven’t messed with before so there is
your species Sunday I got two species right here get out of my grill girls let
me close this video if you like what I’m doing hit the subscribe button hit the
notifications little ding ding I’ll be going live more often on YouTube
periodically in the mornings if you’re going to the aquatic experience driving
comments say yo D I’m going to the aquatic experience Dawg bring it to the
aquatic experience everybody have a fabulous freakin week click the links
are right here for more videos including my top 10 fastest ways kill my fish
where I talk about stuff everybody have a fabulous one later

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