How to increase your breast size at home! |SaySwag

How to increase your breast size at home! |SaySwag

Let me show you how to enlarge you breast size. At home how to maintain your breast healthily. How to uplift those who has sagging breast. I have separated in 3 section let me explain this. Fenugreek will be very useful to enlarge the breast size Similarly it help to tighten the breast. Take some amount of Fenugreek and mix with water. Apply it in breast let it dry for 15min and wash it. When you rub and wash automatically you can feel the difference. Do this for twice or thrice in a week. Instead of Fenugreek you can use Papaya pack. It will helps for blood circulation and leads to healthy breast. If blood circulation increase well.Chances are there to enlarge breast. Take Papaya smash & mix it with milk And apply it automatically it enlarge your breast and tighten it and also it uplift soon do it once in a week.

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  1. I try olive oil and aloe Vera gel ready. But not increases also. Still same only. I want fast increase breast got any food.

  2. plz mam say solution for my problem.I have a uneven breast is very small and other breast is big.

  3. mam enaku uneven breast irugu right sight Vida left sight konjam perusa irugu noncancer illanu sollitanga pls nenga yethavathu tips slunga

  4. எல்லாத்தையும் நீங்க செய் முறையில் செய்து கட்டலாம் இல்ல

  5. அதுவும் நீங்களே செய்து காட்னிங்கனா நல்லாருக்கும் நீங்கா அதுதான் தெனமும் பன்றிங்களா நல்ல சம்முனுதான் இருக்க

  6. வெந்தயம் எந்தகாலத்திலும் எடுக்கலாம்மா
    சளி தொந்தரவு எதுவும் வந்துறாதே

  7. So far papaya helps with blood flow….thts all i got lol🤦🏽‍♀️English English please n thnks

  8. Plz ma'am it's nice tips but f it's spoken n xplained it in English it much more better. I'm frm Philippines. I'm desperately want to hav some advice or tips.. Thnks ma'am

  9. Try these foods to improve to breast size –

  10. Hi mam enaku ipo than Mrg aachu so Pappaya use pana venam, nenaikren, so ena pana enlargements aaganum

  11. Hanaku age 39 …eastrogen level kameya heruku….vanthayam water morning kudcha development hakuma

  12. Only vendhayam poduma cold water la mix pannanuma Ella warm water la mix pannanuma pls rply m sis

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