How to Install the Red Sea DIY Aquarium Net Cover Kit – REVIEW

How to Install the Red Sea  DIY Aquarium Net Cover Kit – REVIEW

hey what’s up everyone and welcome to my
channel Aqua Splendor my name is Nicolas Marion and I hope
you’re having a great day today so on this video I will do the review
installation the setup everything about this it’s a net cover from Red Sea it’s
a super popular brand in the Saltwater industry so if you have like a
freshwater tank it doesn’t really matter it will work perfectly the reason why I
bought this I decide to buy this is because I think it’s like a very fair
price for what it contains in it contain pretty much everything that you need to
make the net cover and depending on if you have like a special aquarium you can
fit those needs and in the past I was doing some custom net so this is an
example of what I was doing in the past it’s like […] I bought this at
Home Depot and I just build it cost maybe like 40 to 50 dollars cdn, it’s not expensive but I don’t the right color and this is
the white and I wasn’t pleased there’s is like some rust at some places it doesn’t… It’s not the perfect material so the Red Sea contained the
the net cover it contained the right material it won’t work it’s not going to
rust or anything so I think it was really a good product so I will show you
the reason why I’m doing this so this is my my cover for my saltwater tank and I
bought recently some super expensive fish is the helfrichi firefish of course they’re just in the middle they are super expensive and of course super shy for this video and i bought them like yesterday so just give you an
example for the cost, like for the pair because at $250 the problem that I
have with my net cover just over there I use some black tape the problem is they
can… when they jump they can slide just over there
so they will go on the ground and die and it happened a long time with one of
the fish and I don’t want to have that experience restart again so I will
build like a net cover for this it’s a super easy for this because it’s just a
square and just one wire that goes outside so I think is going to be pretty
easy so this I use like the hybrid fixture from Aquatic life theres
t5 over there and in the past I had, I made this cover for my aquarium it worked
pretty well because it cut the light and I paint white inside so it reflect
the light and the problem is like my t5 doesn’t feet inside of this so this is
the reason why I made this kind of stuff wanna see it does I’d like to just cut
the light you can see like an example that’s kind of stuff like that I don’t
like this leak of light because when I watch a movie or stuff whatever it’s
super annoying this is another example is the fresh water aquarium of course
with plants and I recycle furniture from Ikea and I just paint in black
inside you can see it’s like white again with the acrylic paint I don’t know the
name I don’t remember and you can see some rust but I’m not really worried
about that it’s happened like over a period of like two years so yeah this is
the kind of example I did in the past and it worked well but I just need some
net cover for this one and yeah so let’s jump right into the open box the
unboxing I will show you like everything that’s inside how to make it how to cut
it alright so I just put everything that
was inside of this you I’m sure that is something yeah on the table so you can
see what it contain we have the frame the metal frame and just by the touch
they seem like to be powder coated and aluminum really good quality also so
this actually the reason why about this is because it was like
exactly what I was looking for and after this you have like eight corners and
these two type of corners yeah like the normal one just like is shaped
like this you have the other one and you see over there those pieces you can cut
over there and if you have a pump or something it will the the cord will just
slide over there on the corner you have the small piece of metal much pretty the same
thing is the same thing but smalle piece in case that you need you have
what’s going to hold the net cover you have the cord and it’s honestly I
think it’s like a standard a typical one that you can find like on Home Depot’s
the exactly the same thing it’s soft it seem to be exactly what we
need and you have had this tool to just put pressure on the inside of the frame
and you have the net cover so this is the piece that I’m not super pleased I
wish it was black because when you have the light of the aquarium it will just
reflect the light into your eyes so I wish it was black so it cut the the light
from for your eyes and you can just focus on our on your aquarium so there
is a chance that I’m going to spray the this net cover in black so everything is
going to be black the middle is the and finally we have the manual, the manual is the stuff paper that’s you recycle because
when you’re a man you don’t never read the manual and you ask the question
later because you’re just dumb because you didn’t read the manual
[…] so I will read the mail right after and and I put a link below
the video the only thing that is not include is because it’s a DIY project
you need something to cut the frame so I’m going to use that and I hope it’s
gonna be fine I’m going to do some measure of course
you need to measure your aquarium because it’s
super important. Need to do some measurement like I know that the piece will go from
here to here so I’m going to take that in consideration alright so if you
wonder for the how big the net cover is between the hole so I think it’s like a
quarter-inch and in centimeters I think is around 6 or like 7 millimeters so I did some measurement so on my aquarium on the front is 43.3 and on the side 45.8 and
you need to take on consideration that piece over there so from the side over
here to this side it’s 2.4cm centimeters so you multiply by two
because you have like one over here one over here and it give like a four point
four point eight so let’s take the on the side – those thing it’s equal to
four it’s 41 centimeters and on the front is 38.5
point five then you need to leave like a small a small gap on the side they
recommend like one millimeters can be up to you but I think it’s exactly what we
need so I just remove 2mm because you have one millimetre here one millimetre there and this
is the measurement that I need to cut from those piece so I’ll just try to cut
it and I’ll be right back to you all right so this is going to be the
first time I actually try the frame and I just hope I’m gonna just do one take
on the video and I notice my water level is pretty high so I’m little bit
worried that is going to they going to touch but whatever I’m just going to
bend the cap over there it seemed to fit perfectly so I probably put two of these
on each side over there and over there over there over there because I on the
corner you can you can bend so just one there there and I will put the net also. okay
so I cut a piece of the the net and I’m gonna just paint with with this I never
tried that before I know like I could like just spray with a can I don’t have a
the can right now so I’m just gonna use something that I know that work and this
seem to be safe for aquarium yeah I have a feeling that I’m going to do
a mess we’ll learn together if it works…or…not… so yeah… it’s going to be a mess OMG, i’m putting paint everywhere omg what a freaking mess Okay i must say I never… omg, Aaaaa Alright I just splash all the the paint in my
bathroom and have a mess in batchroom have a mess over there so this is how
you do not… do a black net cover but I’m gonna let it dry
and we’ll see how it look all right so I don’t know if that net with the
black paint will work but tomorrow I will go to work with those stuff on my
hand but meanwhile while it dry I’m going to just cut what I need for the
net and I will just accelerate the video now now the challenge is to put the the net
really and straight with the line really straight which seem to be going to be a
little bit hard because the net is wacing a little bit we’ll see what we
can do but first I need to cut some piece of that so there is
different philosophy some people I just take one string and just put all over
like this and into one so I like to put a little bit more cords towards the net
okay I just leave like maybe like 1 centimeters and then I just recut after so I just leave small gap like this to make sure that all the line goes
straight and just follow the same line all the way like this so every time I
push I’m going to make sure that it follow so that’s really more harder than it
looks because you can you can break easily the the string over there of
the net and I’m just going to cut extra over here, again all right so this is what it looked like
once it’s done I’m gonna show you the details the line are pretty
straight I think I’m happy with that, not bad and the other side what bothers
me is like with this kind of up net cover this little string over there. So
that is just the bad side of this net otherwise
you can like just flip like this I don’t know if you can see but that’s how
what happened when you you do the net cover and the bigger it is the more
accentuate to it it will do this Distortion but I think it’s fine
so I’m just going to put that directly to my aquarium there you go
and that’s what it looked like then it cover so my final thought about this DIY
aquarium net cover from Red Sea it’s a really really solid product I really
enjoy that thing I think they they made like a solid product it contain
everything it’s easy to make so… thumbs up
they here just maybe like couple things that wish it was different and by the
way like this is my cover it’s been like one year since the footage of the
you saw and It still like super good quality like it hold pretty well you can
see me be like the is salt creep like here so other than that yeah
and honestly really good thing ever really enjoyed this the thing like i am
i was a little bit scares because the hole of this are pretty big so if you
have like fish small fish for nano aquarium and i have a like more like
an nano aquarium they can jump through this net and there is a inappropriate
reefer who have that this issue and he film it is very unfortunate
so two things i wish it was like different the size you can see this is
like just for comparison gonna just show like that hopefully
don’t focus on my face you can see how small it is just like for comparison
like i don’t know if you can see if you can focus not on my face so there’s like
a huge difference so there is the the size difference and also i wish it was
like instead of like a white like this transparent I wish it was more black
because like I said in my video it doesn’t reflect the light so other than
that those two thing honestly, two thumbs up and if you liked this video
please hit thumbs up and if you want see more of this kind of video your into
aquarium product from hobby please subscribe to my channel and
thank you very much and have a nice day bye bye

8 thoughts on “How to Install the Red Sea DIY Aquarium Net Cover Kit – REVIEW

  1. Great video. Sooo much paint… I think I like the Red Sea one better than the one I did a video on awhile back.

  2. instead of dipping the netting into paint, you could have used rubber spray paint or krylon fusion for plastic as both would stick to the plastic and not flake under flexion.

  3. Funny and informative as always! But for future or if anyone else is wanting a black mesh. Deltec has those, Jumpguard PRO. Same concept and looks just as good!

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